The mountain's calling, oh wild soul,
its breeze a heartfelt song of life.
The river's weeping, oh silent voice,
its flowing waters a cry of pain.

Is the wind your breath, so pure and clean,
a gust of laughter your pulse of life?
Are the running waters your tears of sorrow,
your cheeks the rocks of the riverbank?

The stars are watching the world below,
tell me, child, are they your eyes?
The moon is flashing, dull then bright,
tell me now, is it your heart?

The sky is calling, oh wingless one,
will you dare try take flight?
The earth is singing, oh soundless one,
will you try to sing along?

Tell me, oh fabled one,
is your tale so secret you do not speak?
Tell me, oh breathless one,
are you so great that the wind's your voice?

The sun is calling, dear shining soul,
a bright glow so golden it's black.
The trees are speaking, dear whispered heart,
a tongue so foreign it sounds like music.

If you belong to the sky why can't you fly,
if you belong to the earth what's holding you here?
Are you the birds in the sun or the seeds in the dirt,
tell me, where do you belong?

The heavens are calling, my fallen angel,
but their gates are shedding golden tears.
The leaves are clinging, my flightless bird,
clinging to all your timeless years.

Skies and oceans, mountains and fields,
all fight for you, my dear.
Fire and laughter, a song in the air,
tell me, love, are you even real?