AN: Hey guys waveart1991 here bringing you the Cyberverse character book, This is not as much a story but more of an insight into various characters that have and will appear in the Cyberverse chronicles. This will also include stories and events that didn't happen within the story, (don't worry though as they will not effect the main story line, like filler if you will).

So please enjoy.

EDIT: I forgot to add the named attacks, in the characters move pool.

Name: Sparcky.

Age: 19.

Eye Color: Blue.

Favorite color: Blue/Green.

Hairy Style: brown messy hair.

Clothing Style: Deep blue zip up hoodie, Tattered hemmed baggy jeans with holes in the knees, Black T-shirt and navy blue pumps.

Musical Preference: All sorts, mostly alternative.

Likes: Sweets, insects, nature and friends.

Dislikes: Betrayal, being angry, Corona, Ravage and the CPS.

Character Theme: Owl City- Fire Flies.


Power Sphere- A sphere of electrical energy.

Wrath of Zeus- A high powered torrent of electricity flowing from Sparcky's hands.

ElekiBoost- Sparcky concentrates his energy into his legs giving him a big speed boost.

Jolt- A small electrical discharge, usually used for pranking random people.

Final Form signature move:

Electro Pulse- A EMP pulse is blasted at the opponent heavily damaging them and can cause momentarily paralysis. (most effective against mechanical enemies).

Other Information:

Sparcky is a happy go lucky man boy, who enjoys life.

He's energetic, smart (but he doesn't show it), sensitive, innocent but not completely oblivious.

Sparcky is almost completely obsessed with the colour blue.

He loves cats and once took care of an injured kitten.

AN: So here ends the first character Profile, one thing i forgot to mention before is that this is a side project while I get the main story up to scratch, (y'know hiatus and all).

With nothing else left to say, waveart1991 signing out.