I could write a hundred love poems

but it wouldn't give me you

I could sing a thousand melodies

but I still wouldn't get to hold you

I could whisper softly in your ear

things that only lovers say

I could brush my fingers up your arm

meet your eyes and then glance away...

Oh, but what would it matter?

What would it change?

You wouldn't be mine, no matter

what I'd try.

I could brush on rouge

just for you,

wear sweet smelling perfume

to try and entice just you.

I could bat my eyes

or wear a dress that I know

would excite you

But I don't want the superficial you

I want the real you

the one that's deep down

the one that I know is there

the one that I know you are protecting

the one you are afraid to share.

I could love you more than anyone

in this world

If you'd only let me

If you would only let me...

But you just walk away

back to your lonesome pain.

If you would just let me inside

I think you would be surprised,

those issues you think you need

to hide,

stack up to nothing against the

monsters I've survived.

But still, my heart you deny.

I could be the love of your life

If you just let me.