"Angel, do you want to walk or do you want me to drive you home?" Shina asked me as we walked out of the bar.

My house was only a few blocks away from here… so, it wouldn't be so bad… plus, I'd get to spend more time with Shina if we walked…

I glanced up at her and smiled softly, "Do you mind walking?"

Shina smiled brightly at me and shook her head, "I don't mind at all. Let's go."

Shina's hand, still wrapped around my own, was warm and comforting as it pulled me along. I stayed slightly behind her so that I could catch a glimpse of the wing on Shina's back every time we passed under a street light. I was so enthralled by it that I didn't notice that we were walking right up to my front door. I was startled when I turned my sight and was greeted by the white wood of my door.

"You okay?" her voice was soft and it made me sad knowing that our night has come to an end… I would invite Shina in, but it was way too late and the taller woman needed to get back to her own home…

When I looked up into Shina's eyes, I could see the reluctance hiding behind them… she didn't want this night to end either… but all good things must come to an end…

"I'm okay Shina… Thank you for this date… it was really nice…" I felt my face flushing with embarrassment and I distracted myself by unlocking my door. I kept fumbling with my keys but I finally unlocked the door and opened it up. Kota's barking started up immediately from upstairs.

I was just turning to look back at Shina when I felt a gentle butterfly kiss being pressed against my cheek. My blush brightened up even more, if that were even possible, as I gawked at Shina. Shina was blushing as well, but she was smiling as she gazed at me. After a second or two of just standing there and staring at each other, Shina finally took a step back.

"I enjoyed tonight, Angel. We should do this again some time." She turned around and began to walk away, looking over her shoulder after walking a few feet. I continued to watch her go, my hand raising up to gently press my fingertips to my cheek.

My body remained frozen on the doorstep until Kota finally came downstairs to greet me. I almost went tumbling to the ground when Kota jumped up and thumped her big paws against my chest. I squealed as my body rocked and I fought to maintain my balance. When I looked back up, I could see Shina's form turning the corner, her shoulders jerking… and I heard the gentle echo of her laughter reach my ear.

A huge smile broke out on my face and I couldn't help but laugh as well. When Kota softly whined and licked at my cheek, I gave her my full attention. I nuzzled my face against her furry head and held her front paws up so that we could bear hug. Letting her down, I allowed her to go to the bathroom before I ushered her inside. My back rested against the now closed and locked door, a blessed sigh escaping my lips. Tonight was amazing… so amazing… I wish that it would never end… I already miss being in Shina's presence…

Kota barked and I looked down at her. She was sitting in front of me, wagging her tail with her tongue hanging out as she panted in excitement. I smiled down and reached out to rub one of her ears.

"Come on, Kota, I wanna take a bath and then we have to go to sleep. I do have to open the clinic up tomorrow after all."

Happy yips and barks trailed all the way upstairs until Kota settled on her fluffy bed of pillows next to my own bed. I continued on into the bathroom and ran the shower while I stripped out of the dress. The water was nice and warm by the time I was ready to jump in. It was a quick rinse off and I was dried, dressed, and lying in bed in no time. Throwing my arm over the side of my bed, I waited till Kota shifted her body around and pressed her head against my hand before I allowed myself to drift off to sleep, thinking of how beautifully this night had been…

A soft beeping awakened me the next morning and I slowly opened my eyes. The light outside was quite dull and I pulled myself out of my bed and towards the window. The rain was coming down in sheets and it didn't look like it was going to let up at all… shit… this is the worst time not to have a car.

I really didn't want to walk out in this… I didn't want Kota to walk out in this. But I at least had to. Kota could stay home; she doesn't need to be at the clinic although that is what I prefer. Ah dammit… I should have checked the weather! With a heavy groan, I decided to get myself prepared for the day. Kota didn't move at all from her mountain of pillows and hell, I didn't blame her. She followed me with her eyes as I cleaned up my room and got dressed.

When I began to head downstairs, Kota finally stood up and followed behind me. I had to get her something to eat and then I could pack some lunch. Kota waited patiently for me to scoop out some of her dry food into her dog bowl and while she began to chow down, I began to prepare some lunch for myself. I didn't want to carry too much because of the rain… so I'll have to pack lightly… But no matter, I'm gonna get soaked because that stupid umbrella broke…

"Ah damn…" I huffed and then puffed my cheeks out, "October can be such a pain in my ass… It's already cold outside, and now it's raining…"


And who the heck would be calling this early in the morning?!

I grabbed my house phone and after answering it, I held it up against my ear with my shoulder, "Hello?" why won't these stupid sandwiches fit in this stupid Ziploc bag?!

"Good Morning, Beautiful"

The sandwiches were suddenly flying out of my hand and splattering on the floor as I fought to catch the house phone, "S-S-S-Shina?! Why are you c-calling me this early?!" holy shit, why did her voice have to effect me so much? And she had to get me all flustered by calling me beautiful…

The red head laughed over the line; the sound was so velvety and pleasing to my ear, "What, I can't call you in the morning just to say 'Good Morning' to you?"

