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Chapter 3



The sharp pain and sensation of my flesh being sliced through forced me to take a step back.

This bitch is going down.

[Mana Bolt]

The ball of energy flew from my outstretched palm and collided with the bitch's torso, sending her flying a few metres,earning me a brief moment of respite.

I looked down at my chest to check on the wound and to my surprise, it was not there. Or rather it was as if it had never existed.

There was no blood, no tear on the fabric of the hospital gown. Strange.



[Good you can hear me. Listen you have just taken a hit, your wounds and clothes will heal and be repaired instantly, but your HP will be reduced and once it hits 0, you will go into cardiac arrest and die.]

Well isn't that comforting.

"How much Hp was taken?"

[50 HP Kazuya, you can still take a few more hits but you will die under continued assault]

" I just have to take her out first then"

First I will need info on the enemy.


Name: Faceless Nurse ; HP: 900/1000 ; MP: 0 ; Level: 10

So I will need another 9 bolts to take her down, well then come get some bitch.

I launched the 9 bolts in quick succession as it was staggering up, denying it a chance at it's prey.

It's body faded into black smoke and ichor as the last ebbs of it's life faded away.

{Enemy defeated 2000 EXP gained}, {Kazuya has gained the skill [Toughness] through his actions}, {Kazuya has leveled up}, {the skill [Mana Bolt] has risen to level 2},{ the skill [Mana Adept] has risen to level 2}, {taking the time to observe your enemy in the thick of combat has caused your wisdom and perception to increase by 1}, {[Observe] has risen to level 2} .

Well since nothing is trying to kill me now, let's see what I have gained.

([Physical Resistance]; Type: Passive ; Class: Physical ; Level: 1)

(Through taking damage Kazuya has become more resilient and sturdy.

Physical Damage Reduction: 5%)

You know a masochist would level this up pretty damn quickly... thing is I like dealing pain, not taking it.

([Mana Adept]; Type: Passive ; Class: Magic ; Level: 2)

(Allows the user to manipulate mana without the need for spells. Level of control over mana dependent on the level of the skill. Magic damage bonus: ((20 + (level – 1) * 5)%)

MP regen bonus: ((Level) MP/Min)

MP bonus: (level * 50))

([Mana Bolt] Type: Active Class: Magic Mp cost: 4 Level: 2 EXP: 0.00%)

(A basic magic attack, consisting of a bolt of mana fired from the palm.

Magic Damage Bonus: (5%))

[Status], well time to level up

Name: Kazuya Minegishi

Age: 17

Level: 3

Race: Human

Occupation: nil

Status : Normal

Title : nil

Hp: 315/315

Mp: 482.5/482.5

MP Regen: 4MP/Min

Exp: 0/3000

[Strength] : 12

[Vitality] : 11

[Dexterity] : 10

[Perception] : 11

[Intelligence] : 15

[Charisma] : 10

[Wisdom] : 13

[Luck]: 10

Points to allocate: 5

It seems that Leveling up refills your HP and MP. Since I am going to be using magic more often, I will go all in to intelligence.

Name: Kazuya Minegishi

Age: 17

Level: 3

Race: Human

Occupation: nil

Status : Normal

Title : nil

Hp: 315/315

Mp: 557.5/557.5

MP Regen: 4MP/Min

Exp: 0/3000

[Strength] : 12

[Vitality] : 11

[Dexterity] : 10

[Perception] : 11

[Intelligence] : 20

[Charisma] : 10

[Wisdom] : 13

[Luck]: 10

Points to allocate: 0

Ah the rush of power flowing into me, never gets old. I hope there aren't any more enemies.

"Pixie, any more of them?"

[Yes, alot of them in fact, this whole floor is an illusion dungeon]

"What the hell is an illusion dungeon ? "

[It... It's like an alternate dimension that people with abilities like yours gain access to, some of them are created by other beings while others are formed naturally. Regardless of the source, you seem to have stumbled into one of them. ]

"...And why are there monsters in here? "

[These monsters are formed from ambient mana, and come into being because of negative emotions or the sins of the people ,prevelant in the area or are spirits drawn by the Karmatic flux, they might also be vengeful ghosts of the deceased that are unable to pass on. The form they take is dependant on the events that have transpired in the area]

So... hospital setting = faceless nurse moster ... that sounds absolutely ridiculous if not for the fact that I just got attacked by said faceless nurse monster.

