Never Alone

A man stands alone
Even among a crowd he walks alone
Forsaken by his brothers
Who spit on one another
Denying each other
Destroying a worth
And a state of mind
A man stands alone
Unable to reach strength to call to another
He suffers in silence

How often in a day
do we stand alone in pain
As people walk by without shame
They are so oblivious
To our distress
They just walk away
As a man just stands alone
Separated from his brothers
Fathers, sisters and mothers
Descending into his own pain
Oblivious in his shame
Feeling unworthy
Feeling it's not worth the effort
Standing aside in his pain and anger
Forgotten he walks away
Alone he stands in his room
Contemplating this rope held in his hands

He feels no one cares
He shouldn't exist
Like doesn't even matter
He doesn't know his worth
Or even that he is amazing
His talents and identity
Are like a fire blazing
He don't see that
He's got ones who care
Oblivious to his attempt
To throw his life away
In a his morbid reality
He sees no way
And the noose is around his neck

It doesn't seem to matter
Even in this hour
To the fact that he was created with purpose
And that there is a God who loves him
And who sees inside him
He understands the pain
It hurts him just the same
He looks at hopeless sorrow
And his heart breaks open wide

In a voice he cries out:
I love you!
You are amazing
Crafted with purpose
And an identity
You are special cause I made you
And even died for you
I believe in you
And other people do to
So stand down
There's more to life
Don't live in this strife
It's time to see what I have planned
Cause I'm a God with a plan
one to prosper
And it isn't in vain
So lift your head up
And Carry on
I've got a lot more than this emptiness
that you harbored inside
Embraced me and never be alone.