* Disclaimer, I am not the best writer and you can blame dyslexia for that. I do this because i really enjoy it and that's all. I know i will never be a published author or anything remotely close but i still have a passion for writing. I know its not going to be perfect and i am ok with that. I love constrictive criticism and ideas to make my story better but only if its that. If its just rude and nothing but something to put me down the only thing it will succeed in is making me want to quite posting here. Please be nice :) I am noting but a stay at home mom, not an author, so cut me a little slack lol. * Rant/ disclaimer over :)

I had a normal life. I lived on a small, humble farm with my father and brother. It was hidden away in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness. My father had made sure of that it was hard to get to, it would take someone 3 days by horseback or a plain flying over to even reach it. I lived all my life this way and it was normal to me. I had a normal life.

But in reality my life was anything but normal, all because of the fact that I was a women. I had never seen another women in my life let alone any other men besides my father brother and their very few selected friends who had to keep this secret, which was me. It was illegal to have a women or know about the presence of one and not notify an official. The penalty for having a women was death.

You see about 50 years ago their was a great horrible plague that swept through the word and killing off more than 90% of the female. It only attacked the genes females carried. Before the scientist and doctors could figure it out it was to late. Not only did it kill off most of the female population, it also make most of those that were left infertile, or killed off any sperm in males that had a female gene. It turned our world upside down. Without women or at least ones that could reproduce there was a very bleak outlook for mankind.

The worlds governments collapse and after much fighting and ciaos was rebuilt as one. The United Nation of All. There was now one sole purpose of the human race and that was to save it. That was a far greater necessity than any war that was going on at the time. The extremist said this was actually the best thing to happen to man kind. For once the world was at Peace. Men came together to get the job done. A whole new code of living was developed. The world was a better place now. At least for men.

For all the females that were left, it was a living hell. They were all taken away from their homes and thrown into prisons, so they would be controlled and monitored. No one wanted to risk what little bit of females there were left. They where broken up into three categorizes and placed according to their category. These categorizes where made up according to the females reproductive ability. The number one objective to man kind now was to reproduce. It goes as following.

Lotis- a young girl too young to reproduce. A girl is a lotis until she hits the age of 21. Doctors and scientist agree this is the prime age for them to successfully carry a healthy child, even thought we have been very unsuccessful at this.

Reina- this is the stage that most women dread. When they turn 21 they become a Reina, or a glorified reproduction factory. They are kept physically fit through diet and working out. If there was a way to improve their chances at conceiving they would. Then the "Breeding" begins. It was such an animalistic term. It made my stomach hurt thinking about it. Out of about 6,000 women who where considered Reina only about 500 of them actually became pregnant, only 300 carried to term, and only 50 of those where female. The numbers seemed to be going down drastically too. The women who did have babies where moved to gated community type place to raise the children and to also be "re-breed". Again with the stomach pain at the thought.

The last category was know as Biddy- these where the women who couldn't have children. Either from age or other medical reasons. Even thought these women are useless to reproduce they are still use full for testing and for companionship. They where glorified prostitutes and lab rats.

I didn't know which category was the worst to be in. They all sounded down right horrible. But then there was women like me, who have been in hiding their whole life's. We where heavily sought out and each and every day was un-known.

Would this be my last day free? Would my family be found out tomorrow?

Every day here with my father and brother was a blessing. They have given up their whole life's to protect and hide me. When i was younger it was easy. My father would cut my hair and I was made to look like a little boy. But when I hit 14 there was no hiding what i was anymore. Puberty hit and i was far to feminine to pull off being a boy anymore. For my slender built i had curves and breast far bigger than any boy would have.

For my 15th birthday my father moved me into an underground bunker him and my brother had spent a year digging out and making perfect for me. As perfect as an underground cage could be. But at least i was free right? My brother is 10 years older and had been forced to protect me from day one. His life was to make sure mine didn't end. That's what he was told day in and day out.

Together both him and my father drilled into me how important staying hidden was. How to dress and walk to be less feminine. How to run at any strange sound. Jump at every shadow. Because one day those shadows or sounds could grab me and take me away. Or the wrong swing of a hip would give me away. there was often fly overs but as long as i kept my head down, hat on and walked like a man they never bothered us any further than flying over our heads.

I was 23 now and hiding me was starting to wear on all of us. Especially my 55 year old father. He has spent most of his life keeping a women in hiding. He was 5 when the disease took most of the women. He lived in the ciaos of the aftermath. It took about 15 years and even more women dying before everyone decided it was best to lock up the remaining women for their safely. Most women went along with it because they were scared. Little did they know what would be happening to them. How something that started out for their safety would exciladed into what it is now.

My mother and father decided that she was safer with him and not in lockup. So he has been on the run from the government ever since. Hiding first my mother and now me.

My brother did tell me once that their father thought about dropping me in the river shortly after i was born, he didnt want a daughter to grow up in a world like this. He thought death would have been the humain thing. But with my mothers dying words she made him promise to protect me. Something had gone wrong during childbirth and i was ultimately the one that killed my mother. One more precious women who could bare children, gone because of me.

But hiding me wasn't the only thing that was becoming a problem. The burning need for a mans touch was growing every day.