"Move" Oscar commanded and Rook moved instantly to allow them inside, closing the door behind him softly.

"Did you call Nate?" Rook questioned and Lucifer was unsure of what Oscars answer was, because he said nothing, all he did was continue to walk and before long he was inside his bedroom.

"Here honey. I'll put you down on the bed, it might hurt a little. Rook could you remove the covers, so we can cover him?" "Of course, mon ami"

Lucifer could hear the covers rustle and he soon felt himself be lowered down onto the bed and sure enough, all he felt was pain. Pain of his broken bones, severed nerves and bruised skin, and all he could muster was a soft whine to express the pain he was feeling.

"I know, I know, it's such a bitch. Rook did you call Nathan?"

"Qui. 'E s'ould be 'ere in a moment, you know he drives crazy w'en some of 'is friends are hurt."

"I don't think Lucy is one of his friends thought..?"

"Naw, but Nekome is and Cheri is one of Nekomes friends, so he 'urries for 'im."

Another nickname he truly loved. Oscar called him Babe and Rook called him Cheri. It had taken him a while, but he had found out that cheri was French for 'my dear' or 'my sweetheart'. He knew it sounded rather girly, but he still kind of liked it. It was sweet and made him feel loved. He did also love Rooks lovely, French accent. The Haitian man had always such nice nicknames for him. Cheri was the most used thought.

Nekome had no nicknames for him – if you don't count 'bitch' – which did make him a little sad. He liked nicknames, but he also knew that Nekome wasn't a very sensitive type, so he generally wouldn't come up with a nickname unless he tried to be either mean or funny. And Nekome was terrible at being funny. The Asian had no funny bone in his body.

He once again felt the big hand against his face and ever so slowly he turned his face against the hand, wanting, no, needing the caress of his lover.

"Wat 'append to 'im? 'Ow did you find 'im? You suddenly ran out and scared dee living 'ell out of me"

"I don't know, man. Suddenly it was as if I could hear him call my name. I just.. I had to find him, so I ran out and grabbed the car. He wasn't far away, only, like, 7 minutes in the car and a few minutes by foot. I found him in an ally, what if he's been there for days?!"

Oscar sounded guilty. Lucifer didn't like that. He hated when anyone he loved thought it was their fault that bad things had happened, especially now when all Oscar had done was be there for him.

He felt like he had to show him he were not angry with him. Somehow he had to show Oscar that this couldn't possibly had been his fault, that he had not been there for days – at least he didn't think he had? – so he once again tried to lift his hand. It hurt, everything hurt, but he needed to touch the man he loved. It worked, but only a little, his hand finally moved up, but he were not sure he could lift it all the way up to Oscars face, especially considering that he still could not see.

"Cheri!" He felt a hand grab his own shaking, wound covered hand "Mon ami, 'ere, 'e's trying to say somet'ing" The hand that had been around his changed from slender to big and he knew that Rook had been the first to notice his movement. Good, old Rook. Always so perceptive.

"F-face.." He whispered, his voice hoarse and pained.

"What? What's with your face? Or is it my face? Is it Rooks?!" Poor Oscar, he sounded so confused.

"Y.. Your.. Touch.." He still couldn't do anything but mumble and even just doing that hurt him, but it seemed that Oscar understood and brought up Lucy's bony hand to his face, kissing it sweetly and putting it against his own cheek. All Lucifer could do was smile ever so weakly and move his fingers slightly, caressing the man's face beneath his fingers. He was not sure on how long they were like this, but he suspected quite a while, because it soon knocked on the door and, since Oscar didn't move from his spot, Rook must have been the one to open it.

"Hallo Rook. Oscar called me a few minutes ago, what's up?"

"Good you came Nate. It's really bad, 'e can't even move"

Lucifer kind of disliked being talked about in third person, but as he had no voice or strength to protest with he had to live with it. He supposed it weren't so bad, after all, it meant that Nathan was here. Maybe that could put a little closure in the heart of his lovers. He doubted that the human doctor could do anything but put him in bandages, but maybe that'd stop the bleeding. All he could do was wait, and touch Oscar's cheek with all the love his busted hand could muster.

Footsteps and a soft gasp warned him that Nathan had seen him and he wondered how bad he looked. He had rarely been allowed to see himself in hell and he had scarcely been able to shape-shift into new clothes when his old ones had been destroyed by the torture. The gasp made it sound like he looked like he was about to die. Which, maybe, to a human he did. He must be looking awful, which he hated, since nobody could love an ugly person.

