'Well shit', was the young man's last thought as the ten tons of steel death machine bore down on him .

Time seemed slow as the massive vehicle careened towards the boy who was barely a few years into puberty on a warpath of unstoppable linearity,

its driver blissfully unaware of the travesty that he was about to inadvertently commit, too drunk or unconscious to steer the steel beast away from its

unwitting victim.

No one could help the boy, all were paralyzed with indecision or fear, or were too far away to do anything of any help,

as they watched what could be understated as an unusual occurrence on a bleary Monday morning. No one could do anything, except watch as a young life

ended before their eyes.

Then the equivalent of a massive steel bullet met its comparatively tiny target with a large resounding bang.

The boy felt the burst of crushing, blunt force trauma induced pain for just a short moment before he was sent flying through the air.

In an anime this would be a comical introduction of the main character as he hits multiple humor inducing obstacles on his flight path that strip each individual

piece of clothing off the main character,

exposing him to the world as highschool aged girls who just happen to be walking by squeal in embarrassment and publicly denied but privately discussed

arousal from his chiseled abs.

And right before he hits the final object that will end his drawn out forced aerial travel,

he will wish that he could at least commit some act of lust-fuelled perversion on his object of affection before hitting the last obstacle with a resounding thump

of finality followed by the hero somehow getting up after a period of indeterminate time without ascratch on his person, wounded in no area but pride before

coming to the realization of,

'Oh crap I'm going to be late for school !'

then coming to the another realization,

'Fuck I'm naked '

following of which he scrambles for a large enough plant that he can use to prevent the collective nose-bleed of the town's female population as he makes his

way home for a change of modesty inducing clothes.

But this is not that story,

this is a story of misfortune and trials and as such there is no comical introduction,

no squealing fan girls,

only a resounding 'thump' as the broken body of the young man hits a nearby lamppost with all the force that Newton can calculate and drops down onto the

tarmac lying face down as his lifeblood flows from his body.

Despite his horrific injuries, the boy was not in pain. In fact he actually just felt tired… very very tired.

He vaguely registered being hit by what felt like a wall of overwhelming, bone-crushing force.

He could not recall what had hit him, and was too damn tired to bother trying.

Surprisingly enough, even to himself,

he was still somewhat conscious despite the lapping waves of lethargy enveloping him in their soothing embrace.

But he fought on, stayed awake for a reason that eluded him, stayed conscious for a purpose that escaped him.

He turned his head to the side,

a small movement that felt like the equivalent effort of running a marathon and he with his blurred vision,

saw shapes that resembled people and the shape closest to him,

was her.

Unbeknownst to him, she was the first to rush to his side and was now crying.

She was almost hysterical, apologizing again and again to him and pleading for him to be alright between her many sobs of anguish.

The boy could not hear her, too much blood in his ears for that after all.

But seeing her or rather the vague shapes that he instinctively knew was her,

he realized the reason for his continued defiance of blissful unconsciousness,

what he was still holding on for,

the reason was her.

He tried to move his hand to caress her face but his body refused to obey and no amount of electrical signals coming from his brain could make his limbs move.

So he tried to speak and he managed a dry bloody rasp,

" hey it's alright, don't worry…"

the boy did not know why those were the words that he offered to the girl but he would not be able to question why as with those words,

he fell into the darkness,

it's embrace enveloping him like sheets of the smoothest silk,

his consciousness fading into peaceful sleep.

Thus his life was at an end and peaceful rest was his at last.




-Prologue End-

-New Game Start-

(A/N : well that's a wrap, this is the first story i have written for fictionpress , just a prologue but feel free to leave a review and let me know if you all want me to continue writing this )