"No! No, you can!" I bent down, trying to pick up most of the discombobulated sandwiches and leaving the plain meat on the floor for Kota to feast on, "I was just… uh… caught off guard, that's all!"

Shina laughed once more, "Well, I called to greet you this lovely morning," I snorted and Shina chuckled before continuing, "And I also called to ask if you would like me to drive you to your clinic. I noticed you didn't have a car in your driveway."

I paused, "Drive me to work?"

"Yes, would you like a ride to work?"

Glancing at the clock, I watched as the digital numbers on my stove changed to read that it was already half past seven… I'm usually leaving by now… "Um… aren't you busy…? Are you going to be late? I wouldn't want to inconvenience you."

"Nonsense! I'm right outside your house anyway."

"Wait, what?!"


"How long have you been there?!"

"Um… twenty minutes…? Give or take."

"… Shina, that is so stalker-ish, you know that right?"

Shina snorted, "You know you love it. Now, would you like a ride, or not?"

A sigh escaped from my lips and I couldn't help but smile brightly, "I'll be out in ten minutes. I just have to make my lunch."

"No need. I can get you something to eat."

I frowned, "Shina, it's alright, you don't have to buy me anything to eat."

"Just get your ass outside." Shina growled and hung up the phone after adding, "And don't make any lunch!"

I broke out into a fit of laughter and hung up my phone. I was situated for the day, so, I kissed the top of Kota's head and then I left the house, running to Shina's sports car. Once I was buckled up in the passenger seat, Shina set off.

"Beautiful day, isn't it?" Shina smirked.

I grumbled at the comment, "Not if I had to walk in it."

"Haha, that's what I'm here for."

Shina took a right turn and I frowned in confusion, "My clinic is the opposite direction. Where are we going?"

The car came to a stop and Shina hopped out, yelling that she'd be back in five minutes. I waited in the car in silence, wondering where we were because I couldn't even see out of the damn windshield. Curse this rain! Shina was back in the car in no time, Panting and shaking the rain water out of her hair. I giggled when a few droplets landed on me. Shina giggled as well before handing me a bag and a steaming cup of what I believe was green tea.

"I wanted to buy you something to eat for breakfast and for lunch." Shina explained as she started up the car once more and drove in the direction of my clinic. She sipped at her own drink as she intently stared out the windshield.

A quick look inside of the bag reveals a chocolate chip muffin and a sausage-egg-and-cheese croissant sandwich. I smiled and thanked her for the meal. Shina smiled back and the drive was dominated by the silence that was broken only by the pelting rain and the hum of the engine. When we finally made it to the clinic, I thanked Shina once more and blushed cherry red when she leaned over to kiss my cheek. Oh gosh, her kisses keep making my stomach flutter with butterflies and my heart beat like the wings of a hummingbird!

"Have a good day, Angel."

I sat still in embarrassment for a few seconds before jumping out of the car and streaking towards the clinic doors while screaming, "Have a good day, Shina!"


I will admit that what I just saw was one of the most adorable things I have ever seen. When I kissed Angel on the cheek, I didn't think she would blush that badly, or be so embarrassed… It was plain adorable… and I drove to work with a happy smile on my face. When I arrived at work, I grabbed my briefcase and shot out towards the building. I really couldn't afford to get wet today. We had to present the projects to our clients after all… in… about twenty minutes.

Zooming by everyone, I called out brief greetings before running straight into my office to make sure everything was prepared. Anthony was already in there, going over everything for me with a cup of coffee in his hand. The moment I had burst in, he handed the coffee towards me.

"I made sure everything is accounted for and everything is done to perfection!" He exclaimed proudly.

A huge smile broke out on my face, "Well done, Anthony. You've done well. Now, how would you like to join in on the presentation?"

Anthony's face twisted into a look of nervousness, "Wait, like present the presentation?"

I chuckled, "No silly, you can just watch us do it. Get the experience, you know?"

"Oooh… then, I would love to if that is alright!"

"Then it's done."

The presentation went quite smoothly. There were only minimal changes that needed to be made. Other than that, all of our clients were very happy with the work we produced. With the day still going successfully, I happily went back to my office and sat down at my desk. Anthony came in a little later and since neither of us had any work to do for once, we sat there and just chatted about mutually enjoyable anime.

It was during my lunch break that I got a text from Angel. I opened up my phone gleefully and read it.

To: Shina

From: Angel

How has your day been going? By the way, thank you for lunch, and breakfast this morning.

My response was quick and short.

To: Angel

From: Shina

Quite well and your welcome. All of my clients loved the work my company did. How about you?

To: Shina

From: Angel

Boring. Only one appointment today. I have a question. If I asked you out for a date this weekend, would you say no?

I had to refrain from squealing out loud as I typed up my response. She was asking me out on a date! This will be our second date together! Awesome!

