This is where I'll start majorly with my project. I guess this is will be the information prologue. Lets begin:

Star Forest- The place in the middle of the hamlets where meetings are held.

Star Wafer- Thin, papery wafers that grow on the trees in the Star Forest that taste like fireflies if you eat them.

Dark Forest- A huge, sprawling forest with no light where the Spirits live, led by their strange leader.

Flaming Bow Carriers- A special family who found out how to light an arrow on fire and shoot it.

Hamlet- A large village containing nearly 800 people. There are thousands of hamlets.

The Great Meeting- A meeting held in a colossal cave when a war is about to start.

Elementals- Specials picked out by the older Elementals every 100 years. They have the powers of water, fire, air, earth, and telekinesis.

Magics- Great warriors who have trained in magic ever since they were eight years old.

Warriors- The majority of people are warriors. They train in weapons and horse riding, but the best ones know acrobatics as well.

Healers- You have to be born a healer. Every healer gets a spirit animal when they are eight, a cat cub, and they keep them for the rest of their life. They train in riding them, and every healer has a special connection with nature. Anyone who kills a healer must be put to death. Healers also can bend some also, but most can only bend water and air.

Now, time for the next part...daily life!

Sports: Soccer, Frisbee, Tag, Hide and Seek, and whittling.

-You gain adult rights at 16.

-You start battle training at 8.

-Ages 13-25 have to go into battle.

-If you fry a star wafer in butter and brown sugar, it actually tastes good.

-The grass in the Star Forest is florescent white.

-You have to finish the book to learn why it's called "Raindrops".

-Animals follow healers around.

-Healers can call off the animals if needed.

Main Characters:

-Elle Hartman

-Natalie Hartman

-Sammie Dawn Smith

-Ankel Sliver

-Jason Green

-Vanessa Greyson

-Jay Greyson

There, now the beginning is done. The first chapter will be out today or tomorrow.