It was raining heavily when she first saw him. Why he would even crouch in the middle of the field, in the rain no less, was lost on her. She would continue her journey to her dorm had she put on her tunnel vision as usual, but not this time. The thought of going back to her room to stare more at the rain was lost when she figured out that he was crouching to pick up his books. He seemed to not be finished anytime soon, so she did what a normal person would do in this situation. She put her middle-sized, blue umbrella above him, shielding them both from the rain. It was a usual situation for her as she had ever done the same to a girl she met in front of a bus stop. The girl had just departed from the bus when the rain strucked and she was on her way to the bus stop, so she did it without thinking. She thought the boy (or the man) would offer her a smile, thank you and went on his way, the same expressions she received from the girl she met on the way to the bus stop. That time, though, it differed greatly.

He did smile and conveyed his gratitude, but he didn't stop there. Oh how she wished he stopped there. Since they were in the middle of a field separating Language Building and Engineering Building, she would be a jerk not to offer him a shield to the nearest shade, right? Or at least to where he headed if they were on the same route, right? "Where are you going?" she asked. "There." She looked up to see a wing in Engineering Building. "OK, I'll take you there." "Are you sure you are okay with that? I can run from here." "With that mountain you called books? I don't think so." "If you don't mind, then.." "We're already in this state, so what's the use of minding? Let's go."

She ended up going with him to the nearest shade, which was a wing located in Engineering Building. She tend to hate extra attention directed on her, and when some students catcalling them for sharing an umbrella, she just wanted to drop him off quickly and disappear. She had a thought to do just that, but the gaze he threw her way stopped her from practically running from there. She dislikes being viewed like some sort of attraction, and the queasy feeling in her stomach did not help her feeling better. To top it all, the rain had stopped altogether by the time she reached her dorm. Frankly, that was the first time she cursed her goody two shoes instincts.