Chapter 3.

That night Alex was on his computer writing a report and remembering all the good times with Jackson when he checked his phone he noticed that tonight was the full moon. As Alex closed his computer screen the moon broke from the clouds and he felt intense pain in his head

"AHHHHH" as Alex stumbled to the bathroom he turned on the shower and didn't even take off his clothes and dived into the shower, but the pain didn't recede in fact the pain got worse in the back of his eyes, he tumbled out of the shower and looked into the mirror and instead of his normal green eyes, they were a cold, steel blue and they were glowing, then a sharp pain grew in his mouth and as he opened his mouth he realized that his canines had grown a few centimeters to a sharp point, he grew claws and his arms grew hair. Alex jumped out the window and howled into the sky.

As Alex ran deep into the woods he could smell something similar to himself and that is when he was tackled down the hill and when he got up he started swiping at the unknown figure and when he connected there was a loud roar and Alex was kicked into a tree.

"Calm down kid" A deep voice told Alex in a warning voice Alex looked up and realized that he felt normal again

"What am I, what have you done to me" Alex accused

"I haven't done anything to you, you've been bitten by an Alpha werewolf" the voice explained

"A w-w-werewolf" Alex stammered "Hey who are you, come out" and as soon as Alex asked the question a man with short brown hair that was spiked to a point that poked out the front of his head melted from the shadows and his eyes went from brown to a dark, dead black and then back to brown. All of a sudden reality crashed onto Alex like a tsunami and he realized that The Alpha had killed his best friend and turned him into a monster. As if he could read Alex's mind the older werewolf said

"I'm sorry about your friend, the Alpha must have been a new werewolf who happened to have killed an Alpha while under the influence of the full moon, because the sheer brutality of the kill was too much for a werewolf who could control his shift" The older werewolf explained

"If he was new, why am I still alive" Alex asked

"He must have gained some control and realized that he needed a pack" the older werewolf said and as the werewolf turned Alex asked

"What is your name?"

"My name is Sam Brill" and with that Sam bounded into the night, leaving Alex taking in all of this information.