Suzuki Kouki, a teen with spiky black hair, yawned as he walked down to his little sister's room, scratching the back of his head as he opened the door. "Yuzuki, it's time for school!" He called out to her in a sleepy voice, opening his eyes to see that his younger sister was still sleeping, her near shoulder-length brunette hair falling down in front of her face. "Yu-zu-ki!" He called out once more, standing there for a moment to see if she would wake up on her own. As the moments passed by in silence, he couldn't help but to smile at her.

Guess I'll have to wake her up.

Kouki started forward, entering her room and approaching her bed; and, just for a moment, he got distracted by how peaceful she looks when she's sleeping. All it took was that one moment for his foot to overstep and crash into the side of the bed, his hands going up to cover his mouth as he cried out in a muffled voice. When he looked back up at the bed, Yuzuki was sitting straight up in it, staring at him with a trance-like look in her eyes.

"Yu...Yuzuki..." Kouki muttered, a slight edge of fear in his voice as he took a step back.
"Onii-chan..." She muttered softly, her eyes glancing down at his foot. "You're in... pain."
"N-no... I'm-"

Her bare feet touched down onto the floor, Yuzuki getting out of bed and stepping up to her brother with that look still in her eyes. "Onii-chan..." She muttered, her voice sounding just as distant as her eyes looked. She stopped in front of him, looking into his emerald eyes with her own red ones. Kouki took a gulp, knowing what was coming as she leaned forward, baring her teeth.


A Little Bit Later

"I-I'm sorry, Onii-chan..." Yuzuki said in her soft voice, her cheeks red with embarrassment as Kouki pulled on his school jacket, a bite mark on his left hand from where she had sunk her teeth in him while she had been in her trance.

"It's alright, you didn't even draw any blood this time." Kouki told her, not caring to button the jacket as he looked back at his sister. Yuzuki has a certain... condition; whenever she sees someone in pain, she gets the urge to... inflict pain. The urge comes over her against her will and puts her into a sort of trance where she then proceeds to, say, bite (in particularly, him). Putting it another way, she has 'sadistic' tendencies and subconsciously finds pleasure in the pain of others; her body, to satisfy her subconscious pleasure, places her into a trance-like state where she then... satisfies herself.

In short, Yuzuki goes into a trance when she sees pain and then inflicts pain until her unrecognized desire is satisfied; and she does all of that without meaning to. She doesn't forget what she does in her trance, though, so it's often embarrassing for her when she snaps out of it. But, despite all of the unwelcomed assaults she has launched on him day after day for eleven straight years (her condition started when he was five and she four), Kouki still adores her as his precious little sister, even with his low tolerance for pain...

"Let's get going to school, Yuzuki." He said with a bright smile on his face, his sister returning it with a warm smile of her own. He turned around, and just as he started to head for the door, he ended up bumping his leg on the side of a table. He stifled a cry of pain, only for the hair on his arms to start standing up as red eyes bore into him from behind.


Kouki slowly turned his head to look back at him, Yuzuki walking up to him with that warm smile of hers gone, replaced by the look she always gets on her face whenever she's in her trance.


Yuzuki's mouth opened up, her sharp teeth becoming visible for a moment before they found something to bite down on, something that cried out in pain as her teeth broke through the skin.

Class 2-A

Kano Akane, a girl with forest-green chin-length hair and dark red eyes, was staring out of the window in her seat on the back row when she noticed Kouki sitting down in his seat. Munching on a pocky, she turned to face him. "Hey, Kou, it took you-" She blinked when he looked back at her, the girl catching sight of bite marks on both of his hands. "Cats really don't like you, Kou, do they?"

One good thing is that nobody in school knows of Yuzuki's condition, and so Kouki has been able to make his friends believe that the bite marks he always has on him come from cats... big cats. Unfortunately, he doesn't know how long he'll be able to keep that up. After all, high school just started for Yuzuki, so it's only a matter of time before they find out that he's his little sister's chew-toy.

Then there's no telling what will happen.

"Yeah, cats just don't like me for some reason."

Meanwhile, in Class 1-A, Yuzuki was running her finger over her teeth.

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