With a deep breath, the young hero swung his sword in a wide arc toward his foe. The creature ducked down before the blade could struck avoiding it and proceeding with a strike to the hero's jaw. The hero was disoriented for a moment but immediately held his sword back up to defend.

His foe was of wooden frame yet too thin and short to be a wood golem, it wore red pointed shoes, a single pointed hat that folded down, red and black ballooned shorts and a black sleeveless open jacket over a red long sleeved tunic. But it's most prominent feature was its face, big blank eyes with black cross painted over and a stitched smile.

The young hero had come to this tower to slay a warlock that has been terrorizing a nearby village and the first battle of his noble quest was facing off this clown whom he first detected from the strange pungent smell it was giving off.

Suddenly the creature started to slowly walk towards the hero which he responded with a solid defensive stance, all senses locked on the advancing creature not even the sweat in his iron cap fazed him. It was then that the hero felt a large amount of water had dropped on him only the water didn't flow below his neck…..

In fact it was accumulating around his head, cutting off his air supply. The hero desperately struggled to remove the water but when the water stubbornly stuck no matter how much strength he used to pull or how the water appeared to be a greenish color. The hero realized it was a slime monster that had him in its grasp.

That was his last thought before death had embraced him and his body dropped on the stoned floor.

But the protagonist of our story is not dead for the young hero was not the one in the first place. The real one is none other than the one he had initially faced….The clown.