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A boy with brilliant red hair made his way to his daily lessons, sneaking into the door of the academy. " Rin you're late again." shouted an elder man from across the room. " I'm sorry master Sarutobi I lost track of time again." Pleaded the red haired boy Rin." Very well Rin hurry up and get ready we must move if we are to start your training exercise today. Meet me by the river" master Sarutobi explained. "Yes sir!" Exclaimed Rin in his mind thinking ' Yes I am finally going to test my skills with a blade against master, and maybe I'll have a chance to show off my new technique in the process.' Rin changed fast scurrying deep into the forest following the path which led towards their villages only source of fresh water.

With the arrival of Rin, Master Sarutobi began explaining " Today Rin I will not allow you to head back to the town until you know my blade out of my hand. You seem to always be slacking off, and during these time the great magic war is pushing closer to the borders of our village. I must know if the time comes you are able to defend yourself." Rin retorted back however " What is the rush old man I doubt they would get past the forest fog this soon. I have been dying to show you my technique I have been working on outside of lesson apparently while slacking although." Rin unsheathed his sword and wind enveloped his sword. Rin recently learned how to invoke magic into his blade which caused the wind to act in such manner. Master Sarutobi was astonished by the show " Rin how long have you know that devils curse?" Replying after gathering his composer." I guess since the releasing of that stone everyone talks about since the war master?" Rin asked puzzled. "Nothing Run but prepare to defend yourself I wish you would have hidden this fact from me. I can not allow a magic using student of mine to live. Your kind is a disgrace to the stability of world power." Sarutobi answered in anger.

Rin barely had time to parry master Sarutobi's blade as he lunged towards him in full swing with a clear intent to kill. The skill level between him and his master was quite formidable, and Rin knew he would be lucky to escape with his life. The clashing of their swords broke the silence of the forest. Sparks began flying off the blades as they ground against each other. Each swing and clash Rin's strength waivered. Rin knew he would not last much longer, and no matter how much magic he used at his skill level it only acted as a cool effect. He suddenly felt sharp pain on his cheek realizing his masters blade grazed across the side of his face. Crimson blood began to flow down his cheek and dripping onto the ground. Rin lifted his sword to block the next swing, but his sword was knocked out of his grip while being nicked by the point of Sarutobi's sword.

Left Defenseless Rin retreated back into a tree forced to endure the slashing of Sarutobi's sword against his flesh. Eventually subcombing to the blood lose passing out. A loud explosion was heard from the direction of the village. " I will be back Rin to grant you a swift death I owe my pupil at least that much." Sarutobi said before moving toward the direction of the village.

Meanwhile at the village hell opened it's curtain revealing a war zone. Lord Darion Rivendare's force marched upon the village leaving ruin in their wake. Their long range magic user were launching spells from a distance with their close quarter magic users moving in to finish off stragglers, and those attempting to escape.

Master Sarutobi arrived on the scene all that he could see was the village in flames, and hostile forces murdering innocent villagers. Immediately he drew his sword tossing himself into the scramble of combat with the other villagers making a final stand. One buy one each of the villagers fighting in order to buy time for others to escape began to be cut down until only

Sarutobi was left. Lord Darion joined the skirmish, and ordered his army to surround the final survivor to capture him. " Your combat prowess is quite impressive old man. Do not kill him men; I want him alive. We may be able to convince him to fight on our side!" Darion shouted, " Hurry now we must get a move on before we are intercepted."

His men followed the order he issued while a magic user casted a spell to prevent his movement in order to cage him. Moving him into a cart he was caged with other prisoners from previous village they attacked. As quick as they came they disappeared. " I'm sorry Rin I thought I would be able to return, and grant you a swift end. Looks like its up to see what fate brings you." Sarutobi thought, drifting to sleep.

Rin began to stir regaining his consciousness, getting up not believing he was still alive. Not wasting any time he stood up and moved towards the village. Recollecting his fight he was sure he was going to die; thinking to himself " How am I still alive? Why did he attack me because I knew how to use magic?" Finally arriving at the village he was greeted by the hellish scene of burnt down houses, and bodies littering the ground. Moving to where his house was located previously Rin was astonished to all that was left was the collapsed structure, ash, and a arm sticking out of the rubble. Rin felt sick from the sight he was saw, and began to pass out again from fatigue.

"Sir! There is a survivor over here and it looks as if he is in bad shape." Voice called out.

"Get him on a stretcher and move him to the medical team pronto, men. We will need to interrogate him in order to figure out what happened here." A more stern voice called back.

"Yes sir." Called out multiple voices in unison.

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