I had not been working on this essay for 5 hours to have this happen.

I stared the blank computer screen. All around me the lights flickered out, until all that was left was the dimly glowing screen from my ancient PC. I sat there in my rolling chair, absentmindedly swinging back and forth as I imagined the late night ahead of me. A power outage, now? Really, world?

It was then that the computer buzzed.

Well, not so much buzzed as whined, in a low pitch. Whatever the hell it had done it had scared me, and I jumped, sending the chair flying behind my and papers fluttering to the floor.

Then my computer did it again. It made that strange, low tone, and the screen flashed brightly. I covered my eyes, and after a heartbeat of silence I dared to peek through my fingers.

Right at that moment, the computer buzzed again, but his time it kept on going, and the screen began flashing. I could see words appear on it, but it was too fast for me to see them.

I uncovered my eyes and fumbled around for the power cord, for something to turn the damned thing off, then I realized that this was a power outage, and there's no way my computer should be acting up anyways. I blinked, trying to adjust to the bright light, but as soon as I got accustomed I simply stared at the screen that had finally gone still.

On it, in bright, red, letters, were the words, "Everything you know is a lie."

"What the fuck..." I breathed, all memory of my essay forgotten. The screen flashed again, and new words appeared.

"Your whole life is naught but a fantasy. They made you forget about Rose, about Derek, about Avery, about Conri."

I stared dumbly at the screen. Whatever joke this was, it wasn't funny.

"Everything you know is a lie. Go back to the Order, Jayla. Break free."

Then the screen and my mind went black.

When I came to, I was collapsed on the floor. There was a trickle of sunlight coming in from the window to my left and a fresh breeze that felt cool on my back. I could hear whispers around me and I froze, the words from last night coming back to me. It could just be a prank, but when there was something about the names my computer had written out that felt familiar. Rose. Derek. Conri. Those names... They felt real.

And then just for a moment, there was a flash. A girl, her hair red as blood. A boy and a girl of the same height, both with piercing blue eyes. Another boy, who had my hair and my eyes. And me. All of us smiling and laughing, like it was the most natural thing in the world.

Then the picture dissolved, and I was left with questions. Because I know that wasn't my imagination. But that memory... it simply didn't exist. Couldn't exist.

"We've kept her under for two years now. Are you sure her mind can handle it?" I didn't recognize the voice, but something about it was untrustworthy. I kept my breathing even and shallow, and willed this to be just a dream.

"If she dies, it will be of no consequence. She was on death sentence anyways, and we can always find another one to experiment on." At the sound of that voice my blood ran cold, and it took all my willpower to not get up and run like hell away from it. Unlike the first voice, this one was distinctively feminine and evil.

The worst thing? It felt very, very familiar.

"The same dose?" asked the first voice.

It was right then that I realized that there was no window in my office. But it was too late, and the needle was already in my arm before I could move. As I fell into a deep sleep, I could already feel my memory of the computer and this conversation escape.

Little did I know that that would be the closest I would get to escaping in a long, long time.

A/N: This is just a little something I came up with, inspired by the indie horror 7 days. I probably won't continue it.