Purpose. Searching.

Eyes. Seeing.

All the while, we talk and debate as if we've got what it takes to create a utopia. Nah, man, that's fantasy. Politics is just a profession—only a few of those bastards actually care about you. Yet we expect it to improve.

And, crazily enough, there's your answer to "What's the meaning of life?"

If you're asking that question, then improving would help. If you don't know how to improve, then getting down and exerting some effort is your cure.

You should only be asking questions once you've done something. And you can't improve on something you've lost or put aside. The best thing to do is move on.

"You're off to bigger and better things." I said to one of my friends as he left high school. It was true.

He went to University and honed his skills, but it's not the same for everyone.

I once heard that staying the same is the same deteriorating, though the illusion of making a gain every now and again can be a powerful one; but still an illusion.

No one ever got better by being good and calling it quits. Once you rise up, set your eyes on the prize, then you can improve. Finding a goal is just the beginning.