Chatter buzzed around them as the villagers worked together to put up the new house. A new couple, a new life. What more could a small village ask for? Life was always busy in hamlet 198. The hamlet was not big, nor small, and it had nothing that would make it superior to the other hamlets. It was a bright, sunny afternoon in the early days of summer. June had arrived, and with it, sweltering heat and miserable work days.

Many small children surrounded the workers as they struggled to lift the walls of the couple's new house. They were middle class, the wife a healer and the husband a healer as well. Upon welcoming them to their humble village, the people had learned that they were named Jack and Savannah Hartman, and that they came from the river hamlets. A small party was thrown, allowing everyone to make acquaintance with the new villagers and now, afterwards, they are building a house for the couple to live in.

Village Elder's POV

This affair doesn't happen often, given that Hamlet 198 is a rather boring place, still stuck in the same old ways as it always has. Today was no different. There really wasn't a lot of excitement circling the new couple, because it's honestly not considered an exciting thing. This happens in other hamlets all the time. Why should everyone get all excited over just two people moving to town? It seems quite trivial, honestly.

They seemed nice enough, anyways. I think the wife was pregnant though, just not very far along. Well if she is, we could really use more kids in this town. They're all teenagers now, and that's so boring. We need cute little two and three year olds screaming and giggling and running around town square. We need six and seven year olds to sneak down to the river and pick wildflowers for the elders. We need children who want to pick up hobbies so that they can join the workforce after they finish training. And most of all, we need more healers.

I guess that's one good thing concerning the Hartmans; they're both healers. Now our old and withered ones can retire and they can take over. What a blessing. Well, the day is ending now, and I must get back to my cottage. We wouldn't want the wolves to come eat me, now would we?