SS: A story that me and mickeycookies(from fanfiction) created for a project.

In Spain around the 1820s, a tragedy took place on one side however our story is nothing of the sort. For all we know, is that this is a tale of another...

The cheering, the raining of flowers, and the blazing red of the matador's cape. Everyone was in delight as the flamboyant Valvados waved to the crowd in an almighty stance. Showing of in every way, as a young man slowly leads the defeated bull back into the stables. His name was Draco. A stable boy going through constant routines of caring, releasing, and returning the bulls. As he sighed to himself, Draco silently remembers his dream.

To one day leave these dusty old stables and become a world-renowned bullfighter.

"I know the bulls, and the art of bullfighting. I can become the best toreador!" Draco announced to himself.

A chuckle was made. Draco tensed. It seems his boss heard him. The boss laughed as he entered the stables, "There's no way you'll become a toreador, now quit day-dreaming and get back to work!"

The stable doors slammed as Draco quietly returned the bull back.

Before leaving, Draco states to himself, "Even if my chances are slim...I won't give up."

A few days later, as Draco was cleaning out the stables. He caught a glimpse of a family who visited the day's bullfight. One in particular, had caught Draco's heart fluttering.

Señorita Maria.

However Draco could only shake such feelings away.

"Forget about her, Draco. There's no way you'll see her again," Draco reminded himself as he continued his job.

Except he was wrong.

Señorita Maria returned. Fight after fight after fight. She was always there carrying flowers in her arms. In the end, Draco could not help but fall in love.

"She's come to each and every fight," Draco thought to himself. A part of him wanted to know more about her. Her personality, her favorite flowers, and more from a distance.

Only one person stood in Draco's way. Like all the stories went, it was Valvados as usual sweeping women off their feet. Valvados has now set his eyes on catching Maria's attention.

Every time Valvados wasn't there, Draco made his way to Maria. Making a small chat along the way about the bulls, the fights, and how they were both doing. Maria didn't seem to mind. In fact she enjoyed each chat they had with each other.

At the same time, Draco takes the chance to use the arena whenever it's empty.

Practicing constantly. In order to impress Maria.

In the end, it worked. Maria noticed Draco one day while on a walk with Valvados. However Valvados recognized him.

"The stable boy," Valvados muttered to himself.

The man who often releases the bulls.

Not only that, his art in bullfighting is...spectacular.

Eventually Draco fights for a spot as a toreador. All of the practices he's done earns Draco his spot. Rising quickly to the top in both popularity and skill.

Aside from that, Maria begins to cheer him on.

Bringing a different flowers from what she used to bring.

Red Roses.

Valvados is soon consumed by his own anger upon these sudden changes.

At the end of one match, Draco gained the courage to blow a kiss Maria's way.

Maria blushed as she became secretly overjoyed.

Upon seeing this act, Valvados is enraged and challenges Draco to a duel in bullfighting.

As the competition continues, both toreadors are equally matched in skill. Unable to have enough of the never-ending ties, Valvados calls for the most wild and fearsome bull of them all.

The Beast.

The audience gasps as fear was sent down as The Beast huffed it's way out of the stable. As Valvados takes on The Beast first, only to be headbutted face first by the bull's charge. After passing out, it is up to Draco to tame it. The audience runs away in fear, except for Maria who yells at Draco to run. However Draco gathers his courage as he avoids the bull's first charge.

Running straight into The Beast's side, he jumped onto the back of the bull. The Beast continued to kick and rise up to shake Draco off, but Draco never released his grip.

The Beast could only stomp it's hooves to the ground in utter defeat. As Draco breathed, a sudden, roar of clapping commenced as he lifted his head to see the crowd. Cheering and thanking Draco. Jumping off The Beast, a crowd of buff men lead the bull back into the stables. Turning back to the crowd, one person was the only one in his vision.

Crying in joy, Maria threw one red rose into Draco's direction.

Catching it.

Draco realized he truly made his dream reality.

SS: Note that Draco's name and The Beast were initially not based on Harry Potter's Draco and The Beast in Beauty and the Beast.