My mother had a pendant of Yin and Yang.

Keeping the two halves together,

Was a thin strip of silver.

Yin, white and pure with a single black spot.

Yang, black and evil with a single white spot.

"What is good is only an opinion," She would say,

"That is why there is black,"

"Because there can be evil in what someone else deems good."

I figured the same went for Yang's half.

What she did not point out, was strange.

The silver strip.

Silver is gray,

Gray is silver.

The silver held the two halves together.

Some say this is a "Black and White" world,

But, is that really true?

Is there always only two choices?

Right and wrong?


But, there is something else too.

There is gray.

The in between choices one can make.

Not quite right,

Though, not wrong either.

That silver strip kept the pendant united.

Just like the gray does for our world.

It makes us human.