Authors note: This story is based on Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, enjoy.

Chapter 1: Once upon a time

Once upon a time, there lived a white queen in wonderland. She was loved by every person and magical creature.

Then one day she met a man when she was traveling through her kingdom. They became lovers and a few months later they were married. But the queen's four sisters weren't happy, because the man was not a royal. He was an ordinary framer.

The sisters of the white queen saw it as a betrayal of the royal blood and banished her to the countries of the magical cats. Cats were led by the Cheshire cat, the king of cats.

The Cheshire cat welcomed the couple and they were lived happily in a small cottage on the border of his kingdom. But nine months later, the white queen gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and three years later to another baby girl. The white queen was overjoyed with her two daughters. But she feared that her sisters will found out.

Meanwhile her sisters had wonderland in their grip. They could not decide who was queen of the whole wonderland. They divided wonderland into four kingdoms.

The kingdom of the heart, the kingdom of the spade, the kingdom of the club and the kingdom of the diamond. The people who lived there were a mark of their kingdom and they were not allowed to go to another country.

The white queen had a special gift; she could see in the further and present and knew she will be betrayed. She hid her daughters, at that moment the guards came inside. They took away the white queen and her husband. What they did not know was that they were followed by the two daughters. The two girls followed the guards to the kingdom of the hearts.

The courtyard was filled with people in the middle stood a scaffold. Because of the crowds, the two girls lost each other. A little girl saw her parents walked to the scaffold. She wanted to call them, but when she saw the queen of hearts, she said nothing.

The queen of hearts wore a wide red dress and her black hair she had hung in a large bun. She was very pale, and the girl saw that she was wearing blood-red lipstick.

'These people have committed crimes against the crown, and they will be punished!' cried the queen of hearts. The little girl saw the bull walked up the scaffold with a big ax.

He stood beside the white queen. 'Kneel.' he said. The white queen sat down and saw her little girl looking at her in great fear.

'Be safe….my angel….' she whispered.

'Off with their heads!' cried the queen of hearts. And the bull did what he was asked.

The little girl screams in terror as she saw the head of her mother rolled of the scaffold.

She cried and she couldn't stop. Then a man saw her and embraces her.

'Don't look, little girl.' said the man. 'It's alright…'

The girl looked into his clear blue eyes and she recognizes him. He was a good friend of her father. He often visited at her parent's house. The man took the little girl home and took care of her. But the little girl never saw her sister again.