"Ok Pixie, I'll go along with this. Is there a way to escape from this place ? ." Please God please.

[You can leave using [Escape] but...]

"But what ?"

{New Quest received !}


{Quest: First dungeon Battle}

{Complete requirements: 1/10 Faceless Nurse Killed

0/40 Zombie Killed

0/10 Revenants Killed

0/10 Mutated test subject Killed

0/1 area boss killed

Bonus Objective: Rescue patient in room #434

Success: 60000 EXP, 50000 Yen, [Bonus Reward]

Failure : Death of patient in #434}

[I detected a signature of a human being in the illusion dungeon, if you use [Escape], you will fail the quest, and they will die]

Oh fuck... it's not just my life anymore is it? The pragmatic option would be to run and live to fight another day but someone will die if I do that... it's not as if I know them nor will it have any effect on me...

Ah fuck it.

"Pixie, I'm going to try and find room #434 can you help point me in the right direction ? "

Time to play fucking hero.

[Room # 434 is on the opposite end of this floor, the corridors that lead to the room are filled with monsters though the path itself is pretty straightforward.]

"So, I'm running through a gauntlet of supernatural creatures then."

[Yes... you don't have to do this Kazuya, you're barely out a coma. Nobody would think anyless of you if you were to retreat.]

If she was trying to dissuade me, she isn't doing a very good job.

"No way in hell."

[Well... I tried.] Pixie sighed in exasperation. [Just remember that the option is always open Kazuya.]

"Noted Pixie," I looked at the darkened corridor ahead, it's 70 denizens lurking in wait to feast upon my flesh. "time to go."

I broke into a run, trying to cover as much distance as I could but couldn't get very far before I came across a group of 'them'.

It was a group of 12.

2 of them in the shape of a bad caricature of the human form, twisted and malformed with gaping mouths and deep black pits for eyes. They were floating and seemed... almost ethereal in nature compared to the nurse from before.


(Name: Revenant ; Type: Undead ; HP: 900/900 ; MP: 1000/1000 Level: 10)

They have Mp, I assume that means that they have magical capability.

Another 2 were the ones that looked almost alive, but yet they felt off, they were dressed in what looked like a torn straight jacket, their hands had metallic claws strapped... no welded to them, the divide between flesh and blackened iron was practically non existant, melded together in an unholy combination. On their head was a wierd headpiece that digged into it's skull and the base of it's neck, it also shielded the creatures eyes with goggles that gleamed a baleful green. Their lips were torn wide open with leather straps to make space for the metal implants that replaced their teeth.


(Name: Mutant Test Subject; Type: Meta-Human ; HP 700/700 ; MP: 0 ; level: 8)

The rest looked like well... zombies. Their skin, mottled and decaying was tinged an unhealthy colour. They were dressed in hospital gowns that came down to their knees. They had a vacant, hungry look upon their faces. Despite the decay on their bodies,they moved surprisingly fast. As if all the restraints on their bodies had been undone.


(Name: Zombie ; Type: Undead ; Hp: 400/400 ; MP:0 ; level: 5)

{[Observe] is now level 2}

No time for that.

So revenants, zombies and mutated test subjects... and a sizeable group of them. It seems that taken notice of me . Shit they're coming.

The zombies seemed almost delighted at prospect of prey to devour. They ran towards me full tiller, the look of pure hunger etched across their decaying faces.

I stretched my hand out in preparation of casting a [Mana Bolt], then I stopped. Wait... isn't this far too inefficient, if I can only cast one bolt at a time, I WILL get overwhelmed. Isn't there a way for me to cast multiple bolts at once ?. Fuck it, I can use MAGIC can't I.

The zombies closed, the other 4 hung back, elites letting their cannon fodder do the work.

I prepared to cast [Mana Bolt] once again but this time, as I closed my eyes and felt the energy well up from inside me and surge into my hand, a ball of pure magical power forming , I stopped it. I did not let it fly from my hand, instead I poured more energy into it ,making it larger and willed the ball to split up into multiple smaller projectiles.

[Kazuya, they're getting closer!]

