We are the Guardians, and we protect everything.

I was taken from my small fishing village when I was 4. They came to pick a new student from the youngest male children. They picked my brother. Without thinking I pushed him away and looked the leader straight in the eye.

"You will not take him. He is smaller than I." the two guards beside the Leader went to drag me away, but I didn't flinch and kept staring.

"Wait." The leader held their hand up to stop the guards. "What is your name?"

"Why? You only pick boys." They smirked.

"Take her." The guards grabbed both of my arms and took me to the carriage where some other new students had waited.

The journey to were The School was located took over a week. There were no windows in the carriage so we didn't know which direction we went.

"You will forget who you were and where you came from. From now on you are training to be guardians. To protect this country and its people." The boys were taken inside of The School, which was a large mansion settled in-between the Mountains of Giants Field, whilst the Leader kept me behind.

"You are the only girl here. Don't make them push you around." I looked up at the Leader and went to catch up with the boys. My new life started now.

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