Genevieve Grieves (Greg Does Too)

Greg was awakened by the sun shining through the window although he refused to open his eyes. He couldn't move because he was anchored down on the bed. He felt warm clamminess against his body and he smelled a mixture of body odor and sex.

Greg sucked in his breath and slowly opened his eyes only to be forced to close them again because of the bright sun filling the room. When he opened his eyes again he tried to focus his bearings on the flowery wallpaper, lady-like curtains, and dozens of stuffed animals spread throughout the room letting him know he wasn't at home.

The draft on his body told him he was naked and so was the person lying on top of him, her drool pooled on his chest. Her hair was fluffed in her face. Glancing in the mirror on the dresser at the foot of the bed Greg saw his bed mate's naked ass reflecting back at him and he could feel her hairy wet groin nestled against his thigh, the awareness causing him to grow morning stiff.

Greg poking stirred her and she opened her eyes, smiling when she saw him staring at her with a perplexed look on his face.

"Good Morning, Greg," Genevieve smirked.

She rolled off of him and onto her back on the mattress, exposing the rest of her for him to see. Her breasts flattened to her chest as she stretched her arms out above her head and her golden pubic hair, matted from last night's sex, glistened in the sunlight.

Greg rolled onto his side and his re-stiffened dick accidentally stabbed Genevieve's thigh, causing her to giggle. He took a deep breath as he eyed her glorious nakedness, blushing sheepishly as he finally looked into her eyes. Genevieve smirked, appreciating him appreciating her.

"Who knew grief sex could be so enjoyable?" She asked.

"Is that what that was?" Greg asked with confusion.

"Come on, Greg, we've both been mourning her all this time," Genevieve sighed. "It was only a matter of time before we ended up doing this."

"I'm sure that will be of great comfort to Larry," Greg said sarcastically.

"This has nothing to do with Larry," Genevieve insisted.

"Except that he's your boyfriend."

"Don't worry about him," Genevieve replied.

"Look, I'm flattered and happy to be with you like this but sleeping together isn't going to change things," Greg warned.

"Maybe it will," Genevieve rebutted hopefully.

His eyes met her dancing blue pupils. "It really did happen, didn't it?"

She gave him a wickedly proud smile. "Wasn't it great!?"

"Of course," Greg blushed.

She giggled as she put her finger on his nose and then across his mouth, down his chin, onto his chest, across his navel and finally to his dick and she didn't stop until she reached the tip.

Greg closed his eyes as the amazing feeling of her touch rushed through his veins. Suddenly Genevieve was rolling back on top of him, her breasts squashing into his sternum. He felt his hardness rubbing the warmth between her legs and she spread them over his groin.

Greg put his hands squarely on her ass cheeks and gave them an affectionate squeeze.

"Greg..." Genevieve breathed happily, giving him a kiss.

Greg moaned and kissed her in return. "Oh Genevieve, what have we done?"

"Nothing wrong," she insisted as she felt his member rubbing up her ass crack.

"God, you're beautiful," he sighed with amazement.

"Thanks." She gave him a grateful smile before planting another kiss on him. "You're the only one who knows how I feel," she sighed.

Greg reached between their bodies and gave her breast a loving squeeze sending pleasure through her body and she began to rock her hips against him as her breathing became deeper. He brought his other hand from her ass down between her legs, pushing his dick out of the way so he could slip his finger into her slit, slowly pleasuring her as he moved it in and out. Genevieve dropped her head on his chest in a loud moan and he was able to watch what he was doing in the mirror over her shoulder, fascinated by the image of his finger inside her between her spread legs.

They kissed desperately and Genevieve brought her hand behind her to pull his finger out of her. She grabbed his dick and directed it to her opening as she whimpered pleadingly. Greg allowed himself to enter her and he began to trust and she continued to rock, sitting up on him like she was mounted, putting both her hands on her breasts and squealing as she rode him until she climaxed with Greg emptying himself to her with both of them screaming and shouting in joy and satisfaction.

When it was over, Genevieve collapsed onto Greg and they were now pretty much in the same position as they had been when Greg first woke up.

"I never thought this could be possible," Greg admitted.

Genevieve laughed happily as she began to doze on top of him and he tried to keep himself inside of her as long as he could.

How in the hell did this happen? Greg's head was spinning as he tried to figure out how he ended up sleeping with Larry Newton's girlfriend. He had worked the late shift at Fontaine's Family Grocery Store, closing up, cleaning up, and stocking up for the next day before leaving the store shortly before midnight. It was a warm summer night and the parking lot was nearly empty but Greg recognized Genevieve's cute little recent model metallic purple sports car parked a few spaces over from his beat up old Honda.

Genevieve was sitting inside the car, her head resting against the steering wheel, and Greg could hear her quietly sobbing when he reached the vehicle.

"Gen?" He asked with concern as he poked his head through the open passenger's side window. "You okay?"

"No," she sighed with defeated exhaustion.

"What are you doing here?" Greg asked as he climbed into the car and settled in the passenger's seat.

"You're the only one who understands," she sobbed, lifting her head from the steeling wheel and looking at him, her make up streaking down her face along with her tears.

"Shouldn't Larry be the one consoling you?" Greg asked nervously.

"Larry doesn't get it," Genevieve complained. "He doesn't want to hear it. He wants me to 'get over it'."

"Annabelle," Greg realized.

She nodded her head affirmatively while searching her purse for some Kleenex.

"What happened?" Greg gently asked.

"I was de-high schooling my room tonight," Genevieve explained. "You know, getting it ready for college and all that."

"Sure," Greg said with understanding. "Those school girl days of telling tales and biting nails are gone but in my mind I know they will live on and on," he sang, channeling Lulu.

"I came across some old postcards I had forgotten about in my bottom desk drawer," Genevieve sighed. "From Annabelle. Eighth grade. When she was on vacation in Florida."

"I'm really sorry, Gen," Greg said with understanding sympathy, rubbing her thigh.

"It's been two years and it still feels like yesterday," Genevieve said quietly. "Will it ever get easier?"

"No," Greg replied. "But I guess sooner or later we'll get used to it."

'God, Greg, I'm so tired of hurting and grieving and missing her," Genevieve complained. "I feel so alone."

"You're not totally alone," Greg reminded her.

She finished wiping her face with the Kleenex and looked at him. "I know," she said bravely. "I know you hurt too."

"You're the only one I can really talk to about her," Greg revealed. "You're the only one who wants to talk to me about her."

"Do you still get angry about it?" Genevieve asked. "About what she did?"