"Wow. He looks much worse than I had expected. I knew you said he looked terrible-" Terrible? "But I had never thought it'd be this bad! Move, I'll need the space"

Wait, no! He didn't want his Oscar to move away from his touch! As Oscar moved away from him, he was instantly thrown into a world of fear and rejection. His only protest was a small sound that escaped his lips and a twitch in his hand as he tried to grab the other. His cheek, his hand, his shirt, anything! He couldn't leave him now, now that he needed to feel him the most.

"Wait, Cheri doesn't want you to leave" Rook commented before Oscar could completely pull away, but before he could return by his side Nathan stepped in in front of him and gave him a harsh push.

"If you want my help, you better not be in the way. He'll be fine, just go drink some coffee or something. Call Nekome for God's sake"

They had not called Nekome yet? That seemed mean. Had Oscar not said that he also had been worried? Maybe he had lied. Maybe Nekome were not worried. Nekome was the one who never said he loved him, so maybe he didn't. Maybe it was all in his head after all. He felt a tear roll down his cheek and he tried to move again, but once more could not muster the strength. All he could do, was lie here and cry in pain and sadness. How strange. He had never had anything against a good cry, but now didn't seem like the right time. Had he been crying from pain it would have had made much more sense, but from silly feelings of abandonment?

"But Nate! He's crying I can't leave him when he's crying; I have got to sta-"

"Go. You'll just be in the way and make it harder for me to help him out. Do you want to make it hurt on him for longer than necessary? Call Neko."

He heard an annoyed grunt, followed by a hushed conversation between Oscar and Rook, before they apparently ventured into the kitchen. Well he thought it had to be the kitchen, because he could hear the sound of cups and a coffee maker started up a few seconds later. All the while he heard Rook talk – had to be on the phone, because Oscar was frighteningly silent – and Nathan rumbled with whatever he had with him in his possession.

"Now you poor thing, what has happened to you..?" Nathan mumbled to himself as he started to cut off the remaining clothes Lucifer was wearing.

"H.. Hell.."

Nathan had clearly not expected a reply, maybe he had not thought Lucifer to be awake at all, because he stopped all he was doing for just a few seconds before sighing softly and patting Lucifer on a spot that looked less bruised then the rest.

"Hell, you say.. I hope that's not literally what happened. Before you tell us more, let us get you patched up and looked you over thought. Can't have you ruin Oscar's bed with all that white blood"

He was trying to be humorous but all Lucifer could feel was sudden guilt over doing exactly that. He had never been as insecure about his life, about their love and about his own love for them, in all the time he had known them all. Some of his dear brothers and, especially, his father had liked toying with his feelings for them and it had damaged his already fragile soul deeply. He could not stop thinking about whether or not they were using him or if he were just using them. They were strong, but he had always used other people as toys.

It was in his upbringing to use people as toys! He had always wanted love and he did everything he could to get it. What if he were doing the same thing against these three wonderful, strong individuals? A sudden pain went through his arm, and made him hiss in pain, as Nathan picked it up and started cleaning the wounds with a swatch of fabric.

"These wounds are so deep.. Most are as deep as the bone. You'll need stitches, do you want anesthesia?"

He did. Oh he did. He wanted SO much morphine that he'd just sleep, but a little voice in his head kept telling him to say no, the little voice in him that tried to keep him from drugs of all kinds, the voice that sounded a little like Oscars. So all he could was try to shake his head and whisper no.

"Alright then. It'll hurt quite a lot thought!"

Nathan was trying to warn him, he knew, but after working so hard to get clean – and still not being entirely clean – from heroin, it'd be horrible if he just ended up getting addicted to morphine instead. So he would have to endure the pain of being stitched up by a human doctor, so that he could keep Oscar happy. He tried nodding. Nathan sighed.

"You're doing this to keep Oscar happy. You must love him a lot, that's the only reason anyone would go through all this pain, but Oscar probably won't mind you getting out of the horrible pain you must be feeling thought? Are you sure?"

It hurt, but his answer to this was a small smile and, while he did not know, Nathan noticed, shook his head softly and smiled back, before returning to his work with cleaning the wounds, sewing up the deep wounds and bandaging almost his entire body up. It hurt. It hurt like being back in hell and yet he kept fighting the pain, only whimpering when the needle broke his already bruised skin. He was sure he heard the door being slammed open and yells from the kitchen, but it quickly became quiet again and all that was left was his own hollow breathing, his whimpering and the sound of more coffee being brewed.

