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The Beginning

"Anything that stands out?" I asked Frank, my partner.

"With your standards? No. But with mine? A LOT." He answered.

We were exploring an ancient pyramid, a temple, buried deep beneath Mexico and USA. Yes, it's a little too big, but we were in the verge of discovering something that would make history. Something greater in value than that of the temple itself. Something that changed our lives forever.

"These writings, stone carvings, wall paintings, they're unlike anything we've ever seen!"

"Not really, Frank. They could've been put there by anybody, the Aztecs, Indians, British, Columbus, Magellan, anyone. With the number of broken swords and sandals we've seen those are very plausible."

"Mike, your theory of a superior civilisation that came before us is completely insane! It's just impossible! That stone you hold in your hand, that could have come from anywhere, too!"

"Carbon dating shows it's only two decades old, but for this particular mineral, it takes thousands of years to create, and in vey extreme conditions. And we found it in a place last visited seven thousand years ago. You know in your gut that this is very special."

That small rock I held was, indeed, special. We uncovered it in a temple exactly like this under Toronto, Canada. It was in the middle of a very big and empty room about 50 meters long and wide. And I believe it's the key to something very big.

That's when we saw it.

"Mike, does this stand out?"

"Indeed, it does."

There was a magnificent machine in the middle of the room, a room exactly like the one under Canada. The machine was made of stone, full of gears, but has no wires at all, though there's a big metal spire on top. It was INCOMPREHENSIBLE.

And at the very middle was a tab with a hole exactly the same size and shape of our special stone.

"Should I?" I asked.

"Go ahead." Frank said with a mysterious grin.

After I put it in, the tab started moving toward the center of the machine, and th gears started moving. A bolt of lightning shot through the sky to the metal spire and the temple started shaking. The gears started moving faster.

There was a blinding light.

Then everything went BLACK.

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