"Sometimes," Greg admitted. "Mostly, I'm just sad and empty though. I've stopped asking why. I've stopped trying to figure out what was going through her head. I try not to resent her for choosing to leave us. I just mourn her loss and feel sorry for myself."

"Yeah," Genevieve agreed.

They sat quietly under the parking lot lights staring at the darkened storefront of Fontaine's.

Genevieve and Annabelle had best friends forever. They lived in the affluent Hilltop neighborhood of Hillsboro and came from upper middle class families. A guy like Greg Como never would have crossed paths with them had he not been the one who dove into the frigid raging Blue River in late November of eighth grade year to save Annabelle Lizzotte after she tumbled off the bank while goofing off with Genevieve and a couple of other clueless girls.

Greg had been shooting hoops at the old broken down basketball hoop not far from where the girls were skylarking and when he heard the screams he bolted from the court and ran as fast as he could to the river. He saw a girl being swept away by the swift and vicious current and he jumped in without thinking, grabbing Annabelle and managing to beat the current enough to maneuver both of them to the shore where some town workers were able to assist in the final rescue.

Both teens were brought to the Blue County Medical Center ER to be checked for exposure, frostbite and other injuries and it was during the ambulance ride to the hospital when Annabelle told Greg he was a super hero for saving her life.

Greg blushed but didn't have much to say and Annabelle was intrigued by the shy and humble boy. She was so indebted to his bravery that she told him as they were both wheeled into the ER that they were now official friends.

"I don't live on the hill," Greg told her.

"Don't worry about that," Annabelle replied.

Gregory Como came from a broken home in one of the more run down neighborhoods in town and he knew he had nothing in common with a girl like Annabelle Lizzotte.

He told her as much as they were discharged from the ER having been medically cleared, both wearing hospital scrubs after being stripped of their wet clothes.

"You saved my life, Greg," Annabelle told him in no uncertain terms. "I don't care where you live or what kind of family you come from. You're my friend."

Annabelle's best friend Genevieve wanted nothing to do with Greg, worried about her image, social status and peer group standing but Annabelle was adamant that Greg was now her friend and if Genevieve was her friend she would welcome Greg into their circle too. It took Genevieve a while to buy into Annabelle's philosophy but eventually she accepted Greg into her world.

It wasn't as if Greg became one of him. He was interested in basketball, not shopping at the mall, ski trips, girl sleep-overs and chick flicks. But this was when Greg was becoming socially aware and he enjoyed talking with the girls at their lockers before school and occasionally joining them in the cafeteria during lunch. Sometimes he tagged along to a movie and he brought the girls to Beano Field in the summer to watch amateur baseball games of the Serguci League, especially when the girls got a little older and became interested in some of the college guys in uniform.

When Annabelle's parents split Freshman year, Greg was able to offer comfort, insight and understanding to help her get through the shock and hurt because his parents divorced several years earlier. Greg never became Annabelle's boyfriend but he was a boy who was one of her closest friends and he was grateful for her attention and interest that gave him a better social fitting around school than he otherwise would have enjoyed.

Annabelle started dating Mike Anderson the summer before sophomore year, another rich kid from the hilltop neighborhood and it was a somewhat rough and tumble relationship with lots of fights, arguments, breakups and getting back together. The insecure yet cocky Anderson didn't like his girlfriend having guy friends and that made Annabelle's friendship with Greg problematic.

Annabelle's father also got sick that year and he died after a quick four month illness, a loss that truly devastated Annabelle.

Greg and Genevieve tried to be supportive of Annabelle during that difficult and hard year not made much easier by her continued strained relationship with her jerk boyfriend. Ironically, Genevieve starting dating Larry Newton who was Mike's best friend and Greg couldn't help but feel like the fifth wheel after that. He started avoiding the girls because of their boyfriends.

Newton and Anderson were among the most popular guys in their class. Mike was a talented football player and Larry a great baseball pitcher. Newton also swam for the swim team while Anderson ran track in the spring. Greg was glad neither played basketball and he resented them for straining his friendships with their girlfriends.

Greg and Genevieve both saw the change in Annabelle's demeanor, attitude and emotional state during that challenging two year period. Annabelle had been so bright and bubbly when Greg first got to know her but AB (as Greg liked to call her) became more cynical, bitter, solemn and defeated with each added disappointment she had to endure – her parents' divorce, her father's death and her ongoing up and down relationship with the possessive and controlling Mike. Annabelle also wasn't thrilled with the new guy her mother was seeing and that was one more stressor in her life. Annabelle never forgave her mother when she sold the house and moved in with the guy either.

Annabelle would be cheerful and optimistic one day and then depressed and despondent the next. It was hard to keep up with her mood swings and it was difficult consoling her in her darkest moments but even at those low points Greg and Genevieve never heard Annabelle utter a suicidal thought, expression, threat, or ideation. She remained forward thinking, often talking about college and her adult goals.

Greg's consistent advice for AB was to dump her jerk boyfriend Mike who was having such a negative effect on her. Genevieve was less forceful on the subject because she didn't want to get in trouble with her boyfriend Larry. Plus Genevieve thought being in a relationship was important for Annabelle.

Greg wasn't about to say 'She could be in a relationship with me' even though that's what he often thought.

Strangely, Greg felt like he was having an affair with both girls because their friendship became a secret, stealth one, usually getting together at his house where the boyfriends would never think to look. Whenever they were in public together, Greg usually did a vanishing act whenever Anderson and Newton came on the scene.

Annabelle spent a lot more time at Genevieve's house after her house was sold, often sleeping over because she didn't like her new home or her mother's boyfriend. She also hung out at Greg's house as an escape. Greg's mom was very welcoming and hospitable, happy to see her son in the company of such lovely girls as Annabelle and Genevieve.

Greg was working a Saturday afternoon shift at Fontaine's when Annabelle stopped by to say hello. Even though it was the first time Annabelle had visited him at work, Greg didn't think much of it. She chatted about the upcoming school year and asked him how his summer basketball league was going. When Greg thought back upon their last time together later, he could think of no indicators or behaviors from AB that should have tipped him off that something weird was going on.

Annabelle gave him a spontaneous hug when she said goodbye which was a little strange but AB had always been a touchy-feely-huggy kind of person so that wasn't a red flag indicator either.

Greg remembered how soft AB felt in his embrace and the smell of her long brown hair. His last image was of her walking down the aisle toward the front of the store, turning once last time to wave and smile.

Annabelle's mother reported her daughter missing Sunday night. Genevieve hadn't seen Annabelle since the previous evening when the girls had pizza with Mike and Larry at the Hillsboro Pizza House. Genevieve said the evening had been pleasant and calm. Annabelle was in a good mood and she was openly affectionate with Mike. There were no "scenes" according to Genevieve.

