The Blackened Sun

The Day was slowly decreasing as dawn began to show,the winds were heavy and the street lights were was a young boy living in the darkness of his own heart, the smell of something dead spiraled around him as if his heart was truly boy cried but none seem to care, most tried keep a distance from him,he was truly a wolf without his thought the boy was careless,heartless and disgusting,but if they knew what he been through those words wouldn't have been spoken or even thought about. The boy was a traveler, a nobody,another random waste of space,no one even tried to find out what was wrong with him or even tried to know him it was truly morning the boy woke up to the sound of a raven cawing in his ear,he slowly began to get up and breathe the world's child walked into the bathroom of his abandonedhouse and looked into the mirror are said with depression "I am Calvin."

The room felt as if it was closing in on him as he began to hear all the words that was said to him before "Loser,Freak,Fagget!"before another word could be said the glass of his mirror shattered and blood began to fall from his right hand,tears started to flow down his left eye being the only thing that seemed to work rushed outside bringing nothing other than the stuff he already had,the sky was dark and empty there was no birds in sight this world was decaying every Calvin was wondering in the streets he past a stray dog it seemed loney and affraid of the felt as if the dog was in some way like him so he walked closer to the dog,the stray dog began to back up as it howled in boy approached the dog slowly but as he did so the dog growled at him, the boy was sad so he turned the other way and walked down the silent road. As he continued to walk he bumped into a dark hooded figure the boy looked up and saw nothing, but a empty hood the hooded figure wrapped his wretched arms around the boy and slouch down to whisper in his ear "I can love you,If noone else can" the boy looked up with a smile and the sound of a crackling bone echoed the street, the boy's empty corpse fell flat on the ground not shedding any dark figure was no where to be found.

The boy's life may be over,but his soul has found peace