My Friend

My very closest friend

Who will be with me in the end?

He walks beside me every day

Watching as I make my way

Through the paths of life.

He holds my hand on slippery slope

He tells me there really is no hope

Because in the very end

He is my only friend

He tells me no lies.

As I struggle I wonder why

I put off the day that I

Will surrender to his embrace

And let him take me to that place

Where no more I will cry.

I should just surrender now

To his power I should bow

Drop my shield give up the fight

I think that's what would be right

For me to surrender and die.

In death I will find my peace

In death I will find sweet release.

For he is my one true friend

The one who stands with me in the end

Of my useless wasted life.

The depths of my longing are real

And I cannot help but feel

As I seek his face each day I live

I know in my heart that he will give

Me the lasting release from strife.

Yes, death is the friend I love so much

His embrace, his loving touch

Are what I long for every day

Oh sweet death, take me away

Forever in your arms to lie.