30 Day Monster Girl Challenge (Writing Edition)

Day 2: Centaur


"I'm gonna stomp you into dust." the runner next to Christina whispered into her ear.

The inter-school track meet brought the best of the best track and field athletes to compete for school fame and glory. This year, it was Christina's time to shine. Being a Centaur, she was naturally quick and agile, making her perfect for long distance running. However, other schools had the same exact idea and placed other Centaurs in the women's 1500 meter.

Determined to win at all costs, Christina went to extreme lengths to condition her body to running perfection. Her tail was cut to a measly stub, which garnered the ridicule of her family and classmates. She didn't care. All she needed to do was run forward. Every day, she would brush her coat nice and smooth to make her horse body as aerodynamic as possible. Her actual hair was cut short as well. Every morning it was a two mile jog before classes. During practice, she pushed herself harder and harder. Everything for this moment.

Christina stretched her legs and molded her hooves to the turf. "You're ready girl, you're ready for this!" she thought to herself.

"Runners ready!" yelled the referee to the competitors. Ten Centaurs stepped up to their respective starting lines. "Set!" The runners bent their two hind legs and dug their hooves to get the biggest start possible.

"Bang!" sounded the starter pistol. And as fast as the pistol went off, so did Christina. With the utmost force, she jumped at least a meter into the air before starting her gallop.

"Faster, faster!"

The power in Christina's legs resonated throughout her body. From her hands to her hooves, every motion was in sync. The runner's hooves strike like thunder and lighting on the turf from the sheer impact she caused. 1500 meters was nothing, it was the other runners she had to worry about.

The Centaur that challenged her slowly trotted up to her pace, only trailing behind by half a meter. Her eyes were on fire. A fire that raged deep and violent. A fire that dared to challenge Christina. A fire that set them both ablaze with the heat of battle and rivalry. The cheers from the crowd were mute to them. Christina looked back and her. And her to Christina. The wind around them cooled as their icy glares penetrated each other's gazes.

As fast as Christina galloped, the other Centaur was faster. At around the 500 meter mark, her rival began to pull ahead. The field was in full blast, excited to witness a real competition before their very eyes. Christina clenched her teeth and fought back tears. All her hard work, all her training. To be beaten so easy? With what energy she had reserved for the rest of the race, she pulled herself together to go toe to toe with the enemy. Her chest hurt. Her body ached. Her hooves screamed. Sweat rained down like it was a storm and her heavy breathing created the clouds.

"It hurts."

So much pain. Even her marathon runs weren't as bad as the pain she felt then.

"But this is fine."

She never felt as good in her life. Her stub of a tail flicked in glee. Running wasn't pain. Pain was pain. Running was another type of pain. To Christina the Centaur, running was free.

The crowd shook the field as the last 200 meters came to view. Faster and faster the two Centaurs pushed each other. When one took the lead, the other would run harder. Gallop was no longer a viable word to describe the pace. Despite their large stature, their bodies were blurs in the speed.

150 meters left.

Christina's heart rate accelerated. In front of her laid the finish.

100 meters left.

Her legs no longer ran, the flew into the air with each step.

50 meters left.

She felt as if she could no longer run, but Christina kept pushing.

25 meters left.

All for this moment.

10 meters left.

It was all for this.

5 meters left.

"This is fine." Christina thought to herself moments before the finish, "This is fine. I am happy. I am free."