I apologize if I do not work on one of my other stories, I am writing multiple at the same time. Enjoy.

On the second story window, I sat looking out into the great Forrest. What was in this Forrest, was unknown to me or the residents of this town. They kept what was inside from us, the Authorities did. I, however, was not bothered by the warnings of the local law enforcement. I just hadn't had the courage to leave the shelter of my home to venture out in the wilderness. Occasionally, however, I'd find myself, just like I am now, looking out my bedroom window, leaning against the frame, and staring out into the tall grass and thick trees that lead into it. I was determined to seek out something. See, ever single night, at the exact time of 3:10 AM, I heard a call. It was of such an incomprehensible sound... that of which no man or animal could replicate for their own. I created many theories revolving around this calling, some of which I shan't repeat. The noise was like that of a deep hum, booming out from the heart of the woodlands. Quiet and vibrant. It's all I can make of it, as; for, it is still extremely indescribable. But none the less, it still hums such a sweet tune that I can't shake from my ears.

"Next morning," I thought.

"Next morning, I'll travel into the forest... unlock it's secrets."

And so, I stared without purpose, into the great wilderness beyond my window. What being that call to me, what purpose does it have? Unto what purpose was entering Everfree condemned? Such reasons would be known to me, within the next hours.

I awoke next morning, dabbling down the wooden stairs to the kitchen, shining bright from the irradiating sun outside.

"Morning Alexis," my father stated. "How'd you sleep?" He continued to hover over a pan of cooking eggs, stirring the poultry with a spatula. My father was always an excellent cook, ever since I was a younger girl, I would always look forward to the mornings, because he would always prepare such magnificent dishes and meals.

"Not well." I meekly replied, slumping down on the nearest chair.

"Why's that?"

I don't know why I had said anything in the first place; simply stating 'find,' 'good,' or 'well' would also have been acceptable answers.

"Oh, well I'm feeling kind of-"

"I know what you're thinking."

He stopped in his place, turning off the burner and carrying our breakfest onto two plates for us.

"There's a reason that place is closed off." He said, handing me my share of the eggs.

And if there was anything else my father was great at, it was being able to tell you what you were secretly hiding.

"Yes, I know that. But why is it?"

He didn't answer, simply telling me to sit and eat my eggs. Of course, though. With him, there is no room for discussion or debate. Only 'because I had said so.' He probably would have made a better case if he at least said something along the line of 'because there are dangerous animals in there,' but he didn't. So therefore, the forest is free game, for exploration. But it would have to be later this night, when the shade of darkness layered the land, which would be suitable camoflauge for trekking what was deep in the Forrest. Or what wasn't. I, at the same time, had fantastical and exaggerated doubts and thoughts of what was, and wasn't in Everfree.

When we finished our course, I dressed properly for school and headed down the dirt path, from my house, which was just a farmhouse in ruin, deep in the country with just bare remnants of electricity. The only thing we actually used it for, however, was for the kitchen light that hung above our table on a wire, with a switch on the kitchen wall to flick on and off, that switch.

Down the dirt road, sun peaking just over the western tree lines, did I walk. Farther and farther until I came to what my destination was: a school with only one classroom within it. And already now, children began to gather st the gates, waiting for the teachers to come from their homes and perform their duties.

But even they could not teach obedience.