I payed no heed to Pixie's warning, I could see the ball in my mind's eye, it was splitting up into multiple slightly smaller projectiles. Two...Three...Four...Five...Six. That was the limit, I could split them up no more. I could see, feel each projectile. Each had strength just slightly under that of a single bolt. Not good enough, it had to be stronger, I willed each projectile to spin, like the way a bullet spins as it passes through the rifling of a gun barrel.

Now it's good enough.

[Kazuya ! watch out !]

I opened my eyes. The 8 enemies were barely a few metres in front of me and were closing in for the kill. I wasted no time in unleashing my new and as of now unnamed attack on my assailants.

The six balls met six enemies and sent them flying back a respectable distance, blowing holes in the places that they connected. Unfortunately that meant that there were still two enemies closing in, hungry for my flesh.

They grabbed at me, I pushed one away but the other managed to grab on to my left arm. It bit down, hard.


My arm still clamped in it's teeth, I slammed it's head into a nearby wall releasing my arm from it's jaws. My right fist surged from below, power filling my arm and slammed right into the creature's solar plexus.

It doubled over, stunned. I grabbed it's throat in vice grip and with a roar of bloody vengeance, forced my fingers into it's eye socket and tore out a chunk of it's skull. The creature was defeated, dissisipating into black ichor.

I turned to the other zombie, who was now closing in on me with my arm outstretched and from my hand I willed 'something' to come out. And something came indeed, it was a voilent, misshapen, surge-like blast of pure magic energy that blew into the zombie, leaving only the lower portion of it's body intact. Yep it was a goner.

{New skills gained}, {[Mana Barrage] Learnt}, {[Mana Blast] learnt}, {[Power Strike] learnt}, {[Imbue] learnt}, {2/40 Zombies killed}, {1200 EXP gained}, {20 HP lost}.

No time to check on the skills, the other 6 are back.

They charged towards me, I quickly began casting multple barrages at them, cutting most of them down before they could reach me. The one who survived lunged at me but I was ready. I deflected it's lunging arm and stepped so that I was facing it's back and unleashed a blast unto it's back, destroying the creature.

{3600 EXP gained}, {Kazuya has leveled up}, {[Mana Barrage is now level 3}, {[Mana Blast] is now level 2}.

The other 4 were now approaching me, their intent obvious. The revenants floating above, energy gethering in their twisted hands, spells at the ready, waiting to strike death unto me.

Below were the mutants, stalking towards me with unnatural grace, ebony claws gleaming in the moonlight. They were hungry, drool escaping their gaping maws, eager to bite into my flesh.

I decided to deal with the mutants first. Directing the bullets of my barrage I aimed for it's legs, 7 Bullets met flew towards the enemy 3 missed but 4 struck true, destroying everything below both it's kness. Wait... 7 bullets?

Shit, no time the other one is attacking. I stepped back, dodging the swipes of it's claws. I saw an opening, a wide off balance swing. I stepped in, blocked then caught the outstretched arm, trapping the wrist under my armpit. My forearm in position, I pulled up locking it's elbow in place. With my other hand I grabbed it's throat, I noticed that my arm was now coated in the familiar blue hued energy that was my mana. My fingers digged in deep into the creature's throat, I noticed a surge of mana entering my arm, filling it with unnatural strength.

I pulled, and with my arm came the creature's torn out windpipe and vocal box. The creature turned towards me and spit a glowing green substance in my face, it's last act of hate before it dispersed into black ichor.

I wiped the burning green substance from my face and looked up, just in time to see two balls of sickly-green flame hurtling towards me. I had no time to dodge and could only throw my arm up in a weak defense before the balls hit me.


The contact sent me flying backwards, impacting and bouncing off the floor a few times.

{-250 HP},{[Magic Resistance] learnt}

Heh, guess I've yet to kick the bucket.

[Kazuya, listen you can't take another hit like that. I want you to listen very closely from now on, I'm going to teach you how to form a barrier.]

"And this couldn't be done before I got hit ?" I snarked.

[JUST LISTEN!] screeched a panicked Pixie

"Okay okay sheesh." I stood up, ready to confront to two floating beings, sneering at me from above with their contorted faces.

