Loneliness came to call one day,

Rang the doorbell proper and everything

He swept off his bowler hat black off his head

And said: "It's a pleasure to meet you, m'dear."

To which I frowned and said: "I've known you, Sir."


Loneliness came to call one day

We sat down for tea like two old friends

He poured with his left and drank with his right.

He reminded me of you and I told him such.

To which he replied: "That's my purpose, Darling."


Loneliness came to call one day

He sat patiently and uselessly as I put my heart on my sleeve;

I sobbed my loss until my eyes ran dry.

"Shouldn't you help me?" I demanded.

To which he sighed, "I'm Loneliness. I don't know how."


Loneliness came to call one day

He made it in time for lunch

We laughed over fond memories and pushed the bad away.

"Is the pang supposed to dull so?" I inquired.

To which he smiled. "One day you'll never see me again."


Loneliness forgot to come to call one day

I awaited his arrival for sometime

Wondering why my faithful companion choose to stay away

But then I smiled, moved on with my day,

And went to call on my new neighbor.