In a strange little cottage situated by the sea,

Lived a nice little family, a family of three.

A mummy, a daddy and pup did reside,

Growing up ever a stronger, he filled them with pride.

There was a secret, however, that papa wolf didn't know,

Mumma wolf hid this secret, with pup kept in toe.

Half man was the puppy, growing stronger each day,

He'd have told papa wolf, if a pup had his way.

Keep in form, mumma wold tell him, with a scrunch of her nose,

As he turned big and hairy, and hid human toes.

A lonely storm had separated mumma one night, from her dearest partner wolf,

Who, both, felt the fright.

Days and nights passed without so much as a howl,

But mumma wolf had found warmth and shelter abound.

With humans she slept, inside from the snow,

With ruffles and pants, puppa wolf needn't know.

But once returned to her home, it was merely two moons,

Before mumma wolf feared her pregnant stomach would bloom.

And with pants and with ruffles another night passed,

This time with puppa wolf, to have a pup together at last.

Moons came and went, as her stomach did grow,

When until that night of promise, tears and blood did flow.

A puppy was born, but not just pup was he,

Half human from secret nights with human company.

Growing up did the pup experimented with forms,

Not sticking to one, he did not conform.

Mumma wolf nuzzled her pup, "papa wolf not understand"

The pup cried silently, looking at his human hand.

Seven years have passed since that night of quiet fears,

Not knowing not showing, papa human limbs.

A man entered the cottage, one night in the cold.

"Look papa wolf, look and behold"

Papa wolf growled and mumma was stunned,

She quickly explained, "my dear, it's our son"

"No son of mine has a vertical spine,

You're an abomination, unnatural you're swine,"

"I can change," said the pup, somewhere between howls and words,

But papa wolf just growled, spitting and snarling, scaring away local birds.

With a jump and a stagger, young pup was no more.

Just a stain on the cottage, on that unforgiving cottage floor.