This story chain actually didn't originate from me. It started on a tumblr post which I will post a link to on my profile. It was a pretty cool idea, so I decided to write my own, but once I started...well, I couldn't stop. So here they are, posted together.

Since I've seen reposts of many people's stories before, I obviously can't stop you if you really want to, but I BEG you to give me some credit.

Now, obviously the science behind this whole soul mates clock thing is fake and fishy and really strange. It makes my head hurt, so I'm just going to ignore all of the...plotholes? Eh, whatever the word is, I'm ignoring...both of them.


They won't really make sense otherwise.

And just so this note can exist on its own, here is the first story!

I was sitting in my living room. There was a cooking show my mother liked watching playing in the background while I messed around on my computer.

It was mindless and I loved it.

I glanced to the right and something caught my eye. I moved and tried to look, but all I saw was the same lamp and coffee table that had been there since I was a little girl. Oh, and Mr. Freckles, but he wouldn't catch my attention.

He lifted his black head and blinked, noticing something was wrong. I couldn't figure it out, but I also felt my bladder...need some relief at the same time. I stood to go to the bathroom and something fell to the ground.

My eyes widened and I sat back down.

It lay there on the ground, staring up at me. Its face with the slight glow blinked at me.

0d : 0h : 0m : 0s

No. NO! was at over 900 days this morning!

Something was wrong. My clock was broken, malfunctioning. There was an electro-magnetic malfunction or something.

But in my gut I knew. I just knew.

He was dead.

My soul mate had died.

My eyes teared. I didn't understand why.

It's not like I knew this guy, but yet...I would never know him. Is it better that I never got the chance to know him or worse? Should I have listened to my mother and not gotten my clock?

I want to throw it in the trash and go on with life, find someone else to be happy with, but I know I could never do it. I would still be looking for him, comparing them to him.

Sitting on my couch, with the commercials for tampons, of all things, playing in the background, I weep for him.