Mike reported that he dropped Annabelle off at her mother's boyfriend's house around midnight but Annabelle's mother said she never came inside. The new owners of Annabelle's old house were having major renovations done and it was the construction workers who found Annabelle hanging from the second floor banister when they came to work on Monday morning. The Coroner said she had been dead for at least thirty-six hours which meant she must have walked to the house after Mike dropped her off on Saturday night.

Greg's sister Halley worked in the hospital cafeteria and she learned the news when the EMTs returned from the call, visibly upset by the sight of the dead girl hanging from the stairs. When she heard the various details – the neighborhood and the unusual first name of the dead person - Halley realized who they were talking about. Halley had made acquaintances with both Annabelle and Genevieve from their frequent visits to the Como house. She once had lunch with them at Johnny C's Diner and another time she hung out with them at the Blue County Fair when she bumped into her brother and his friends. Halley was happy that Greg was hanging out with such upscale attractive well to do girls knowing it would do wonders for his often timid personally.

Halley rushed to Fontaine's to make sure Greg heard the news from her first. He was sure she was misinformed or confused on the name but when a fearful Greg called Genevieve's cell and heard nothing but wailing sobs he knew the worst news imaginable was true.

Greg was the forgotten one during the chaos of the next few days. He didn't hear from the grief-stricken Genevieve until he saw her at the wake but she was too much of a basket case to articulate much more than a desperate clingy hug that must have lasted two minutes as she sobbed uncontrollably in his arms.

Halley and Greg's mom went to the funeral with Greg who sat comatose and expressionless in the back of the church without saying a word. They went to the cemetery too but Greg stood far from the crowd with Genevieve being supported by Larry and Mike. Greg returned to the cemetery many times on his own to sit by AB's stone, sometimes talking to her, other times yelling at her, but mostly just missing her.

By the time junior year started most of the students had moved on from the late summer tragedy. Greg didn't interact with Genevieve as much as before. Annabelle had been the glue and the common thread but she was gone now and Greg couldn't think of a reason to hang out with Genevieve, especially with her dating Larry. Greg avoided Anderson who he disliked more than ever, convinced that the jerk's rotten treatment of Annabelle added to her misery and whatever demons inside that brought her to the final conclusion she reached.

Sometime Genevieve would call Greg to talk (usually about Annabelle) and it became a tradition to get together on Annabelle's birthday and on the anniversary of her death to reminisce and be together in shared mutual grief. Otherwise, Greg was pretty much on his own, playing basketball as his major distraction as well as working as many shifts as he could at Fontaine's. Halley and his mom were especially kind, supportive and giving in the months following Annabelle's death but Greg was pretty much on his own. His mother forced him to see a counselor a few times just to make sure he wasn't in emotional trouble himself.

It was hard trying to rationalize what Annabelle had done. Greg was angry– at AB, at himself, at Mike, at Annabelle's mother, and at society in general. When he had conversations with Genevieve, she expressed the same sentiments, emotions, and feelings.

"Some of the girls are overly sympathetic telling me if I need to 'talk' that they're there for me but I know they really just want to gossip," Genevieve sighed. "I feel alienated and sometimes I loathe everybody in that place, like somehow it's their fault and I blame them for not caring. Annabelle has become this other person in death, a stranger people like to talk about when they have no idea who she really was"

Greg felt isolated and lonely but he wasn't going to dump that on Genevieve. He didn't want her feeling sorry for him. Annabelle's death changed Greg at the core. It hurt and he struggled for a long time, often suffering from guilt for not being able to detect or prevent AB's suicide. When he was in a really bad place, Greg wanted to forget that he ever knew her. He loved her but every memory was full of pain even though he knew that it wasn't his fault that Annabelle did such a horrible thing.

Annabelle left no note and there was nothing found that indicated what she had thought about or how she planned out the final act which only made it worse for both Greg and Genevieve. All the memories came back at Graduation when the class dedicated a yearbook page in Annabelle's memory and gave out an honorary diploma in her name during the graduation ceremony. Genevieve and Greg both struggled with Annabelle's image and memory being renewed. For many, it was a distant memory and a disconnected reminder of an absent friend but for Genevieve and Greg it was a wound being reopened and a pain revisited.

That's probably why Genevieve ended up sitting in the parking lot of Fontaine's Family Grocery Store several weeks later.

"I have dreams about her all the time," Genevieve revealed to Greg as they sat together in her car.

"Me too," Greg admitted.

"We were supposed to go to college together," Genevieve growled. "It's not fair that she left me like this."

"I know."

Genevieve pulled the postcards out from above the visor. "I was thinking this was the last time Annabelle was really happy," Genevieve sighed sadly. "Her parents were still together. Her dad was still alive. She was still living in her house. It was a few months after you saved her from the river. She had everything to live for. She was a happy person."

"How did it all go so wrong?" Greg wondered.

AB was Greg's friend. He wished she was more but he was content on her company and companionship in a platonic form. He figured he'd outlast Mike the Moron and eventually AB would figure it out and turn to him. He didn't know time was limited. His grief was a compounded one because he was grieving what he had while also mourning what he never was able to experience.

"We were best friends," Genevieve said. "I thought I knew everything about her but it turns out I knew nothing about her."

"You knew you were her best friend," Greg offered.

Genevieve glanced at him with a pained look on her face. "It kills me not to know why she did it," she admitted. "It pisses me off that she would do this to us."

"I know," Greg agreed.

Genevieve looked so sad and lonely that Greg wanted to say the right thing but he knew there was nothing he could tell her that would make it any better. Instead, he brought his hand to Gen's face, brushing his finger along her cheek to wipe away the wetness left by her tears before taking a strand of her blond hair and tucking it behind her ear. Genevieve stared at him with fascination, almost as if she had never seen him before. Without even thinking about it, she leaned across the stick shift console and pressed her lips onto his. Greg was too miserable and lonely to resist.

Although he panged for Annabelle, Greg never really saw either her or Genevieve in a sexual way, mostly because both girls already had boyfriends so there was no point. After AB died, Greg gave up on love knowing there was never going to be another girl like AB. He was glad that Genevieve sought him out in her vulnerable Annabelle grieving moments but he knew Gen never saw him as anything other than Annabelle's friend. He valued being there for Genevieve when it came to dual mourning Annabelle but they really didn't have anything else in common and Genevieve spent most of her time with Larry anyway.

Halley urged Greg to get involved with a girl and not waste his high school years mourning Annabelle, but Greg was too despondent and defeated to even try. He concentrated on basketball and Fontaine's and he didn't have much of a social life as a result.

