Do you still believe in love? Can you believe in something you've never felt before? Will you trust in this one destructive force that brings people together, but at the same time tears them apart? Will you follow me into this dark abyss of pain and angst? Will you take my hand and walk with me through this giant field of light and warmth? Are you willing to go the distance, swim to the darkest depths, and climb to the highest peaks? Will you buckle up and ride this twisting, creaky rollercoaster with me? Can I hold your hand and be sure you won't give up halfway? Can you promise you won't turn back? Will you tell me at the end of all of this, that you would do it all over again if you have the chance? But wait, don't you remember? We don't know if it ends. We don't know if this whiplash of hot, cold, high, and low will ever stop. I can't guarantee that there will ever be a time there's smooth riding. I can't tell you that this will ever be easy. If I was to tell the truth, I expect it to be hard. I expect us to fight, to scream, and to cry, but can you truly say you won't let go of my hand in the midst of this? Can you tell me that no matter how bad you feel, no matter how much you think letting go would be okay, that you won't? Please, please, never let go. Don't you understand that if you let go, if you loosen your grip on my hand, I'll fall? I'll plummet all the way down, slamming hard on a jagged floor. Each little spike of memories and feeling will suddenly stab me in the back, spilling my blood and tears on the floor. Of course, coming back up is my choice, but don't you think that avoiding that pain would be better? Let me tell you something. If it gets to the point where were walking in spikes and our feet are so torn up we can't feel it anymore; If we ever get to the point where falling won't do any damage, you can let go. You can drop my hand and turn around. You don't have to say a word. Just stop, let go, and turn around. I might stand there for a long time, or I might walk away with you. We may fall at our peak. We may give up at our lowest. Maybe we'll just give up at the beginning. But, what do you think will happen? Do you think our peak will get higher? Do you think our low will get lower? Will you hold my hand tighter? Will this feeling we're so curious about turn bad, or will it turn good? Knowing nothing, facing countless possibilities, will you believe in love with me?