City Streets

AN: When I went out to dinner tonight, the sky looked really pretty, and the streets were kinda flooded, so I thought I would write this. ^^ Oh, this is what happens when xoe gets sick, ya know? ^^;;;;

City streets
Me, driving by in my
Huge, white car…
That isn't even mine of course,
Because I don't have a license.
But I'm only rambling.
City streets
The rain has melted you away
So now,
Instead of having that dull
Asphalt tint to you
You look…
Like water
Like a lake
And I kind of like the new look on you.
City streets
The sky above you is so…
It's dusk,
Kind of pink
Kind of purple
Kind of…
And the rain clouds
Are covering up just enough of the sun
So that the tiny laces of light
Reflect on the drenched you
Like maybe you're holy
Like maybe you really are
A lake
Or an ocean.
City streets
I feel like a water
Gliding through you
Straight through you
In my huge, white car
That isn't mine.
And as I'm looking from the backseat
Through the tinted, plastic windows
At that beautiful, dusky sky
That's not quite night
And not quite day
I look at you
City streets
And see the reflections.
I feel like I'm flying
And I'm grounded
On you
City streets
But it's not so bad.
City streets
It's not so bad.