But now, with Genevieve's lips on his, Greg's emotional blinders were removed and he was able to see Gen for what she had always been – a sexy, beautiful, attractive young woman with a terrific figure and a sensuality he always knew was there. He responded with the same grieving mourning hungry loneliness as her and when Genevieve's tongue found its way into his mouth Greg welcomed it as if it was manna from heaven. He just wanted to be touched and feel again. He wanted to be comforted in a way nobody had comforted him before.

Genevieve broke the French kiss and fell back in her seat. "Oh My God!" She said with shock.

"Sorry," Greg said with embarrassment, fearing she was going to freak out with disgust and regret and kick him out of the car with horror.

"No, you didn't do anything wrong," Genevieve said quickly. "I'm just surprised I did that."

"Me too," Greg admitted, waiting for the rejection to come.

Genevieve looked flustered and she seemed sort of breath. "That was nice," she realized.

"Yeah?" A surprised Greg asked and then he grinned.

Genevieve nodded and smiled. She then started the car and began driving out of the parking lot before Greg could react.

"Wait, where are we going?" He asked with confusion. "My car."

"Don't worry about your car," Genevieve replied as she stared straight ahead driving through the night.

The Hilltop neighborhood wasn't that far from Fontaine's and it didn't take Greg long to figure out that's where Genevieve was driving them.

"It's kind of late," he told her.

"In many ways," she agreed.

"Your parents let you have late night guests?"

"My parents are in Maine," Genevieve replied neutrally.

"Oh," Greg said, peering at her with confusion.

"You're the only one who understands," she said quietly, almost as if she was talking to herself. "You're the only one who really cares."

Greg didn't say anything as Genevieve pulled the car into the driveway. He had only been to Genevieve's house a few times over the years. A party once, watching the final four with her and Annabelle another time. He felt sort of out of place there – it was a big, well kept house with expensive furniture and modern appliances. Genevieve's parents were nice but strangely aloof.

Greg hadn't been to the hill for a while. He used to park in front of Annabelle's old house once in a while to stare at it but he didn't want to be mistaken for a pervert or stalker so he started going to the cemetery instead.

Now he was following Genevieve into her huge, dark and empty house having no clue what to expect or what might happen. Maybe she just wanted to talk about Annabelle, maybe show him other stuff she had found during her de-high schooling clean up.

"Come on," Genevieve said as she led him up the backstairs from the kitchen. She was removing her sweat-soaked blouse as she hopped up the stairs and by the time they got to the second floor Genevieve was topless as she tossed her bra aside, although she kept her back to him as she strolled down the hallway.

She opened the door to her bedroom and flicked on the lights, waiting for Greg to enter behind her. She closed the door once he was in the room and she leaned her back against it, letting Greg see her breasts for the first time. He tried not to gawk and they both stared at each other without saying anything.

"Oh God," Genevieve finally sobbed, falling into him and hugging him so tightly and unexpectedly that she nearly knocked the breath out of him. "Did you love her too?" She moaned as he felt her breasts rubbing through his tee shirt against his chest.

"Yes," Greg confessed for the first time. "I loved her greatly." Tears began to stream down his face.

He hadn't cried for Annabelle until now.

"Life's so unfair," Genevieve sighed. "You can cry if you want," she whispered, looking up at his face.

"I don't want to," Greg said sadly.

She gave him a kiss and then she started peeling his red Fontaine's tee shirt off over his head.

"I've never done this before," Greg told her honestly.

"I don't care," Genevieve said once the shirt was off, pressing her bare breasts against his exposed skin.

"You have a boyfriend," he reminded her.

"I don't care," she insisted.

"I work at Fontaine's," he said. "I'm a nobody."

'"I don't care," she said, reaching up and kissing him passionately "You loved Annabelle and I loved Annabelle and that's all that matters right now," Genevieve let him know. "Let's love her together."

It made sense. Who else but Genevieve could share that type of love with him? He was so lonely and empty that he didn't care about morals or ethics or Larry Newton or even his virginity. He just wanted to be held and loved. From the expression on her face, Greg knew that Genevieve was thinking the exact same thing: 'Let's comfort each other. Let's remember her together'.

Greg wanted to taste and touch her, exploring every pore of her skin. He wanted her so he could forget Annabelle, at least for the moment.

They began to kiss and touch and hug and comfort. Somehow Genevieve's skirt was on the floor and soon her panties were down there too. Greg had no memory of how his pants disappeared or if he or she removed his briefs but the next thing he knew they were naked on her bed and after some amazing foreplay of touch and feel he was thrusting inside her and she was moaning and crying (for Annabelle). Greg's heart longed for AB but he knew he was with her worthy substitute Genevieve.

"Calm down," Genevieve whispered as she clung to him. "Slower."

So Greg moved at a calmer and slower pace as he stared into her eyes and he watched with fascination as she sobbed for Annabelle at the same time she enjoyed the pleasure of their lovemaking, the most intimate moment of Greg's life. He couldn't stay calm because of the sensations and feelings that were electrocuting through his system and he began to thrust deeper and faster. Genevieve didn't protest as she happily moaned and muttered and rocked her hips with his.

Greg wasn't sure what he was doing as he gave away his virginity to the memory of Annabelle by operating on instinct doing what came naturally. Genevieve held him close when he exploded inside of her for the first time and he cried, confused trying to figure out if he was crying for himself or for Annabelle or maybe for both of them.

Genevieve held him close and she comforted him as she cried too. "Shh," she said with tranquil understanding. "It's okay. I'm so honored that you're here with me like this."

Greg kissed her passionately which caused her to happily kiss him back as she stroked his cheek with her hand and his back with the heels of her feet.

"Again, Greg, please," Genevieve begging hopefully as he began to feel her breasts, the desire for her stronger now than the first time.

When he became hard again, Greg reentered her and he pumped until she responded with a full push of her own as she screamed out and Greg realized she was having an orgasm. He watched with amazement as her face contorted in various expressions of total fulfillment and when she opened her eyes she giggled with complete satisfaction.

"Oh my God, Greg," she said when he stopped pushing.

"I know," he said as he collapsed on top of her and let her stroke his hair.

Now it was the next morning. They had made love again and fallen asleep, Genevieve on top of Greg, naked and beautiful. He awoke first and held onto her, occasionally glancing at the mirror to study her wonderful rear and sneak peeks at the hair between her legs which were opened just enough for the glimpses.

Genevieve eventually opened her eyes and she smiled when she saw that Greg was looking back at her. He grinned and kissed her on the lips. She folded her arms across his chest and rested her chin on top of them while staring into his eyes. Greg pressed his body to hers to renew the heat between them. .

