Chapter 1.

Alex Churchill was being beaten up again, for the third time this month, he has already gotten used to it, but he has never gotten used to the pain, the pain made it feel like a millennium before the beating was finished, and when it was he got up and walked home.

"Alex is that you?" Alex's mom, Julia Churchill asked

"Yeah, what are you up to?" Alex asked

"I am cooking dinner" Julia answered "We are having Spaghetti and Meatballs" she mentioned

"Alright, I'm going to Jackson's" Alex stated

"Be home by six thirty" Julia said and Alex walked out.

When Alex knocked on Jackson's door he was tackled to the ground and looked up to see Jackson smiling and asked

"You hungry?"

"Yeah fathead, I'm starving "Alex answered

"You call me fat" Jackson sniggered

"No I called you 'fathead' there is a difference" and they walked inside. When they both made a salad sandwich they walked into Jackson's room and turned on the XBOX 360 and started to play Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

"What classes do we have tomorrow I have a free period, History, Chemistry and then English, I have no idea what you have, sorry" Alex explained

"It's okay I don't really want to go anyway" Jackson said

"Why not?" Alex asked

"Basket-ball try outs, and I'm not interested in making an idiot of myself again"

"Then don't try out" Alex stated

"I only do it to make sure you don't get beaten up" Jackson told him

"I never asked you to do that" Alex argued

"You don't have too, I do it because you are a walking target, and you get beaten up every day" Jackson tells Alex

"I think I want to go home" and Alex stalked out the door.

Alex was fuming, he was angry with his best friend "what kind of friend tells you that you're a target" Alex thought. As Alex checked his phone he realized that he was going to be late and decided to take the shortcut through the park.

Halfway through the park, Alex saw blood drops on the pavement and as he followed the blood he walked around a bush and saw Jackson lying in a pool of blood with bites and scratches all over him and as he turned to get help he was face to face with a wolf and without a second thought, Alex ran.

Alex knew he couldn't out run the wolf but he figured he could get out into the open and call for help before he was caught and inevitably killed. As he reached the gate of the park the wolf leapt onto him and without a second thought it bit Alex on the shoulder and ran straight into the darkness.

When Alex got up he finally walked slowly back into the park and picked up Jackson's body and slowly walked toward the hospital.