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Roxanne sat in the back of her car, staring blankly out the window at the grey sky as the sound of her music pounded in her ears. She didn't usually have it up this loud, but on this particular day, it was what she needed. One week ago, her parents had announced that they were moving from their middle-class house in Australia, to England and that she was expected to pack up fifteen years of her life in a few cardboard boxes and suitcases, say goodbye to her best friends and basically throw away her old life.

"We're starting afresh," Her mother had told her, "once we get to England, we're going to have different personalities and an all-round different way of life."

Over and over, Roxanne had heard these words during the last week. Over and over, she kept ignoring them as she left the room, or blocked it all out. She didn't want to have to be reminded of who, and what, she was leaving behind.

Roxanne pulled herself back to the present. Her mother was sitting in the front seat, her short wavy dark brown hair was left out as she talked to her father in hushed tones. Roxanne couldn't hear because of her music, but she knew the face her mother always had when she was talking in that tone. Her father was driving, nodding solemnly as he agreed with what her mother was saying, sweat beaded on his forehead, just below his salt-and-pepper black hair. Beside her, Roxanne's two younger brothers were fighting, their thick brown hair bouncing on the 14 and 11 year olds' heads. She took a moment to wonder why she ever let her parents buy those two coffee before the car pulled into the airport car park, a jerk on the seatbelt announcing the family's arrival. Roxanne looked away from her brothers and took the time to pull the plugs out of her ears, and sit up from her curled position.

She picked up her hand luggage and stepped out of the car, her black knee-high boots clicking on the bitumen as she hurried along after her family in her skinny jeans and loose top. The wind blew in her long brown hair as the storm that was forecast for the day started to pick up. Roxanne's little bubble of hope that they would be stuck in Australia for another week, popped as her father yelled out to them,

"We'd better go get on the flight now! They'll be wanting to leave a little earlier than scheduled with this storm blowing in!" Although Roxanne thought that 'a little earlier' was probably the understatement of the year when your plane left 4 hours early, she obliged as they pushed their way through the crowds to get to the right gate on time. At some point, Roxanne subconsciously realised that they hadn't gone through customs and that a stranger wearing a dark suit and dark glasses had joined them and that their bags were being hauled through the airport by similar-looking people, but in the rush to get to the right plane at the right time, it all passed as a blur. When the family had finally made it to the right gate, they were met with an airhostess that looked just like the ones on TV. Tall, thin, red lipstick, and wearing ridiculously high heels with her suit skirt, the smiling lady took their tickets, smiled and lead them onto the plane, making it quite obvious that they were the last people to get on. Roxanne took her seat, and put her headphones back on. She looked out the window as her home country faded into the distance, Roxanne forcing herself to look away and tear her heart away from the beautiful country she had called home for her whole life.

Roxanne blearily opened her eyes as the sun hit her eyelids. She looked out the window of the aeroplane and saw land. The fifteen-year old sighed. This was her new home. As the plane slowly began its descent, she took note of the time on her phone, which had turned off and then back on at some point over the last 22 hours to change to local time, now read 10AM. Back at home, Roxanne would normally be turning on the TV to exercise some final freedom before going back to school the next day. She uncrossed her legs, making an attempt to stretch them out in the cramped space. Once the plane had landed, Roxanne grabbed her hand luggage and stood up, following her brothers out of the plane and walking into the airport. The three siblings tagged along behind their parents as they went and collected their suitcases and started to scan the crowd for the guide who would be taking them to their new house. House. Roxanne wasn't quite ready to call it a home yet. They found their guide, a slender woman who looked like she was about in her early thirties, and followed her out into the parking area of the airport.

"Roxanne, Mike, Theo, these are my kids." The guide told the three grumbling siblings as the all clambered into a van. Roxanne nodded mutely to a girl that looked around her age, as the van took off.

"Roxanne, don't even think about putting those damn headphones back on," Her mother warned as she was about to plug her iPod back in. She growled and slid down in her seat, completely ignoring the girl across from her, knowing that she would pay the price for it when she got back to where they were going to live, and honestly not caring.

When Roxanne was lying in bed that night, she thought of her home, and how different their new house was. She had always loved being outdoors, and now there was less space outside than inside. Roxanne also thought about the differences between her old bedroom and her new bedroom. Her old bedroom had been quite small, with white furniture and pink and green pictures hanging on the walls. Her new bedroom was considerably bigger and it was decorated in natural colours and white with pine floorboards. There was a hanging chair beside the French doors that, behind the white chiffon curtains, opened onto a deck. The four-poster bed in the middle of the room sat in front of a large wardrobe stocked full of new clothes, including her new school uniform. When she had first walked into the room, Roxanne had come to figure that her parents were trying to make up for moving her out of Australia. Admittedly, she now had the entire landing to herself and there was even an ensuite connected to her room, but Roxanne was still mad at her parents. She was expected to be at school tomorrow, and she, to be frank, didn't want to go. With these thoughts making themselves uncomfortably at home, Roxanne rolled over in her four-poster bed and went to sleep, dreading the next day.