[Close your yes and focus your mana from your hands into sphere that surrounds you with the intention of it protecting you from all harm.]

I did so, the sphere formed around me, barely visible but faintly colouring the space it occupied with a familiar blue hue. Strangely despitre all the danger surrounding me, behind the barrier I felt comfort, safety.

I opened my eyes, and already the balls of flame were flying towards me. I smirked, the barrier would hold and if it did not, it would slow down the attack enough for me to dodge anyways. As I predicted, the barrier held. The balls of flame collided with a bang but dissisipated against the barrier.

My turn you fucks.

My methods of attack are only limited by my imagination, realizing this I began to work. I visualised a chain, a chain both finite and infinite in length and at it's end, were three hook-like blades designed to grip into objects.

My new weapon came to life in my hands, just as I imagined it. From one hand, it shot forth, piercing into the creature and the chain wrapped around it, binding it's movements. The creature fell to the ground.

From the other came a similiar chain, but instead of binding the creature, the chain hooked into it, and I yanked the creature towards me.

As it flew towards me, I visualised a new weapon, it was a simple broad dagger that I imagined. And it came to life in my hands.

The creature neared, it stopped it's descent by grabbing my head. Then it screamed. Dear god it was a horrible, it felt like all of my life was being sucked through it's black gaping abyss for a mouth.

I resisted the effects, forced my fingers into it's eye, pulled it's head away from me and rammed the dagger into it's head. I pulled it out, brought my arm below my other arm, sliced it's head off in an arc.

I let go, turned towards the remaning still-bound revenant and finished it off with a few blasts.

{9000 EXP gained}, {Kazuya has gained two levels}, {[Reinforcement] learned}, {[Barrier] learnt}, {[Mana Chain] learnt}, {[Ethereal Weapons] learnt}, {[Mana Blast] level is now 3},{[Imbue] is now level 2}, {[Mana Adept] is now level 10}, {2/10 Mutated Test Subjects killed}, {2/10 Revenants killed}.

I breathed heavily, that was one hell of a I have time for now.


Name: Kazuya Minegishi

Age: 17

Level: 6

Race: Human

Occupation: nil

Status : Normal

Title : nil

Hp: 630/630

Mp: 1295/1295

MP Regen: 12MP/Min

Exp: 0/6000

[Strength] : 12

[Vitality] : 11

[Dexterity] : 10

[Perception] : 11

[Intelligence] : 20

[Charisma] : 10

[Wisdom] : 13

[Luck]: 10

Points to allocate: 15

I quickly put 10 points into [intelligence], 1 point into [Wisdom] and 4 points into [Vitality].

Name: Kazuya Minegishi

Age: 17

Level: 6

Race: Human

Occupation: nil

Status : Normal

Title : nil

Hp: 750/750

Mp: 1610/1610

MP Regen: 13MP/Min

Exp: 0/6000

[Strength] : 12

[Vitality] : 15

[Dexterity] : 10

[Perception] : 11

[Intelligence] : 30

[Charisma] : 10

[Wisdom] : 14

[Luck]: 10

Points to allocate: 0

Bloody hell that MP, I could cast spells all day. Well, no time to check on the skills, I have to keep moving.

I broke into a run, heading down the corridor in what I hope was the right direction before i came across a four way intersection. I tried to look at the signs at the top of the corridors but there was too little light to make them out.

"Pixie, which way ? "

[Just keep going straight Kazu- wait this bad, you've been surrounded.]

Well fuck.

Their twisted forms emerged from the shadows of each corridor, and the corridor I was supposed to take, was the most heavily guarded one. Great, utterly fucking fantastic, how the hell am I going to break through... wait do I have to break through ?

I looked up at the ceiling of the corridor, well... I hope this works. I created a mana chain and shot it at the ceiling. I ran, jumped up, pulled on the chain and propeled myself upwards and over the encroaching horde but not before catching a revenant mid-air in a lariat.

I landed in a crouch and slammed the revenant onto the ground beside me following which I blasted it in the face to finish it off. Escaped from a multiple directioned assault check, blowing them all these monsters to hell, not check.

I turned around and while they were still confused, started casting barrages from both hands, cutting down their numbers as quickly as I could. The two mutants in this corridor were the first to go, destoyed by the barrages before they could even react. Next was the revenant, impaled by my chain, dragged towards me then dispatched with a blast that blew off it's upper torso.

