Dear Diary and Mom and Dad

It's the day of your funerals. I can't say I'm happy, but I'm not exactly sad either. Your death came as a shock to me, purely because I never realised how old you were getting, I'm sorry, really! If I had known I would have tried to be a better daughter, or at least tried, maybe. I'm sorry, I never gave you guys any hugs or kisses. I'm sorry I never talked to you, dad especially. I know it's a little late for forgiveness, not that I want it anyways. The church bells are tolling, Marie is calling for me too. I guess this is goodbye, forever, lots of love mom and, nevermind, you don't deserve my love dad. ARRGH. You just had to be a mage didn't you, leave mom and I all alone, what were you thinking? You were always wrong, always. I can't live a small life within these walls any longer, I want to get out there! Have a life! I don't want to disappear into a shadow like Lyle, i won't let Lyle disappear either.

love, Anja.

"Anja? Anja? Are you in there milady?"

"Gimme a sec Marie!" I cried out slamming my diary shut.

I strolled over to the doors picking up my dress as I walked.

"Anja? Anja? ANJA?"

I whipped open the doors "I'm fine geez!"

"I'm sorry milady, I thought something had befallen you!"

"Can't you guys just back off for once! I'm not a little girl anymore!" I hissed.

"Lady Anja, please, allow us to help you, in your parents' stead.."

"In my parents' stead? It's not like they ever cared about me anyways! I'm only going because it was my mums' last wish."

"I will escort you to the funeral miss." Mark sighed with a raised brow.

"FINALLY! Someone here has some common sense." I said, shoving past the servants crowding the hall.

Mark jogged to my side hurriedly. We walked silently the rest of the way out, down the long corridor, around the corner and out the door.
BREATH, just focus on breathing. The crowd outside will be tiny today, unlike every other day. Right? I wringed my hands together.

"Hey, Annie, Anja, relax." Mark whispered holding me by my shoulders from behind. Opened the door to be greeted by a smarm of press.

"Miss, when do you plan to get married?"

"Have you inherited the whole Grandine fortune?"

"Why aren't you shedding tears?"

Miss, what type of people were your parents?"

Eventually, all the questions simply became a noise in my ear, a drone in the background, worthy of being ignored, and ignore it I shall. I walked steadily holding my dress above the moist soil to keep it clean. I walked, walked till I no longer payed attention to where I was headed, only concentrated on Mark's arm gently guiding me down the path.

We arrived at the funeral, Mark, lead me straight down the middle aisle and popped on a front seat nearest to the caskets. I breathed in a sharp breath when he turned to leave.

"Mark!" I hissed desperately.

Oh, no, no, no, no, don't tell me Mark has to sit somewhere else, please no! I don't think I will make it through this public appearance without his help. I jumped when a gloved hand brushed my shoulder.

"You have I and my husbands condolences child." A woman said in hushed voice to me.

I tried to force a smile back, back my lips curled in a grimace instead.

I can't even smile straight at some strangers, where are you Mark? And…she called me a child. I dropped my head.

"Oh hey come on, cheer up Annie!" Mark sighed, plopping into the seat beside me with his signature smile.

"Thank god you're here Mark, I swear everyone is going to rip me apart with their condolences!"

Suddenly the chairs behind me flew away, with wind-like power ripping at my back. I shrieked. A figure stood in front of me, clad in a black cape and hood, billowing in the wind.