It must have taken hours before Nathan finally got up and let Lucifer rest. He was panting softly from the pain, but as he was finally able to relax he thought he'd once again try to open his eyes. Nathan had bandaged his right eye in so he knew that even if he could open his eyes, the right would be impossible. But while Nathan was packaging his stuff down he tried to open his left eye and this time, he succeeded. The light blinded him at first and it took to long for his shining, blue eye to focus, so he quickly closed it again. That had hurt and he felt like he had went through too much pain already, so instead he decided to just lay here and heal.

"Nate we gotta talk" So Nekome was the one who arrived some time ago. He sounded.. Weird? A little sad, a little worried and full of defensive feelings. "Alright, I could use some coffee anyway. Tell Oscar he can come in now"

"No, this is about him as well"

How worrying. Wait, did this mean they'd leave him alone? He did not want to be alone again! He hated being alone, absolutely loathed it. And now, here, lying alone in this bed, broken, hurt, in pain, he had never felt as abandoned as he did now, not even in the long life he'd lived. Never had he been so lonely. He could hear them talk in the other room, whisper to each other as they drank their coffee.

He felt parched; he wanted to yell out how they could leave him in this warm, coffee-less room all alone in the world. After all these years apart, all they did was talk and drink coffee together?! He felt deeply insulted. How dared they leave him here? He actually felt more silly tears run down his only bare cheek and whimpered softly. He felt so alone, so lonely and forgotten. Did they just feel guilt? Was that the only reason they tried to save him from the grave, without knowing he could have healed perfectly all my himself?

"'Allo Cheri"

Rook had entered the room so silently, Lucifer hadn't even noticed his presence. He tried turning away from the oldest of the three, but could only whimper in pain as he did so.

"Don't be a fool now, cher. We've missed you so much" Silly Rook, trying to make him feel better, in his time of grief. Maybe he loved him after all?

He felt the bed dib next to him and he turned his head towards the man next to him and felt a soft whine leave his throat. He tried to lift his hand once more, wanting to touch him so bad. Again Rook was quick enough to notice the little movement and grabbed his shaking hand with his, before bringing it up to his face so he could kiss it lovingly.

"Poor, little cheri" He murmured against the hand and Lucifer felt himself smile softly. He tried opening his eye again and was taken aback by the light once more, but he fought it and finally Rook came into vision. That handsome, black priest, with his long dreadlocks and goatee. Well, voodoo priest, but he was not sure if that counted as a real priest in this world. All he could do was smile with all his might – which still wasn't a lot, considering the pain he felt in his face – and place his hand on the cheek of the Haitian.

"I.. I miss.. You.. Y-you three.."

Talking still hurt but he felt that it was worth it, for telling this man that he had missed them. Oh how he had missed them. He had thought of little else but them, and here they finally were. He knew he'd have to leave before his family found him, but until he had the power to disappear he would cherish whatever time he had with them.

"We missed you too Cher. You were gone for a mont'! We were so worried about you. W'ere did you go?"

"For.. For month?"

How confusing, he had been gone for 4 years – at least – and here Rook was sitting, saying he had only been gone for a month?

"I.. I been gone.. For.. F-four years Rook" He whispered in his broken English, having never been good at speaking other languages then the angel language, Enochian. He didn't know it, but his beautiful face looked so defeated it almost cut into Rooks heart and he shortly clenched around the bony hand he had in his own. A pained whine from his lover made him stop clenching quickly and he started to stroke the hand with his thumb instead, loving caress, his way of apologizing.

"Sorry Cheri, I didn't mean to 'urt you, but what do you mean you've been gone for four years?"

"I.. I been in H-hell Ro.. Rook." Oh that was right. There was a different in time between hell and earth. It just showed how little time he'd actually spent on this earth, since he couldn't remember.

"A week.. A w-week is a.. Year in h.. Hell" He whispered, before closing his eye again with a groan. He could all of the sudden feel Rooks other hand on his face, patting and stroking it sweetly.

"Poor, little Lucy." Rook said softly, pain of his partner echoing in his voice "We thoug't you 'ad left us, but we always had 'ope. We always hoped you'd come back to us. The fact that you've been in 'ell 'urts me deeply. I don't know the place, but I know it's a terrible plane, but we are all 'appy to see you back!"

It was so wonderful to hear his voice, without it being menacing and evil. It hadn't been uncommon for his Father to play around in his mind, making these wonderful men talk terrible things to him, making him feel worthless and unloved, but now they were here. They were with him, touching him and taking care of him, even thought he had been such a useless, cheating bastard. Once more he felt tears run down his face and the hand on his cheek started stroking them away, softly, lovingly.

"Cher, w'y you crying?"

