I live in a world filled to the brim with secrets and forgotten things. Not even the government knows everything about how the world was before 2134. That's when the third World War began. The earth was almost destroyed during the nuclear warfare. Most humans went into hiding underground until the war was over.

Out of the ashes of a dead planet came New Earth. Cities on stilts popped up all over the world. We call them all Utopia. It's every man and woman's dream to live in one of the Utopia cities one day, but only a select few are allowed to live in the bubble cities.

My parents were lucky enough to be chosen to live in Utopia 004205 by the semi-annual Selection, as the government called it.

All of the Utopia cities are encased inside a glass dome to prevent anyone from leaving or getting in without permission. The dome also allows the citizens to be protected by the pollution of the Wasteland, everything other than Utopia where poor beggars and criminals lived. All Utopia cities are twenty miles in diameter.

Each Utopia city is split into quadrants, Blue Quadrant, Green Quadrant, Grey Quadrant and Purple Quadrant.

Families who were picked by Selection live in Blue Quadrant. It is a semi-rural area and most everybody grows crops for the city or work in various factories. It's called Blue Quadrant because everyone is required to wear blue if they live there. Families who live here are only allowed to have one child due to a max population limit for Utopia.

Green Quadrant houses the Utopian Academy, schooling children ages five to fifteen. It is an area inhabited by large families of four or five people per household. Usually families in Green Quadrant run small businesses. Everyone in Green Quadrant wears green.

The urban hub of Utopia is Grey Quadrant. All of the shops and supply stores are located here. Families that live here are small either have only one child or none. It is unheard of to have a large family in Grey Quadrant. People who live there wear grey.

Only government officials and aristocrats live in Purple Quadrant, which includes their families. This is the smallest Quadrant of the city population wise. All officials and aristocrats wear purple.

The Utopian system of government is a monarchy. In Utopia 000001, King Nestor and Queen Maltia rule while their appointed Dukes and Duchesses govern the individual Utopia cities.

To keep Utopia fair and balanced, it is required by law for an aristocrat or government official to marry someone from a different Quadrant. To ensure this, each Duke and Duchess appoints an Arranged Marriage Official to pair up everyone in their city. Everyone is arranged to marry someone from the time that they are born (or enter the city legally) until the male of the pair turns sixteen, the age of becoming an adult. But there's a catch, no one knows who they marry until the male in the relationship turns sixteen. But there's a catch to the catch. Two weeks before anyone turns sixteen, they are given a choice whether to look in their file or not, so it's only a surprise for people who don't look.

During a child's time attending Utopia Academy, it is required to go on at least one field trip to Wasteland. There is nowhere in particular you are supposed to go, it's mostly just to explore what life is like outside of Utopia for one hour.

Luckily, someone kept papers about technology when they went underground so when the Third World War was over in 2134, Utopia had a place to start and re-innovate new technology.

Now, it's 3039 and everything is run by technology. People who work in factories fix the robots that make things. Crops are grown by machines and families ship them off to the markets.

Everyone legally living in Utopia has a bracelet with a barcode on it. If one presses the code, all their information will pop up on a holographic screen. It automatically updates itself when you grow taller, gain or lose weight, or change age.

Attached to each bracelet is a black or grey (depending on the model) touch pad about the size of a thumb. When one touches this pad, it allows one to communicate with someone through thoughts. It sends thought waves directly into someone else's brain to communicate. If you weren't in direct contact with someone, you just send them a text by typing in their barcode on a screen accessed by a button on your bracelet and type in their message.

Because of all the advanced technology, no one needs to speak with anyone. Even the world around Utopia cities is silent. Nothing ever makes noise since there's no need for it anymore. Every car, every train, every door, and every person is silent. Most people don't even know what the word 'sound' means.

And that's where I'll start my story.