"Annabelle should have been with you instead of that asshole," Genevieve announced, making Greg feel proud and sad at the same time. "That fuck head was seeing Marcy Jacobs by Labor Day, just weeks after Annabelle died. Now he's shacking up for the summer with some chick from Greenville. He'd get annoyed whenever I brought Annabelle up - as if they had broken up instead of her dying. It used to get me so mad."

"What about Larry?" Greg wondered.

"He's not much better," Genevieve complained. "He said we only get one year to mourn and grieve and then we're supposed to move on." She rolled her eyes with contempt. "As if you can turn on and off your grief like a light switch. Clueless bastard."

"We'll be grieving for the rest of our lives," Greg predicted.

"I don't want to suffer grief alone, Greg," Genevieve told him.

"What do you mean?" he asked with confusion.

"I'm not sure," she admitted, kissing the bottom of his chin. "But I like this."

"My mother is a divorced hairdresser," Greg told her. "My sister sloshes food at the hospital cafeteria. We lived in a fifty year old house with a bad roof, missing gutters, and screwed up wiring. I never see my father who lives in New Jersey."

"I don't care," Genevieve let him know.

"Your parents will," he replied. "Larry's going to be a CPA, right?"

'Yeah Certified Public Asshole," she groaned.

"His father is a lawyer and his mom a surgical nurse. They have a winter home in Florida."

"So what?"

"Your Dad is a CEO of a major corporation. Your mom runs her own business that you're destined to take over. I stock shelves at Fontaine's Family Grocery Store."

"You're going to Blue County Community College," she reminded him.

"You're going to Green College," he countered.

"So I'll be near by!" She giggled.

"You have a boyfriend," he stated.

"Oh Greg, what am I going to do with you?" Genevieve sighed. "We're lying here together naked. We've had the best sex imaginable. We both love Annabelle."

He smiled and kissed her while she gently pushed her groin into his, sighing with contentment as she continued to stare into his eyes.

"Don't you want to be with me?" She pouted. "Did I not satisfy you?" She teased. "Wasn't I great in bed?"

"You're amazing," Greg confirmed.

"Well then," Genevieve giggled, finally rolling off of him, once again onto her back on the mattress, her hair fluttered on the pillow her breasts flattened as she stretched.

Greg rolled onto his side partly to get some of his circulation flowing, facing her with wonderment as his penis tried to rally for attention. He ran his hand through her hair while continuing to stare at her. She returned the look with a smirk knowing she had him. She turned her head and gave him a kiss while putting one hand on his chest and the other on his hip. Greg looked at her with more intensity than he had ever felt before and he kissed her back. Genevieve opened her mouth and she darted her tongue deep inside his mouth while her hand slipped off his hip and was now teasing his cock.

Greg put his hand on one of her nipples as he felt himself going hard in her hand. "It's not just about the sex is it?" He worried.

"Of course not," Genevieve assured him with feeling. "You make me feel...that's just make me feel again," she said, her eyes tearing up. "I haven't felt anything for two years and now I'm feeling something with you because of our connection with Annabelle. Are you feeling it too?"

Greg nodded affirmatively as he continued to toy with her nipple and she slowly tugged on his penis. This time it was Genevieve who caught a glimpse of them in the mirror and she spread her legs to take a look at her open vagina in the mirror while watching how she stroked Greg while he played with her breasts with fascination. She took one of his hands and guided it down between her legs.

"Greg," she said. "Feel me there."

He did what she asked and she gasped as he moved his finger along her slit and then inside while placing his head on her breast. Genevieve started moaning at the sensation of his finger inside her and his lips on her breasts while she continued to give him a hand job.

"Greg," she panted as she opened her legs wider. "Taste me there."

He moved down her body as she reluctantly let go of his dick and he took a long look between her legs at her exposed naked womanhood glistening with desire. He leaned in and licked her entrance which caused her to shutter.

"Oh," Genevieve said happily as his tongue squished inside her, moaning as she closed her eyes, her breath skipping as his tongue entered in and out and all about until he brought her to a climax, watching with contentment when she buckled and shimmied and screamed out and everything became wet and sticky.

Greg was amazed by the entire experience and he moved back up the bed afterwards while Genevieve lay sprawled out motionless but ecstatic.

"I'm supposed to be at work at one," Greg sighed as he nestled next to her.

"Call out," she whispered. "Please."

"What about Larry?" Greg wondered. "Won't he be coming around?'

"He's on a golfing trip to North Carolina with some buddies," she said.

Wow! Parents in Maine. Boyfriend in North Carolina. A weekend of sex with Genevieve? Could it be real? What was he doing? Was this really about Annabelle? Was there really any point in any of this? Here he was lying naked on bed next to the gloriously nude Genevieve who apparently wanted him in every way. Because of Annabelle? Really? Could the connection be something that would carry them beyond this wild craziness of being together biblically in homage to their missing friend?

"Please," Genevieve repeated, her eyes watering up. "I want to be with you. I want to grieve with you."

"This is grieving?" Greg asked with confusion.

"This is living, Greg," Genevieve explained. "I want to be alive. I've felt dead for two years. Please? You're the only one who knows what it's been like. You've been struggling too, haven't you?"

Greg couldn't argue with her. The last two years had been hell but his life took a complete change for the better as soon as he got into Genevieve's sports car last night. He was no longer a virgin and he was with an amazing woman who was baring her body and soul to him in ways he never could have imagined.

Greg slid off the bed and dug his cell from his discarded pants. He was surprised that he wasn't feeling more self-conscious about being naked in front of her but since she was lying as naked as a baby he didn't feel at a disadvantage. He sat on the edge of the bed and called Jill at Fontaine's.

"Hey Jill," he said when his manager answered the customer service phone. "This is Greg. I don't think I'm going to make it in today. Do you think you could find a replacement for me?"

'Anything wrong?" Jill asked with surprise since Greg had a flawless attendance record and was beyond dependable, reliable and trustworthy.

"No, it's just that I…."

Genevieve sat up on the bed. "He's getting laid!" She yelled into the phone with a laugh, horrifying Greg.

Jill was a nice woman in her mid thirties who played the Aunt role for Greg. He didn't want her to think less of him.

"Well," Jill said in response. "I would have to say that's a good enough reason to miss your first shift ever."

"Er….Um…..thanks….." Greg stumbled with embarrassment.

"Yes, thank you!" Genevieve yelled into the phone.

"See you, Greg," Jill replied with amusement. "Have a great weekend!"