The rest of the cannon fodd- ahem sorry, zombies on this side were quickly dispatched with multiple barrages. Strange, I noticed midway through that each barrage now fired 8 bullets, well can't say I'm complaining, more bullets = more hits, more hits = more kills.

Really can't argue with that.

The monsters from the other corridors were converging onto my position, their fodd- ah fuck it I'm calling them fodder from now on. Their fodder numbering 22 first followed by the mutants which numbered 8, with the revenants at the back numbering 6.

Well, time to go to work.

The barrage began, most of the fodder cut down, the rest who got close dispatched by a blast or by the ethereal blade I had summoned. The mutants used the fodder as a distraction and when they had been wiped out, the mutants were already in a flanking position. They struck and I was hard pressed to dodge, the revenants seized the opportunity to launch magical attacks on me, they struck true.

I was knocked off my feet. Fuck it BURNED but I could not falter, not when the mutants were already charging for my throat. I cast a barrier, their attacks were repelled giving me time to stand and prepare a counter-attack.

I charged a mutant, batted away it's claw then impaled it with my blade. I lifted up my blade, twisted around and flung the creature onto it's comrade disemboweling it in the process. I twisted and spun on my heel , blasting and slicing the mutants who attacked from every direction and casting barriers to negate the magic . The last I destroyed by cutting off it's arm, getting behind it and impaling it before ripping my blade out of the side and beheaded the creature.

I wasted no time in casting a barrier to defend against the magical onslaught of the six revenants. I traded fire with them and eventually they were slaughtered by the endless barrage of magic bullets I sent their way.

{[Mana Barrage] is now level 6}, {21000 EXP gained}, {Kazuya has risen 3 levels},{[Ethereal weapons] is now level 2}, {[Barrier] is now level 2}, {[Mana blast] is now level 5},

{40/40 Zombies killed}, {10/10 Mutated Test Subjects killed}, {8/10 Revenants killed}.

The enemies defeated, I ran off in search of room #434 and after about another 5 minutes, I found it. I barged into the room only to find it empty save for a weird red portal in the middle of the room.

Welp there is my destination.

[Kazuya wait]

"Yeah Pixie ?"

[If you go in, you wont be able to leave until you kill the boss. Are you sure about this?]

Well, she was uncharacteristically serious.

"I've already come this far, no sense in backing out now."

[If you're sure... just be careful okay.]

If I could see her now she would probably be giving me puppy dog eyes.

"I will Pixie, I promise."

Well, into the fire I go, I stepped into the portal.

The other end of the portal was a room that was very well illuminated, it was squarish, the walls lined with medical equipment and storage,with an operating table in the middle with a girl strapped to it.

Around the table were the Faceless Nurses from before and with them was a man. He was a middle-aged man dressed in a white lab coat with gelled back green hair, his cold eyes were hidden behind thick glasses.

He looked up at me, " Oh what is this, do we have an uninvited observer ? " , he regarded me as someone would regard a piece of trash on the street, " nevertheless, nurses please see him out, he is disrupting the experiment. "

At his command the nurses rushed in for the kill.

"How weak." Within moments I had his posse cut down by my attacks. Honestly, they didn't stand a chance.

"Oh, perhaps you are not so much a piece of trash than what I thought." He seemed... genuinely surprised.

"Perhaps... you can be the subject of my new experiment. It's rare to meet another ability user after all."

"Ability user ? " are there more people like me ?

"Oh perhaps you do not know ? Well regardless you will not get to know. After all, test subjects are forbidden to ask questions you know ?"

The man took out a syringe and positioned it to inject the substance into an artery.

"What the hell are you doing ?"

"Yes yes don't be impatient I'll get to experimenting on you in a moment, I just have to end this failure of an experiment."

End...End...End...End...End... Oh fuck.

"Oh no you don't, [Mana Barrage] !"

The bullets flew from my hand, I directed one bullet ot the syringe, shattering it, the others flew and impacted with the madman's hand, blowing it to a bloody stump.

"AHHHHHHHHHRGGGGHHHHHHHHH, my hand,my hand, my hand, my hand you little fucking SHIT."