To: Angel

From: Shina

Of course not! I would love to go out on another date with you!

To: Shina

From: Angel

:D Alright then. That's settled. Go back to work now. Ttyl!

Our conversation ended there and I let out a dreamy sigh. This was the best feeling ever… I missed feeling this way… just feeling happy… even at work. It's refreshing and I feel so light and problem free… From that moment on, I went around the office completely oblivious to the world. I had a stupid, dreamy smile on my face and I'm pretty sure everyone was weirded out by it.

Nothing really mattered to me and the moment the day ended, I was hopping back into my car and speeding off towards Angel's clinic. It was still raining out so I can drive her home instead of having her walk. When I arrived at her clinic, I pulled out my cell and called her phone. The other line rang three times before Angel answered.

"Hey, Angel, you ready to go home?"

Angel chuckled, "Let me guess, you're outside the clinic?"

"Guilty." I laughed, "I didn't want you to have to walk out in this."

"Thank you Shina. Give me like, ten minutes and I'll be out. Okay?"

"That's fine."

We hung up and I found myself sighing once again. I felt like a shōjo anime school girl with a crush right now. Butterflies were fluttering around in my stomach and my head felt light. Angel came running out of the clinic a few minutes later. I unlocked the door right when Angel opened up the passenger side and threw herself inside to escape the rain. She shook her hair out a bit and then greeted me with a warm smile.

"Hi Shina, thanks for picking me up! I would have hated walking in this!"

"Not a problem. How was your day?" I asked as I turned the heat up when I noticed Angel shivering.

The raven chuckled softly as she buckled herself into the seat, "It was good, how was your day?"

"Very successful." I smiled softly, "My clients are happy with the work we offered so far."


We were both smiling so much; such simple communication made us so happy. And that seemed to be all that we kept doing as of this moment… just smiling… smiling so much that our cheeks ached but we just couldn't stop. I smiled even brighter before facing forward and putting my car in drive. We spent the short car ride talking about our days and how we went about them. She congratulated my success with a happy smile that made me blush bright red. She laughed again and when we finally reached her house, we simply sat in a comfortable silence.

Angel was the first to break the silence, "So… about that date that I mentioned this afternoon…"

I glanced at her from the corner of my eye, "Yes, what about that date?"

"Um… where would you prefer to go?" Angel asks.

My head turns so that I can face her fully, "It doesn't matter to me Angel. You're the one who asked me out, so you can choose where we go and what we do."

She fidgeted slightly in her seat, "… Well, then can we go out together on Sunday again? Casual wear… we can bring Kota and Kei along as well…"

A bright smile tugged at the corners of my lips, "That sounds awesome."

Angel let out a sigh of relief before she suddenly leaned towards me and kissed my cheek in farewell. I blushed slightly, but smiled nonetheless at the endearing act. Taking a deep breath, Angel jumped out of my car and ran towards her door, trying not to get too drenched in the process. I watched and made sure that she was inside of her home before I honked my horn and drove away.

The whole ride home, I was smiling like a fool, but I had every right to be? Didn't I? I was finally reunited with Angel and everything seemed to be going so well… we even had another date set! It seemed like my luck in love was finally looking up and it couldn't have made me any happier. I finally made it home and I mimicked Angel's idea, grabbing my shit and booking it towards my front door. Once I was inside and out of the rain, I locked up and was no sooner met by Kei. She barked happily and I dropped my things by the door to play with her.

"Guess what, baby? You and I have a date with Angel and Kota! Isn't that great?"

Kei barked in excitement from the happy tone of my voice. A bubbly giggle escaped from my lips as I stood up and made my way towards my bathroom, "Well, Kei, after I take a hot bath, let's cuddle on the couch and watch some anime for a bit, nee?"

Kei barked again as she followed me upstairs. Since it was just Kei in the house with me and I was pretty sure no one was barging in this time (I changed my locks right after that incident with Kale), I simply stripped down and started to run the water and fill up the tub. Once the water was perfect height and heat, I gently climbed in and lowered myself down. Kei came to sit right beside the tub and I let one of my arms dangle out so that I could run my fingers through her soft fur. When the water started to get a little cold, I drained the tub and then jumped into the shower to give my body and hair a quick scrub down before leaving the bathroom to change into some comfortable clothing and head downstairs. Kei bumped her body against my leg as we walked side by side to the kitchen where I began to prepare our dinner. For Kei, I made her usual boiled chicken and rice while for me, I whipped up a quick stir fry.

I brought both of our bowls of food to the living room. Kei's bowl I set on the floor by the sofa so that when she was done, she could jump up to sit with me. I plopped down on the sofa and grabbed my remote, immediately searching up Kuroko No Basket to enjoy a few episodes before I went to sleep.

As I sat down and relaxed with Kei no sooner lying on my lap, I reflected on the past few days. Everything was suddenly going perfectly and I couldn't be any happier. It was a freaking miracle. I just hoped that my luck won't run out too soon…