'Um, thanks," he mumbled before turning off the phone and glancing at Genevieve. "I can't believe you said that!"

"What?" She asked innocently. "It's true!"

"What am I supposed to say to Jill when I see her on Monday?" Greg blushed.

"You can tell her how great the weekend was!" Genevieve laughed as she sprang from the bed and went to use the bathroom.

Greg sat on the side of the bed taking in his surroundings and situation. The smell of sex and of Genevieve hung in the air. He felt like he had been placed in a cocoon sanctuary where the world had temporarily stopped and he was protected from everything hurtful and sad while being rewarded by the beauty and love of Genevieve. He glanced at the phone and saw a text from his mother.

"Everything okay?" it read. She was checking up on him since he didn't come home the night before.

"Everything's fine," he texted in response. "With someone" He typed in the smiley face and sent the text.

The still nude Genevieve returned from the bathroom and picked up Greg's Fontaine's tee shirt from the floor, putting it on over her head. "I'll make us some lunch." (It was nearly 11). "Come on down when you're done in the bathroom." She gave him a kiss and disappeared from the room.

Greg walked naked into the bathroom and did what he needed to do. Afterwards, he stood in the mirror naked looking at himself wondering if any of this was real. He took a towel and wrapped it around his waist before going downstairs where he found Genevieve humming in the kitchen as she made a couple of sandwiches. He liked the way she looked in his tee shirt knowing there was nothing on underneath.

'Ham and cheese okay?" She asked with a smile.

"Sure," Greg said, taking a seat at the breakfast counter at the end of the large open kitchen. He felt a little strange wearing nothing but a towel.

Genevieve put the sandwiches on the counter, along with a bag of chips and a couple cans of Sprite before sitting on the stool next to him.

"None of this would be happening if it wasn't for Annabelle," Greg told her.

"I know," Genevieve said.

"If I hadn't jumped in the river that day we never would have met."


'The only reason you and I became friends was because Annabelle insisted."

"Look, I get it, Greg," Genevieve groaned. "We have nothing in common. We come from different worlds. I'm the rich girl in the big house on the hill. You're the poor kid from the broken home. If Annabelle hadn't fallen in the river our paths never would have crossed. We would have passed in the halls of Hillsboro High without saying a word."

"Is that going to be Annabelle's legacy?" Greg wondered. "That she's responsible for this?"

"She was a much better person than me," Genevieve sighed. "She was willing to be friends with you. She saw the good in you. She didn't worry about where you came from."

"We all suffer from peer pressure, Gen," Greg said.

"Nobody stood by her, Greg," Genevieve complained bitterly. "When things started getting hard for her. Her family falling apart. Her dad dying. Her mom with that guy. Selling the house. Her friends deserted her, not willing or able to deal with her issues and her moods. Once she moved off the hill she no longer belonged in their eyes. You were the only one who stood by her."

"You did too," Greg reminded her.

"She was my best friend," Genevieve sighed. "But even I failed her. You were the only one with enough guts to tell her to dump the asshole. I knew he was bad news but I liked the image of being with him and Larry. I just assumed that was the way it was supposed to be. Hill kids hung out with hill kids. When Annabelle became friends with you, she broke the code."

"She was the first girl who paid attention to me," Greg said.

"All my friends come from good families and expensive homes and they're being groomed for greatness but none of them compare in character, compassion and caring to you," Genevieve said.

'I learned early on never to take things for granted," Greg explained as he ate the sandwich. "My parents struggled to make ends meet and I knew what it was like not to have stuff. Then my father left and I learned that there are no guarantees in life. You don't always get money. You don't always get opportunities. You don't always get to have a family."

"Geez, Greg," Genevieve said.

"It must have been harder for Annabelle," Greg sighed. "She was a little older. She was used to having stuff and then she started losing it all. As much as she wanted to hold on to it she had no control. I tried to let her know that she'd get through it just like I did and as long as she had friends who cared she'd be okay."

"I wished she had believed that," Genevieve said sadly. "I took it all for granted too," she admitted. "Even when Annabelle was going through her troubles I knew it could never happen to me. But when she died, I realized that the bottom can fall out for anybody at any time. Larry doesn't understand that. He doesn't think Annabelle's death has anything to do with me. That it was somehow a separate silo, an individual event, a compartmentalized episode to be removed from my existence like a mole on my skin."

"Nobody wanted to deal with it so they denied it," Greg explained.

"I saw you at the cemetery once," Genevieve revealed. "Just sitting there at the grave."

"Why didn't you join me?" Greg asked, glancing at her.

"I didn't want to invade your privacy," she sighed. "You were always sharing Annabelle with me in life. You deserved your quality time with her in death."

"It feels like she's always with me now," Greg said.

"Yeah, she never goes away," Genevieve groaned as she hopped off the stool and brought the sandwich plates to the sink.

Greg helped her pick up. When they were done, Genevieve checked her cell for calls and texted her mother letting her know everything was fine.

"Nothing from Larry," she noted. "Guess he's having too much fun with the boys. That's okay," she smirked. I'm having a good time with the boy!"

Greg smiled as he stood behind her in the door frame between the kitchen and living room. He couldn't resist lifting up the back of her shirt knowing she had nothing on underneath. He gave her ass cheeks a friendly rub. Genevieve smiled as she walked away from him and collapsed on the living room couch, hiking the shirt up enough to expose her vagina for his view. She spread her legs wide and slid one of her hands down to that area, closing her eyes and sighing. Greg watched her rub herself and she began to moan as she played with herself but then she opened her eyes and smiled at him.

"Do you want to help?" She asked seductively.

Greg walked to the couch and dropped to his knees in front of her, darting his tongue into her swollen vagina lips. Genevieve arched her back and let Greg go to work on her, reaching down and pulling the towel from his waist to expose him once again. He tongued her there until her moans turns to screams and he sensed warm liquid dripping on his face. He pulled his tongue out and fell back on a sitting position on the rug while looking up at her slumped on the couch with her legs stretched straight out and her head sunk into the pillows of the couch.

"God," she managed to say when she finally opened her eyes and stared down at him. "I didn't know sex could be like this."

"Come on," he blushed. "You've been with Newton for how long?"

'Trust me, it was never like this," Genevieve assured him. "I never felt this intimate or alive with him. You've brought out the best in me and that was Annabelle."

She burst into tears and Greg moved up on to the couch next to her. "Shhh," he said. "It's okay."

"No it's not," Genevieve sighed as she rolled into him and let him hug her. 'I've been stupid and wrong most of my life," she groaned. "Acting all prim and proper, playing the role of the hill girl. And then Annabelle took herself away from this world so she wouldn't have to face the pain and disappointment."