Ah there it is, his mask of civility slipping, his face distorting in anger. Wait there is blood and no ichor, he is not a...

[Yes Kazuya, he is not a monster created from the ambient mana, he is... a human being.]

And I just blew off his hand... great. Seeing as how he is the one in charge of all this I guess he has some power. Or perhaps he is one of these 'ablility users'.

"You you you you you you, wait I recognize you, your that boy who just woke up from a coma earlier today. Soooooo your an ability user huh, I'm going to have fuuunnn dissecting YOU."

The table in the centre of the room moved by itself to the revenants appeared from the shadows and floated beside the man. He threw his remaining hand in the air.




A circle of magic, a pentagram adorned with runes of a demonic origin that I could not hope to comprehend with a crest of an unknown origin superimposed upon it.

And it emerged, the demon Melchozzadar in all it's bloody glory.

First the circle seemed to open a hole connected to what he could only describe as pure evil given form. Then, slowly rising out of the black pool of ichor before emerging in all it's damned glory, it roared.

Well to say 'roar' would be an understatement, it was a cry, an ear-bursting, glass shattering cry of vengeance,hate and wrath. By it's voice alone, it would have sent lesser men to their knees begging for mercy while accepting the fact that there would be none given. That they were doomed and could only hope for the mercy of a quick death.

Melchozzadar was horrendous to gaze upon, big, black soulless eyes like that of a shark,

it's muscular form towered over it's summoner at 270 cm tall, big hands and massive fingers ending in claws as thick as a man's arm, its feet were that of a elephants, massive and stable, it's body was adorned with blackened spikes jutting out of joints like the elbow and the shoulder, it's skin red and leathery with portions that looked like they were burned black, it's head was like a massive deformed gorrilla with it's jaws jutting out to accomodate it's massive sharp teeth, with black horns emerging from the side pointed upwards.

It was one scary motherfucker to behold.


The demon grabbed the two revenants and devoured them, before turning on the now named and grabbed him in a single hand. The doctor had a look of panic on his face.


The demon squeezed, crushing the doctor in it's hand, breaking his bones with unstoppable force. The demon spoke: "you do not have the authority nor the power to demand my obedience arrogant human. Now die and join us in the abyss as we hunt your kind as sport." The demon bit down on the doctor's head and tore it from the rest his broken body, devouring it whole.

It turned to look at me, it's black eyes gleaming with hate and hunger.

"You..." it pointed a large finger at me and grinned, "you awakened human, will make for an excellent meal once I am done breaking you down to your very core"

This... is not good.

It took a step towards me, intending to grab me. Like hell I'll let you, I unleashed barrage after barrage at it. Each bullet blowing a small hole in it's flesh.

"To actually be able to cause damage to my body, HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA EXCELLENT EXCELLENT EXCELLENT. STRUGGLE, FIGHT, DESPAIR. It will make it all the more pleasant when i break your body and mind."

It charged towards me I barely had time dodge its arm and roll between it's feet where I summoned a sword and sliced out a portion of it's leg. Before rolling out of the way to dodge it's stomp.

I backed away before unleashing another rain of magic bullets flying at him. Within these barrages, I had a few deviate from the original path and fly towards the demon's eyes. It blocked the first few, but finally the bullets struck true and I blinded the damned creature.

" AAAARGHHH, YOU WOOOORRRRMMMM." It opened it's mouth and out from it spewed unholy fire. I barely dodged the bulk of the flame but was still slightly singed.

Dammit my attacks aren't big enough to damage it significantly and if I just keep pelting it with barrages, I will get grabbed or hit by the flame eventually. I need something that would take it out in one shot but how will I get the time to create that attack... wait the wall, mana chains, I got it.

First I need to get it by a wall. I ran towards the nearest wall, set my trap and taunted the demon.

"Hey instead of of spitting at me like a little bitch why don't you come here and fight me. What did mommy cut your balls off when you were born cause they wished for a fucking GIRL."

The demon let out an ear-splitting roar and charged towards me. Damn, that worked bloody well. I barely dodged the fist that came flying at me and kept pelting the demon with barrages to keep it at the wall.

