Note from Author: this is simply an introductory chapter. But I hope you enjoy it, nonetheless.

Beneath my sun spoiled garden, such incomprehensible patterns and symbol's engraved into it, that of which was unknown to me. I brought it into my house, down into the spiraled staircase that lead into the basement where I spent my days. Examining it brought no avail to unlocking the secrets of the key, or the secret that it unlocked, and obviously it yielded no fruit. I even took it to a smithy, and he said he had simply never seen such craftsmanship put into such a small device. That would not deter me, though. Not one bit.

I sat at upon the leather couch in my living room with the shades drawn, and left the key on the maple coffee table that I rested my feet on, usually. The key, was like un-which I had ever laid eyes upon. The markings were like that of a tribal, unknown and beautiful. It's black tattoo's into that of an incomprehensible pattern was utterly astonishing. The key itself was four inches long, with no indication to what it might belong to. The edges it dons, the same 'bumps' of a sort, that are used to unlock the tumblers that are hidden away within a lock, were alien to myself, and other keysmiths. It had only two, one upon the direct edge, the other in the exact middle. Again, unlike any other key I had ever seen. While tending to my garden some weeks ago, I found this unspeakable object beneath a weed I tore from the roots in the earth.

I had not know what had drawn me to this thing, maybe of its ancient tattoos, of its ungodly textured charred black marks.

This symbol of oddities sat, still, upon the maple table, unchanged. The sun had descended from its position in that daunting sky, different from when it had remained at a higher angle.

I fondled with the key utmostly, tossing it up and down into the palm of my hands out of boredom, as you would a ball. And a thought occurred to me;

"It probably belonged to the previous occupants."

It motivated me for one of the first times in my life. I excitedly hopped over the back of my couch, making my way towards the front door. I hadn't replaced the doors or locks when I had moved in, so they were more likely to work than not.

But no. Not to the front door.

"Maybe the bathroom."

I walked through the corridor of hall-mazes, finally finding my bathroom door. Promptly, I had locked it from the inside, but set the door ajar, as to ensure that I would not be locked out of my own restroom.

Twisting the key in all its humanly possible, it still would not unlock the door. Frustratingly, I twisted the locker, and went back to the couch, laying on my back st staring out into the sun, my eyes not being scorned only due to the setting star.

"Try tomorrow," I said.

"I will try on the other locks, and then I can forget about the key completely.

In true honestly, I was excited, for the first time in many years, about this device.


And as the sun finally fell into its solemn slumber, so did I.

And the game finally began.