"It doesn't always have to be like that," Greg replied. "If she had just gotten through the hard part she would have been okay."

"I know," Genevieve said, wiping her tears on the shirt. "That's why it sucks so bad."

Greg felt kind of stupid sitting naked in the living room of Genevieve's house. She was bottomless a she lay against him, the shirt hiked up enough for him to see half her ass cheek. He couldn't help but smirk and Genevieve heard his chuckle.

"What?" She asked, glancing up at him.

"Nothing," he said, semi-red face. 'It's just that this is kind of strange, isn't it? Me naked, you half naked. Aren't you embarrassed?"

"No," she replied. "I feel free." She tugged the tee shirt off over her head and tossed it across the room, totally naked now, causing Greg to laugh.

"I like it when you're naked," he said. .

"Good," she purred as she nestled into him. "This weekend is all about letting go," she decided.

"Letting go of what?" Greg wondered.

"Everything!" Genevieve announced. "Pain. Sorrow. Grief. Hang ups. Disappointments. Masks. Covers. Clothes. Dickhead boyfriends. And it's a weekend for discovery."

"Discovering what?" Greg dared to ask.

"Discovering love and meaningful intimate emotional sex that comes from the heart and soul and not just the body," she said. "Your heart is big and your soul is deep. I figured you had a lot of catching up to do anyway."

"Yeah, I'm a rookie," Greg deadpanned.

"Could have fooled me," Genevieve smirked.

She saw the worried look on his face.

"Listen," she said with understanding gentleness. "I've been completely numb inside. I realized last night that you're the only person I have an emotional bond with. I separated sex from love a long time ago because I disconnected my emotions and feelings from the physical act with Larry. I haven't felt an emotional bond with Larry since soon after Annabelle died but every time you and I talked I felt connected to you."

"Because of Annabelle," Greg said.

"Maybe," Genevieve shrugged. "I was going through a sad time and sex with Larry didn't mean anything anymore. But last night? Being emotional and vulnerable with you? It was wonderful. I didn't expect my sexual desires to be so affected by my grief over Annabelle and my growing resentments with Larry. Now I'm glad I still have the ability to feel having sex again. So, thanks for that!"

"You're welcome," Greg said sheepishly.

"I can't tell you how many nights I've cried myself to sleep, Greg," Genevieve said. "Sometimes I felt like I wanted to give up on life because I felt detached from it all, numb and emotionally lost. But you want to know what I feel right now?"

"What?" Greg wondered.

"I feel alive again," she said openly. "I concentrated on our pleasure and for the first time since Annabelle died I wasn't hurting so bad. Now I'm ready to cope better and go on and do what I need to do. It's a healing start to remember that we're alive."

"I needed you as much as you needed me," Greg said. "Maybe even more."

"I want to be comforted by the sex, wrapped in your arms and folded into you heart, united in our flesh," Genevieve explained. "God, I've been so tense and stressed. Our physical pleasure allowed me to finally experience an orgasm again after two years of nothing with Larry other than him getting his rocks off. You've helped me release the tension and stress, replaced by peace and happiness." She glanced at him with interest. "What about you, Greg? This being your first time and everything?"

"It was almost as if sex transported me," Greg reported. "When we were making love the only thing I was thinking about was pleasing you and when I cummed I wasn't thinking about anything else but that very moment. I felt connected with you and comforted by you. I feel liked I've come out of a long deep cold hibernation."

"I'm sorry I wasted the last two years grieving alone," Genevieve sighed. "I'm sorry I didn't seek you out more. I thought about you a lot, though. I want you to know that. I missed you almost as much as I did Annabelle in some ways. I missed the times we had together. I missed being us together."

"It's okay," Greg said, truly moved.

"Come on, I want to show you something."

She hopped off the couch and Greg followed her into the family room that had a large entertainment center.

"We had all our home movies transferred onto DVDs," she said as she opened a cabinet along the wall. "I put all of the stuff we had of Annabelle on one disc. Do you want to watch?"

Greg swallowed and nodded yes so they spent the next two hours lying naked on the couch (with a throw blanket over them part of the time) watching various images of Annabelle over the years. Greg was taken by the younger AB before he met her in eighth grade, a cute and bubbly girl who had a wonderful laugh. There were a few clips that he specifically remembered - a school chorus concert, a play at the youth center, and a back yard barbecue at Annabelle's house. He and Genevieve laughed and cried, smiled and sighed, hugged and embraced as they watched their friend come back to life, mostly smiling and happy but when the DVD ended all they could do was sit staring at the blank screen unable to talk.

Genevieve slumped her head against Greg's shoulder and they sat motionless for a long time. He finally wrapped his arm around her and Genevieve let out a heavy sigh.

"It's still hard to watch," she said.

"Yeah," Greg agreed. "There's something surreal seeing her again."

Genevieve sat up and pressed her lips to his sweetly. "Will we ever be happy again?" She asked.

"I'm happy now," Greg told her. 'Being here with you."

"Me too," Genevieve smiled. "I just wish it didn't have to be because of Annabelle."

Greg leaned in and kissed her. "It will always be about Annabelle," he said.

There was a moment of silence as they cuddled under the throw blanket, their naked skin touching each other.

"So, what are taking at Blue County?"

"Just Liberal Arts," Greg answered.

"Don't know what you want to do?"

"Maybe just stay at Fontaine's and work my way up, I guess," Greg shrugged. "You doing business at Green?

"Yeah, so I can have all the background to be able to run Mom's gift shop," Genevieve sighed.

"That's not what you really want to do?" Greg guessed.

"I'd like to be a social worker or therapist," Genevieve replied. "So I can help kids like Annabelle so they don't turn out like Annabelle."

"Why don't you?" Greg asked.

"I don't want to disappoint my mom," Genevieve sighed. "I've been helping out at the shop since I was twelve. It's just expected and assumed that I'll join the business."

"Just don't do something you'll regret the rest of your life," Greg advised.

"Oh, too late for that!" Genevieve laughed. "If I could go back to eighth grade and do it all over again with a clean start, I'd do everything in my power to make sure Annabelle was okay. I would have stopped her from dating the asshole and I definitely would have taken a pass on Larry. Annie-B and I could have fought over you all through high school!"

It was a sad fantasy not worth thinking about. Greg knew that the past couldn't be changed without prior knowledge. Unless Genevieve went back in time knowing what she knew now nothing would change. Fate put Greg by the river the day Annabelle fell in and that changed his destiny. Annabelle's parents split up and that changed hers.