Rook sounded a little worried now and it broke Lucifer's heart to hear it. He didn't want them to be sad, they deserved to be happy! And he had always hurt them, especially big Oscar, who were the most faithful and loving of the three. He should have stayed in hell, shouldn't have listened to his heart and left them alone.

They would have gotten over him after all. Rook was free spirited, he would have gotten over him quickly, Nekome was a dumb cat who neglected his feelings, so that would have gone fast as well. Poor Oscar might have hoped for his return for a while, but eventually would have found some pretty, little human to share his life with instead, and all Lucifer would have had left was the ring he had gotten from Oscar when he proposed.

His family would have stolen it, had they known he had It, had he not hidden it inside his body, kept it away from their stealing hands. He felt the bandages around his right eye get wet as he continued crying, which made him whimper and try to grab Rooks face.

"I.. I been so.. Ter.. Terrible.. T-to you t.. Three.. Always.. Never showing.. Love.. O-only.. Only taking.."

How he wished he had the strength to apologize the way he wanted to, but now, all the strength he had left was used on these choppy sentences and his hand cupping Rooks face. Even though the priest was holding his hand with his own, it took much strength to not just go limp. Again he felt the warm hand, that were so lovingly holding his, squeeze his busted hand reassuringly this time not even causing him much pain. The hand touching his face, cupped his cheek and he felt a soft kiss on his bandaged forehead.

"But you've always been s'owing love, cheri. Sure you're high maintenance in the love department, but you always s'ow us love too. You just s'ow it through sex and touc'ing. We all know dis and we're fine wit' it. Wouldn'ta stayed wit' you for so long ot'erwise, now would we?"

That was sort of true, now that he thought of it. Sadly he did show much love through physical means, but if they had not liked it or had wanted more, they surely would have said so or left him a long time ago, would they not? They were all men and in many ways, men were easier to satisfy with love then had they been women.

He were much to used to women, it seemed. Being with men were not exactly new, but women had used to be his favorite. They usually seemed to get much more attached and he liked to feel love after all, but he had been mistaken. Men showed as much love as women, just in a different way.

They could be just as romantic, just as full of feelings. Except Nekome it seemed, but he hardly counted. The face he felt in his hand seemed to be smiling and Lucifer once again opened his eye and looked at one of the men he loved. Good enough, Rook was smiling ever so slightly and it made his own lips twitch up slightly. Stupid, old Rook. Always knowing just what to say.

"Right.. Good.. Good, old R-rookie"

"Old? Wat about you, cheri? Wat are you, a few million years old? 'As to be the reason your 'airs so w'ite."

He loved hearing Rook laugh. Oscar and Nekome too. It was like music to his sore ears.

"A.. A few? Rook don't.. Don't under.. Underestimate my w-wisdom"

Rook knew he was teasing, but he just couldn't help himself. Humans always thought age meant wisdom, so to them he had to be very wise, but he rarely felt old. Old people were ugly and boring. He felt beautiful and young, when he was in this form.

His own form was hideous and sad.

Born to be an ugly person, but he chose a more soothing form to entice his lovers. It had not been uncommon for him to have to change his shape to suit the preferences of his current partners. But.. But none of these three had ever asked him to change anything about his shape or form.

Nekome had occasionally made penis jokes, but every time Lucifer had asked what he wanted changed, the green eyed Asian had always told him he didn't care what he looked like.

It made him believe that if anyone, anyone at all, could accept his true form it would be these three, but he'd never show them. It was scarred, vile, grotesque and forbidden. They would never see it, for they might leave him. And he was not sure he could live any longer without them.

Wait, what an odd thing to think.. He had lived longer than any human and here he was, ready to throw away his life for these three young fools? It made him feel dumb, yet joyful. Sad, but ecstatic. Overwhelmed, but overjoyed. He was smiling back at that handsome man and while he had a hard time keeping his eye open, all he could do was stare. Stare at a person that brought him so much joy.

He did now know for how long they just sat there, staring at each-other with love and affection, before he heard loud footsteps and while he could not turn his head, he could see the top of the entrance to the room, which was just enough to see the head of big Oscar as he entered the room.

"You dumb fucker, what the fuck happened to you?!"

Well alright, Nekome was shorter so him he hadn't seen. His smile disappeared and he sighed softly, knowing there might be a little fight ready for him.

"You promised you wouldn't get all in his face Neko!"

Thank you Oscar, it seemed that he could always trust him to be the help he needed.

"I lied." Oh boy. "Look at the idiot! Wrapped up in bandages! Isn't he supposed to be all fucking powerful and shit?!"

"Apparently 'e were in 'ell Nekome. Says 'e's been dere for four years."

