As the sky grew dark the winds began to whisper. They brushed my hair against my ears and sent shivers down my spine. "Ariealle!" My mother screamed at the top of her lungs. I knew I wasn't supposed to go out after dark but the night was calling me. It felt like I was in a trance and being taken over the further I strode into the forest until I couldn't move or hear the scream of my mother's call. The night engulfed me, making nothing visible to the human eye. I began to fear for my life. But there it was, him, standing there looking at me like I was unknown to the world. In his eyes I could see the beauty that grew deep within his bones. He was harmless, but a danger to his clan.

"What are you" I whispered coming closer to him. He towered fifty feet above me and lowered his head to look into my eyes. They were a soft evergreen with hints of electric blue. He was the most stunning creature I laid eyes upon. I reached my hand out towards him touching the bridge of his nose. His skin felt like hot cemented scales. He was different, but something about him drew me towards him. It was like I'd known him for eternity.