This is my first fable story for Fiction Press, I hope some of you would at least review what you think when the story is over. Thanks!

Many years ago, there was an old aged man who spend most of his life with his cat. Ever since his wife died, he had taken care of his cat and did everything with it.

Most people thought that the man had lost his mind by just hanging out with the cat. But truth was that the man had a deep bound towards the cat.

One day, when the man was siting outside with his cat underneath his favourite walnut tree, he spoke out. "Of all these fine summer days, what would you do?" he asked as the cat turned his head and spoke.

"With you of course, my humble master," he mewed and the old man smiled. When it was time to go inside, the man poured some cream for the cat.

The cat purred thankfully and began licking up its milk.

Fall soon came and the man went walking with his pet cat though the forest. When they had stopped to rest at a fallen log, the man spoke a question to the cat again.

"Why do like me so much, dear cat? Is it because I gave you cream for when you were good?" the man asked and the cat looked up at him again.

"Not only because of the cream, but I'm glad that you are my master," the cat purred and then the man smiled.

Winter soon came, but both grew gray with age. The man now had dark gray hair while his cat was getting a gray muzzle.

The man's son came by to take care of them, but there was not much he could do. Then the next day, the old man and his cat had died peacefully in their sleep.

When the snow melted, the man's son buried the man and his cat underneath a walnut tree that they used to sit when times were hot in the summer.

The man left his father and his cat, but left a message behind to let others know that this was a resting place for a man and his cat that both had deep bonds until the end.