"What the fuck, four years, what? He's been gone a month!"

"Well, apparently a week of our time is a year in 'ell, and 'ere we t'ought a month was a long time."

"Fuck.. All of you, get lost, I have choice words for this dumb bitch" Nekome sounded much more angry then Lucifer had expected and it did kind of worry him. What were he going to say?

"Neko! Don't call him that! And it's hardly time for you to yell at him, look at him, damn it!"

"That's exactly the reason to yell at him. Get lost Oscar, this is important"

"But-!" Lucifer could not really see what was going on, but Rook shushed them and thanks to Oscars protest noises it seemed that Rook had pulled him out of the room. Nekome finally came into vision and he pulled a chair up to the bed, sat on it and grabbed the hand Rook had had a grip on earlier.

"N-neko..?" It was defiantly the third of his loves.

Much smaller than the two others, but while both Rook and Oscar had brown skin, Neko was the only one with regular tan skin, but he was Asian after all. Asian born in America, not knowing a lick of Japanese.

"Shut up you dumb broad. Look at you, all hurt and powerless. So all this happened in hell?"

He wanted to nod, but the pain that shot through his neck when he tried was too much and all he could answer was a small whimper in pain.

"You idiot. Was it the dear, old family?" Another pained whine was his only answer.

"Shit. Four years, huh.. How the fuck did you get out if they had a grip on you?"

"F.. Face.."

Lucifer's hand twitched softly in Neko's and he tried lifting it to touch the cheek of his most foulmouthed partner. Nekome didn't seem to realize this so he just lifted an eyebrow and made a small, annoyed huff.

"What's with your face? It's in stitches and bandages, and your left eye seems busted, if that's what you're asking for."

"No.. You f-face.. You dumb.. Fuck"

Nekome was terribly annoying when he never understood Lucifer's want to caress, this was not the first time the green eyed fool had not understood what he had wanted. Being cursed at just seemed to make the other smile and he gave a short laugh before placing Lucifer's hand against his cheek.

"So you still have a little spunk left in you, you dumb fucker. Good. Good. Nathan says it'll take weeks before you're able to do much, but Oscar says we'll be here to take care of you. Both him and Rook will at least, I have shit to do."

"You.. Won't be.. H-here?"

"Fuck no, I have a mob to run." When small tears started to cascade down Lucifer's left cheek, Nekome just groaned and rolled his eyes. "Come oooon Luce! You know I have shit to do! I can't be here all the time. I'll.. I'll probably visit every now and then thought. I can do that. But don't expect me to be running around you like a damn puppy around its hurt master!"

Nekome always got so defensive when it ended being about feelings and all Lucy could do was smile weakly and move his hurt fingers against the scruffiness that was Nekome's cheek.

"I can.. Live that.."

He could have sworn that those beautiful green eyes of the man next to him got glossy, but Neko quickly blinked the evidence away and got up so fast Lucifer felt his arm ache with pain, which in turn just made him give a small sob in pain.


Nekome was almost screaming and it did not take many seconds for several pairs of footsteps to echo in the room and for the first time in years Lucifer got to see the face of his beloved fiancé. Big, brown eyes, a bulky nose and fairly substantial lips made up the face of his lovers bald head. So it was him. It really was him. He was finally with his dear soon-to-be husband once more! Oh how he had missed this man, how he had thought of this human day in and day out.

"Hi" He whispered softly as Oscar sat down on the chair Nekome had used and he quickly felt his hand get picked up and placed between two much bigger and warmer ones.

"I knew you hadn't left us, babe."

And yet he sounded so unsure. Poor Oscar, he must have had been so worried. Lucifer felt how his strength was ebbing out with all this talking and touching, but he so wanted to stay awake, so wanted to just be. Be with these wonderful people, hug them, touch them, love them.

"I never.. Leave y-you.. Never."

He had to close his eye and sigh as he felt a sudden overwhelming wave of fatigue wash over him. He needed to sleep for the first time in years. But now, it was okay. It was alright. He knew they were here with him. It was going to be alright. He could suddenly feel a hand on his for head and this time, all he could do was raise an eyebrow in question.

"It's just me, shh" Oscar said as he stroked Lucifer's for head. "It's time for you to sleep. You've got to be exhausted. We'll look out for you. When you wake up, we'll bring food and coffee for you. Anything you like!"

That sounded so lovely. He'd sleep for a few hours and then he would wake up to food and coffee. Yes. He would wake up and all would be like the good old days. All love and hugs from Oscar, adoration and talks with Rook, and fighting and swear words with little Neko. Like the old days. Like the old days.