Then I sprung my trap, the chains that were embedded in the wall sprung to life and restrained the creatures limbs. 5 chains for each limb. I moved my self in front of the table with the girl.

Now for the big buildup.

I visualised a javelin, a javelin made of mana. The energy surged from me to form a respectably sized javelin-shaped projectile.

{[Mana Javelin] Learnt}

Not enough, I did not let it fly towards my target instead I pumped more mana into it until it grew larger and larger.

{[Mana Missile] Learnt}

The bindings were beginning to break,it now recognized that I was a genuine threat and started spewing fire at me. I responded by casting multiple barriers to hold against the onslaught of flame. However, the power of my attack was still not enough.

Inadequate. Inadequate. Inadequate. Inadequate. more. more. more. more. more. MOre. MORE .

The size of my projectile was now absolutely ridiculous.

{Ougi: [Mana Nuke] Learnt}

Alright... this will do. It is enough. Just in time too, the demon had broken out if it's bonds and was now charging towards me.


I launched the projectile, and my whole view turned to white...



[Kazu- ca- hea- m-]


[Wak- up]

Bloody hell woman.

[Kazuya wake up please ...don't be dead...]

"I don't go that easily woman, now shut it im tired..."

[No! Kazuya you still have to save that girl remeber.]

"Right right, fuck..."

I stood up on unsteady legs, using the nearby wall as a support.

"How long was I out Pixie?"

[About two hours Kazuya, I was so worried about you ...B-baka.]

Hnnnnnnggh... that tsundere, so high level... such moe.

Pixie was laughing at my predicament of moe-overload honestly, she was the cause of it you know.

"Right Pixie, who had the bright idea of unleashing a nuke class attack in a small space like this? Oh... wait... right... me." I looked down, reflecting on my mistakes.

[Well to be frank that [Mana Torpedo] would have been enough to kill Melchozaddar.]

"Had to take it one step further huh..." I looked around and spotted the girl beside me. I reached down and checked her pulse, seems she is still alive, probably because I took the brunt of the backlash for her. But she still had some cuts and bruises.

"Pixie, any way to help with her wounds?"

[She is not just suffering from external injuries Kazuya, her internals are all screwed up because of the 'experiments'. You have barely any mana left but you should be able to heal her. I want you saturate her body with your mana with the 'intent' of healing]

I did so, my hands were glowing my mana and so was her body.

[Next saturate the area of the wounds with energy]

Her bruises faded and cuts closed.

{[Heal] learnt}

[Then fill up the internals with your energy and purge all the impurities from her body.]

She turned to the side and started coughing out an icky, black substance. I wiped the rest from her lips.

{[Cure] Learnt}

[There she should be fine now.]

I looked down at her. I have to admit, with all the cuts and bruises gone she was quit pretty. Not in the way that she wuld immediately stand out in a crowd but the kind where she gets better every time you look. A shapely figure, breasts in the E range, good legs, a pretty face with features both hard and soft that looked rather sad and shoulder-length dark blue hair that had ends that curled inwards.

[If you're finished ogling her you can use [Escape] to leave you know] said Pixie slightly peeved.

"Oh um ah sorry Pixie"

[Hmph!] Oh dear Pixie, don't you know playing the tsundere card only makes you more moe.

Well no point in staying. I carried the girl in a princess carry and activated my skill.


Reality shifted right and I was back, just in room #434. I placed her on the bed and she stirred. Her eyes slowly opened and she looked at me. I looked back.

"I had a dream... a dream where I was captured... by a green haired man... someone came to save me, it was you wasn't it ?" She was still looking at me, barely conscious and her voice weak and faltering. Yet her eyes never left mine.


"What is your name ? " she asked, her voice strangely clear despite the soft volume.

"Kazuya." It's the least I could do for her, to tell her my name.

"I see... I hope we meet again..." and with that she fell back into unconsciousness. I picked this moment to leave the room quietly.

I made my way back to my room and flopped down on my bed.

"Ah soft bed... I wish to drown in your embrace... but before that..."

Time to do a review

{ Quest completed} { Rewards: 60000 EXP, 50000 Yen, Blasting Rod}, { Demon Slain, EXP: 20000}, {Kazuya has leveled up by 6}, {[Mana Adept is now level 13]}, {[Mana Chain] is now level 3}.


