Sometimes you just have to light the cigarette, take a break and stare down the man that's holding 357 angled over your right eye, yeah my typical morning. It's the edge of the beat on and early Saturday morning in japan, Tokyo, and all I can think of is how bad I have to piss "You give me money, I give you product, don't go other way." I can speak Japanese, but it's obvious this guy prefers English, bad English at that. "Look . . ." I took the time to adjust my eyes away from the barrel of his gun getting a sighting at the Asian male pointing I at me. "I don't know who you work for, and to be honest I don't care. All I know is my job, and my job insists that I see this package first. Nothing is getting on my bike, unless I know what it is.

He looked at me, stared was more like it. Like he was picking just my eyes apart with whatever virtual dance his brain was doing at the time. After a few moment pass he finally lowered his gun and looked to his back. Light's turned on and a car pulled up. I was a bit surprise, I didn't even see them. The Asian male gestured to the other side of the vehicle, I followed. A black sleek Toyota that looked like a short limo meets my eyes, all windows are tented but I could tell there were more men inside. We reached the back passenger side door and stopped me, hold his hand up as I was on the opposite side of him. "Here is package." The door open, and my eyes couldn't help but widen at what I saw.

"Are you fucking serious Han!? Really, A fuckin' human being! Have you bloody lost it?!"

"You stop the deal to call me didn't you…?"

"Fuck you Han, Fuck you! This is too much. Moving gun and blow is one thing but this!?" I lost it; Han and I have been in the business for a while now, ever since he picked me off the streets. It's been two years since then, and during those two years we just did the odd jobs, the movers and shakers, transport deals, and traffic but never humans. We don't… I won't sell a human being. "Blaz calm down-"

"Why! You think this is golden?

"No, I need you to listen, take the girl and bring her here, we will talk then." Beep

I hate ghost jobs, those silent missions in life that you don't know you're going to do till you're doing them. I sighed and push the end button on my touch screen phone. My thumb and index finger grazed the edges of my temples, I need to calm down, I need a drink. I took in a break of air and sigh as I turned around view the multitude of Asians that graced view. Great, they multiplied… I have nothing against their race, it's just these people, the tariffing kind they always had a sly sneaky way of working. Like human are just toys, tool of the trade, I hate jobs like this. After my act of contemplation the one I spoke to last approached me. "Everything ok?" I wanted to say no, "Yeah, all's fine… let's just get this over with."

We both walked back to the side door of the limo, I have to walk about to call Han about this situation but it seems I'm going to be doing this regardless. I looked at the woman, took in her features. Red hair, pale skin and green eyes, I can't deny the attraction was there but this job was pissing my off more than my bullocks could get a rise out of. "Right, what's your name?" just when she was about to answer the black suited Asian male stepped it. "The package has no name, do your job and drop her at Sata East. My mean will be there to collect." Sata East? That was nowhere near… Right, yeah of course… classic Han more double crossing the pantie waste pervs putting me in the most backward position out there. "Sure, Sata East, I'll be there in an hour." The male nodded and left mobbing me and the "package" out the way the enter where the woman left, they all just drove off.

Great, just bloody great. I'm not looking forward to this. Normally the plan is to outsmart the tracking systems and check points. Most high rollers have other jobs, managements, casinos even business to run. They all can't be dealing in the back alleys of Tokyo, that's where I come in. I can find the routs around the check and where the pigs don't think to look, which is normally find where there is an actual package involved, but this. "My name is Tulip by the way." She spoke so cold, like she know what was going to happen, well at least what will happen if I was taking her to Sata East. "One question before we go." I started walking to my bike close to the pier, I hopped on and brandish a helmet but kept the lid open. "Do you choose this?" she paused, eyes wide. No guessing she was obviously thrown back by the question. She shook it off, accepting her fate once again. "No." Made sense, otherwise she wouldn't have been chosen by Han. "Get on, wear this and don't speak to anyone, not even me." She nodded and place the helmet on I gave her without question. It felt odd, I can understand the appeal of having a slave, having a woman do every and anything you would want her to do, but humans aren't like this, we aren't made to follow order unquestioned. I'm going to stick to that rule, and as doing so I'm going to take her to Han and not Sata East, hopefully this one has a better life than the others