"And from mindless things looking towards the stars in awe, we went; becoming masters of the Universe itself."

I had gained awareness not long ago. Awareness of myself, my surroundings, and this dire situation I found myself in. This empty world, not void of life or vegetation, but of knowledge. Not one being was fortunate enough to be able to see what was beyond their own five senses. This implication was not without evidence, of course. When I had not been attempting to survive, I had my own enjoyment in my free time. There was this large insect miles from my cave, beneath a series of large oak grove, that burrowed itself into the Earth for its own protection. The burrow was its sanctum and home, from previous watching's. My interests sparked when I observed it dragging a praying mantis back to its burrow, and the insect going inside the hole to prepare storage space for the dead mantis. The mantis was left outside its burrow as the insect arranged the inside. So, while it was prepping, I promptly moved the mantis to the opposite side of the burrow, and stood back a distance. When this beast arose from his primitive home, he seemed confuses, at first. Halted. As if his own brain was consulting itself in this situation. And then, with the flicker of the stars, he looked behind his self, grabbed the praying mantis, drug it to the opposite side, and went back into its home to prepare room for it. Almost if it had completely forgotten that he had hunted this insect.

"Life," I said to myself.

"Intelligent life will never evolve here. Not without help."

That insect was not capable of comprehending its own burrow, much less capable of understanding something as vast as the world, or galaxy, or universe, for that matter.

And simply, that is where I had come into play. Like some act, or will, of a god, I arose into Sentience. Completely aware of my thoughts, feelings, and situations. I could not yet vocalize what I needed to vocalize, as I had no intelligible language to speak within, like a love struck mute, unable to convey his feelings.

This begins truly at my nomadial home, I had broken away from my group in search of entertainment; and with a blinding flash, came a meteorite from above. I tracked it out of pure instinct, but this was not a meteor of any kind. Perfectly dimensional, around three feet in height, symmetrical. Light bent around around this eldritch thing, almost incomprehensibly so. And when I felt its smooth surface, unscorched by it's atmospheric entry. I felt something within myself. My mind began to alter, consciousness flooding into my brain; and there was only one thought, in a language I could not comprehend, that had been installed within the empty library that was my brain, ripe for new knowledge;

"Transition Complete."

And I understood it.