I was your woman.

But you threw me away.

I was your custom made love slave, do anything for you little fool.

But that was yesterday.

It doesn't take much to lose the trust of a woman whom you claim to love.

The slightest hint of infidelity and she'll start to wonder where she went wrong.

What did she do to force you to be unfaithful.

Was it even her fault at all?

Or were you just not capable of being able to stay true?

There are many possibilities, and many excuses a man can throw out their for why.

Why they decided to shatter ones heart.

Why they decided to turn ones life upside down.

No matter how minuscule anything you do to hurt them is; it rips their hearts and their souls wide open.

Showing the cracks they promised to never show to the world.

But because of you they did.

They had no choice.

The pain you inflicted was so unbearable they just couldn't hide it.

Your lies and deception made them lose faith all the rest of man kind wondering why you, of all people could be so cold, so cruel.

Trust is hard to gain.

But it can be extinguished in the single click of a finger.

And you may never, ever be able to get it back.

No matter how hard you try, no matter how many times you unsuccessfully say that you're sorry; it can never be the same again.

Of course, you can try to go on as if things never changed, but how long until she just can't take it anymore?

How long until she becomes a shell of herself because of what you did to her?

How long until she decides she's had enough of playing your games and just wants out?

How long until you lose her for good?

As they say, actions speak louder than words; you can always forgive actions, but it doesn't necessarily mean that you can forget them.

The life you both built can be shattered with one unsavoury act of your own stupidity.

Just like that.

It's gone.

Something you believed would never be possible.


Just like that.

No matter how long to scrape and claw at it to keep it within your grasp; it'll disappear without a trace.

But, unlike you.

One day, she'll get better.

It'll hurt at first; she'll cry for what feels like an eternity until she just can't cry anymore and she's managed to fall asleep; just for the tears to continue when she awakes.

Could you live with that?

The physical anguish she'll have to go through; all because of you?

How long till it starts eating away at you while she slowly starts to move on, and get over what you had with her.

She'll be happy without you.

It may not be today, or tomorrow; but one day - she will be happy.

And it won't be you that is the reason behind it.

Instead, you'll be the one who's questioning themselves.


Why did you do what you did?

Why did you throw it all away?

Was it even worth it?

You start to become what she was when you first shattered her heart into a million, tiny little pieces.

You eventually become a shell of yourself wile she slowly repairs her heart so she can hopefully love again without having what you did weigh her down like it had for so long.

What happens when you see her happy again?

Do you talk to her?


Do you try contact her in any way?


Do you try attempting to fix things?


Because it will never be the same.

No matter how hard you try.

You sealed your own fate.

Your ego got the better of you; your pride took over.

You, ruined your own mental health.

How are you supposed to get over it while she's happy and you're the miserable one?

You dwell.

You regret.

You resent yourself for being so cold-hearted.

And then you realise, you ruined you're own capabilities.

You'll never forget how things ended, they'll forever be imprinted in the back of your mind.

Every time you try to love again they haunt you.

And that's all you deserve.

While you sit here, suffering; she's out there creating a new life for herself.

Without all the hurt.

Without all the pain.

Without all the heartache.

And most importantly, without you.