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Prologue - Part 1 - Kent Williams

Kent Williams stared blankly at the ceiling above him, as if it were the reason he was in his current position. There was anger in his heart, and he was willing to throw it towards anybody and anything that stood in his way.

Though he was rather comfortable in his bed, he kept fidgeting and readjusting his body. He had already tried attempting to focus on his new surroundings, but that proved to be difficult. No matter what he did, Kent's thoughts somehow always returned to his real home in Sweden. That was where he belonged, not half across the world in North Carolina.

It was a mere coincidence that he decided to learn English from his father. He thought it would be something cool to brag to his friends about. His family took advantage of that fact and decided it was best to send the boy to America. Saying he was happy was an overstatement.

Well... At least he wasn't alone. The main reason his family shipped him off to America was because his father's brother, Terry lived there.

Kent didn't remember much of Terry. Mainly because he'd only seen the man once in his life, when he was twelve. Terry came to visit for some holiday. That was five years ago. What he did remember was that his uncle was talkative and overly cheerful. Kind of like his father, just not as intense.

Either way, he came to America against his will, and he was obviously unhappy with the whole thing. Even if it was temporary.

The Swede sighed and flipped over to lie on his stomach. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small cloth before holding it close to his face. The cloth was a representation of his home country's flag. The golden Nordic cross rest upon the blue background, making up the Swedish flag.

It was a gift from his brother, a few days before he was to fly away. He treasured it and kept it on him at all times.

A knock on the door pulled Kent away from his thoughts, though didn't prompt him to look at the door. "Vad?" He mumbled into his pillow.

The door opened to reveal the tall form of his uncle Terry. "Kent!" Came the cheery voice. "How ya doin'?"

"Fine." He heard a sigh before the bed dipped down slightly as a new weight was added.

"C'mon, Kent. Talk to me. Even I thought you'd like it here."

"No, I love it." He replied dryly, sarcasm evident, still admiring the small flag.


The Swede sighed and sat up on the bed, sitting beside the older man after putting the flag safely back in his pocket. "Nothing's wrong. Just give me time to get used to this place." He said quickly before standing and putting his shoes on.

"Where you goin'?" Terry asked, standing to join his nephew. "It gettin' pretty late."

"I'm going to go for a short walk. I'll be back soon."

Terry seemed unsure and reluctant, but knew that no matter what he said, Kent would go on and do what ever he wanted anyway. 'It's his way of letting people know not to treat him unfairly.' His brother had told him over the phone a few days ago.

Kent quickly exited the house, happy to finally get some fresh air into his lungs. He loved walking around. It sort of calmed him down, he discovered.

His feet carried him down the streets. The wind felt nice and cool against his pale skin and gracefully tugged at his blonde hair. His turquoise colored eyes focused on the road ahead, which was lighted by the rays of a sinking sun.

But no matter how good it might have felt, it was nothing compared to how he felt in Sweden. The air just wasn't the same. It had a stale, almost polluted feel about it. Even the sunlight didn't feel the same. It wasn't warm and welcoming like it was at home. Here, the heat died out at evening and the cold came rushing in. Not that it wasn't cold all the time in Sweden. It was just...

Kent sighed. Now he was just being unreasonable, trying his best to find an excuse to dislike everything he could see and feel.

North Carolina (well, what he's seen, anyway) wasn't that bad. The scenery was beautiful and captivating. Perhaps one of the best places for an author to get inspiration. The mountains were the first thing that stood out to the Swede. The way they towered over everything gave a sense of vulnerability and overall smallness. They stood as a reminder that humans were indeed subjected to a greater being.

Either way, it still didn't feel like home.

Something was missing... But he couldn't quite place it. It just wasn't... Sweden.

Perhaps it was the entirety of the situation that clouded his thoughts and made him think that there was no way he could like it here.

Well, whatever it was, he better learn how to push it aside and open up. It wasn't fair to Terry or his family back in Sweden.

Not that they knew anything about fairness...

He sighed for the umpteenth time that day. There he goes again, finding excuses to be angry.

He didn't realize where he was until he looked up from the ground and saw a small park with the entrance a few yards away. The swings were empty, as expected at this time of day, but he couldn't help but notice the figure of a man sitting alone on a bench near the fence that surrounded the place. The man was hunched over something in his hands, but the darkness didn't allow Kent to see what it was.

His first instinct was to walk over to the man to see if he was okay or needed help, but common sense got the better of him. He wasn't about to walk up to an absolute stranger. Who knows? He could be holding a gun in his hands.

Paranoia settled in, making the young Swede turn around and make his way back home.

When he returned, he noticed that all the lights were off. He looked at the clock hanging on the wall to his left.

'Midnight already? It was only 10:00 when I left...'

Time did fly when one was in deep thought...

Shrugging the thought away, he walked back to his room, the darkness doing little to blind his eyes.

He lay in his bed that night, unable to sleep much as the thoughts of home clouded his head. Not to mention that guy from the park. There was something strange about him, and nothing he did could shake the feeling.

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