And of course the horrible reality Greg didn't want to think about was that the only reason he was experiencing this unbelievable weekend of sex, connection, support, sympathy and togetherness with the amazing Genevieve was because Annabelle was dead. Had Annabelle not died only God knows how fate would have played out – maybe AB would have ended up with Greg but most likely not. And Genevieve definitely would not have been emotionally vulnerable enough to have seduced Greg the way she did the previous night.

"My mother made me go see a counselor," Greg revealed as he thought about Annabelle and dealing with her death.

"There's a suicide survivor's group in Greenville I've been to a few times," Genevieve shared. "Maybe we could go together?" She suggested. "I don't know why I never asked you before."

'I'd like to check it out," Greg replied, grateful for the invitation.

"God, I'm just so sorry about everything," Genevieve sighed.

Greg reached his hand out and rubbed it along her cheek and she muzzled up to him warmly. "I am too," he said.

Genevieve kissed him with appreciation. "Thank you for all this, Greg," she said. "I should have turned to you from the start instead of relying on shallow Larry to be of support."

"Better late than never," Greg smiled.

She laughed in agreement and kissed him with meaningful appreciation and wanted emotion. Then they hugged each other underneath the blanket for the longest time.

"What are we going to do now?" Genevieve asked when the time was right.
"My mother usually makes a casserole on Saturday nights," Greg replied. "Want to go over there for supper?"
"Ah, that means we have to get dressed," Genevieve pouted with humor.
"We could go naked," Greg teased.
"It's okay," Genevieve said as she tossed the blanket off and standing naked in front of him. "Getting dressed just means we get to get naked again later!"
"This is true," Greg agreed with a grin.
He texted his mother and told her he was bringing a guest for dinner. They went to her bedroom naked and got dressed there, Greg's Fontaine tee shirt smelling like Genevieve who got dolled up in a lovely summer dress that made her as attractive as ever.
Greg's mother was thrilled to see Genevieve again after such a long absence, everybody knowing the reason why and it was Greg who freely brought up the topic of Annabelle just to make sure his mom and Halley knew it was okay to talk about it. So they did over an American Chop Suey casserole with salad with some laughs and a few tears but there was also an understanding between all four that something was different now between Greg and Genevieve. Greg's mom gave Genevieve a special hug good night and Halley was all smiles too, glad to see that her brother had finally found someone after all this time.
The couple returned to Genevieve's big empty house, got naked before they even got to the top of the stairs and soon found themselves flopping down on top of Genevieve's bed.
"Just hold me for a minute, Greg," Genevieve pleaded.
Greg did so willingly, quietly and gently - kissing and caressing her body with affection, reverence and sympathy knowing she was thinking about Annabelle again after talking about her with his mom and sister. When Genevieve was finally able to respond, she offered passionate deep kisses and then she stuffed her tongue down his throat while taking his hand and leading it to her vagina. Greg stroked and rubbed her entrance and then he thrust his fingers inside to massage her secret spots.
Genevieve arched her back, moaning in cadence with his kisses and stokes. She took his penis in her hand and skillfully played with it while he continued to toy with her channel until she felt the surge of her orgasm filling her.
"Quick, fuck me," Genevieve pleaded with excitement and Greg obeyed, jamming his cock inside her with a suddenness that brought her to an almost immediately climax. She shouted with pleasure and Greg kept thumping inside of her until he began to jerk and had his own welcomed release while Genevieve kept lifting and dropping her ass from the mattress to keep his penis buried deep within her.
When it was over, they lay in silent stillness until Greg's shrinking dick finally slipped out of her. He rolled off of her and cuddled her as she cried one more time for all that they had been through these past two years.
"I'm really happy we found each other like this," Genevieve told him.
"I am too," Greg assured her with contentment.

"If I had known you fucking my brains out would help me get beyond my sadness I would have done this the night of the funeral," she sighed.

"We had to get to this place in the proper time and way," Greg theorized.
"Just hold me for a while more," Genevieve requested and Greg gladly enveloped her in a naked embrace as they lay on their sides facing each other
Greg listened to her softly sob into his chest and he said nothing until she finally lifted her head from his chest and kissed him, leaving the taste of her salty tears on his mouth. Greg gently squeezed her breast and that caused Genevieve to open her legs again to welcome his penetration and she began to moan through her sobs as he made gentle love to her.
They rocked together in comforted oneness and he eventually brought her to another orgasm, but this time it was a quiet one as Genevieve softly whimpered through her tears as she climaxed. Greg didn't orgasm but he stayed inside of her for as long as he could as if their oneness somehow empowered them to battle through their mutually shared grief one final time hoping to break through the threshold and finally move on in some sort of post-Annabelle world.

"Never stop consoling me," Genevieve requested.
Greg kissed her with passionate feeling and then he moved his mouth to suck on her nipples and caress her vagina with his finger. "I won't," he promised, amazingly still inside her, refusing to separate as if that would somehow break their bond.
"Do what you want with me," she told him. "I'm yours from now on."
"I love you," he said simply.
"Like you did Annabelle?"
"Yes, like that but only more. I loved you from the moment I saw you at the wake. I knew then that we were destined to be together someway, somehow, some day."
"Some day is today," Genevieve said.
"Yes it is," Greg agreed.

Long Trail Gift Shop Expands, Changes Name, Adds partners

By Anita Demers

Greenville News and Dispatch

Greenville: The Long Trail Gift Shop reopens on Saturday after a six week expansion and redevelopment renovation. The business will now operate under the new name of Annabelle's Gift Shop and Country Store.

Janice Drew, who purchased the business twenty years ago from long time owner Frank Dempsey, has added her daughter Genevieve Como and Genevieve's husband Greg as new partners.

Genevieve Como will help run the historic scenic gift shop overlooking Long Trail Pass on picturesque Route 37 in Greenville while her husband Greg will be in charge of the new 'general store' that serves as a grocery store and trinket shop.

Drew remains the principal owner although she plans on reducing her involvement in the day to day operations of the business.

"Genevieve is finishing up her business degree at Green College and her wonderful husband Greg graduated from Blue County Community College last year," Drew said. "He worked many years for Fontaine's Family Grocery Store and that experience will allow him to manage our grocery store."

The couple married last year, Drew says, and will bring new excitement, energy and passion to the expanded family business.

"They're young and in love and they are committed to this undertaking," Drew said.

The couple renamed the business after their late high school friend and have dedicated the new store to her memory.

Annabelle's Gift Shop and Country Store is open Monday - Saturday, 8 to 8, and Sundays 10-7. The grocery store will feature a bakery, a deli shop, ready to eat sandwiches, soft serve ice cream, and novelty items.