Do you Except the Facts?

Do you enjoy my tears?

Do you find my moments of weakness a joy?

Do my pleas for my dreams falling apart bring you satisfaction?

You are the cage that has held me bond.

You have had me on a leash that only you see.

I am nothing but an animal to you, am I?

You yank my strength and crush it.

You crush my dreams every night I see you.

I have fought a battle that I should have seen was not mine to win.

There are more of you than there are of me.

My kind we are a rare find.

You have sought to see how far my sanity can spread.

I have news for you my sanity was never mine to begin with.

You tried to take when there was nothing to take.

Every morning I place a false mask over my soulless host.

A mask you thought was real, who is the fool now.

Call me crazy, call me cruel.

Both titles would be correct in my case.

I've seen wars no man would want to see.

I have fought battles that people would never wish to face.

I have the scars of my victory, mental scars.

I have seen it all and probably heard it all.

Your support I need it not nor do I desire it.

I am who I am except me as I am and I will accept you.

If not you won't be the first to shun me and surely not the last.

Twenty-six years in a cruel world teaches one these things.

Twenty-six years of battles and wars turns you cold.

Believe me not, I pity you.

However, there are those who know my pain and will love me like I do them.