Name: Kazuya Minegishi

Age: 17

Level: 14

Race: Human

Occupation: nil

Status : Normal

Title : nil

Hp: 1750/1750

Mp: 200/3520

MP Regen: 16 MP/Min

Exp: 11000/14000

[Strength] : 12

[Vitality] : 15

[Dexterity] : 10

[Perception] : 11

[Intelligence] : 30

[Charisma] : 10

[Wisdom] : 14

[Luck]: 10

Points to allocate: 45

I will allocate stats later, for now..


([Mana Adept]; Type: Passive ; Class: Magic ; Level: 13)

(Allows the user to manipulate mana without the need for spells. Level of control over mana dependent on the level of the skill. Magic damage bonus: ((20 + (level – 1) * 5)%)

MP regen bonus: ((Level) MP/Min)

MP bonus: (level * 50))

([Mana Barrage]; Type: Active; Class: Magic; MP cost: 20; Level: 6)

(Allows the user to fire multiple bullets of mana at any target they wish. Damage Bonuses from [Mana Bolt] are retroactive with this skill

No. of Bullets: 10

Damage Bonus: 10%)

([Mana Blast]; Type: Active; Class: Magic; MP cost: 20; Level: 5)

(A violent short range blast of mana. Max Range: 20m

Damage Bonus: 250%)

([Imbue]; Type: Active; Class: Magic; MP cost: 50; Level: 2)

(Imbues weapons and fists with a coating of magic energy, allowing them to damage ethereal beings and do extra damage. Damage Bonus: 20%)

([Reinforcement] Type: Active; Class: Magic; Mp cost: 50; Level:1)

(Reinforces the body with mana gaining additional physical prowess

Strength + 15

Dexterity + 15

Perception + 15)

([Ethereal weapons] Type: Active; Class: Magic; MP cost: 100; Level:1)

(Allows for the creation of melee weapons from mana. Damage Bonus: 25%)

([Mana Chain] Type:Active; Class: Magic; MP cost: 10; Level: 3)

(Allows for the creation of a extendable chain made of mana which can be used as a grappling hook or an instrument of binding. Integrity of chain dependant on [Intelligence] and skill level)

([Mana Javelin] Type:Active; Class: Magic; MP cost: 50; Level: 1)

(A long range mana attack. Damage Bonus: 150%; Max Javelin: 1)

([Mana Missile] Type: Active; Class: Magic; MP cost: 250; Level: 1

(A badass long range tomahawk missile made of mana.

Damage Bonus: 600%; Max Missile: 1)

([Mana Nuke] Type: Active; Class: Ougi; MP cost: 75%; Level:1)

(A mana strike of epic proportions capable of vaporizing cities.

Damage Bonus: 7500%)

([Heal] Type: Active; Class: Magic; MP cost: 1MP/2HP; Level:1)

(A spell that jump starts healing. Rate of healing dependent on skill level)

([Cure] Type: Active; Class: Magic; Mp cost: 100; Level:1)

(A spell that cures curses, poison, negative status effects)

([Magic Resistance] Type: Passive; Class: Physical; Level:1)

(Allows you to resist magic damage;

Damage resistance: 5%)

([Barrier] Type: Active; Class: Magic; MP cost: 25/Sec ; Level: 3)

(This spell forms a barrier that protects aganst integrity is based on skill level and Intelligence. Multiple barriers can be stacked upon each other)

Guess thats all of it. You know this was one hell of a night. I fought monsters, defeated a demon, rescued a fair maiden and went from level 1 to 14 . ALL IN A SINGLE NIGHT.

Seriously, first night I wake up from a coma and I'm thrown into combat. What the hell ?




Well no point dwelling on the craziness, I finally get the comfort a bed. Oh sweet, warm and comfortable bed let me profess my love for thee as I fade into slumber.

"Good night Pixie."

[May I pogo-stick through your dreams naked Kazuya.]

Well, that would be...uncomfortable.




AH bliss. I faded into slumber.


A/N: Bloody hell I did not expect it to be this long. Seriously it's twice as long as my previous chapters. Im gonna try to stick in the 3000-4000 word range from now on. Well I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing. Feel free to review, I welcome the constructive criticism.


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