Take a child.

Take a child and tell them they can be anything and anyone they want. Tell them they can be can astronaut-actor-cop-artist who also saves animals, puts out fires, and puts on rock shows at the end of the day. Laugh at their jokes and smile at their silliness-kids will be kids, right?

Let them grow up with a mother, a father, and a sister. Give them sandwiches cut into four and let them watch game shows with you at night. Teach them how to ride a bike and catch a ball, show them what a car looks on the inside and answer all of their questions no matter how ridiculous.

Let them cry on your lap when their first pet dies, kiss their head and tell them that they'll be okay. Tell them that they'll see it again someday.

Tell them you love them everyday, give them kisses and hugs and words of encouragement. Never let them see you struggle, cry, and break.

Take a child and nurture them.

Never let them know any different.

Let them be confused by their friends with bruises, let them be confused by their friends who are left home alone with their siblings through the night, let them be confused by their friends who don't get their sandwiches cut into four and don't watch game shows with their parents late at night and whose questions are never answered.

Then, as the child turns into a teenager, take it all away and watch how everything slowly falls apart.

Tell them they'll never be who they want to be, only who society needs them to be. Tell them their dreams need to be put to the side and force them into jobs that they'll dreadfully go into each and every morning. Stop laughing at their jokes and stop smiling at their silliness-they're almost adults now, they should be acting like one.

They'll learn not to ask questions fast because after a fourth one in school, the teacher rolls their eyes and limits questions to three a class. When their second pet dies, let them cry in their room alone curled up in their bed. Say you love them once in awhile, let them forget it time and time again.

Only hug them during important events.

Let them see your smile falter. Let them see you cry when the bills are too high and let them see you break down when you've lost your job because it's time to stop sheltering them. Stop watching game shows with them and cutting their sandwiches into four-that's how dependent adults are made.

Take a teenager and mold them to how society wants them.

Don't ever let them question this.

Watch their eyes stop shining, their humor fading, and them forcing smile.

Watch them start hating their lives and becoming exactly who society wants them to be.

It is best, after all...

isn't it?