Marcus sighs, slumping his back against a tree. Today was rough, not easy-rough, but, saving-three-of-your-friends-from-certain-death rough, all thanks to that Banshee named Marissa. To be honest, Marcus would think she's pretty, if it weren't for all the shards of ice that would impale you if you look in her direction. Her snow-white hair fit with her style of magic, which if you haven't guessed, is ice. One time, she even froze one of Marcus' friends solid! It took the poor guy a week to thaw.
Overhead, Alen, a friend of Marissa's, just happened to be eavesdropping on Marcus' daydreaming. Telepathy can be pretty handy, you know. He moved around the branch he was on, just so he could be face-to-face with his so called "Enemy", hanging only by his legs.

"Oh, so you like Marissa, huh?" He teases. Marcus' eyes bolt open, making him aware of the Half-dragon in front of him. He glared at Alen's cheshire smile, almost tempted to whack it away, but he didn't. Alen was the only one besides Queen Jala who's more powerful than Marissa, and he's too tired to deal with an Omnipotent Fire-caster as of now.

"What do you want?" Marcus hisses. Alen laughs a bit, his smile turning into a little smirk.

"What? We can't talk Mano-a-Half-Dragon-o?" He jokes, poking Marcus' cheek. Marcus swipes away Alen's finger, causing the Half-Dragon to pout.
"Fine, ya grump" Alen scoffs.
"I just happened to have heard, through your head, that you like one of my teammates, yes?" Alen's pout quickly returned into a cheshire grin, staring intimidatingly at Marcus.

"W-what?! No! I don't like Marissa!" Marcus scrambles over his words, his face overtaken by a light shade of pink.

"Oh, so you do like her!" Alen laughs, almost falling off the branch he's hanging off of.

"No I don't!" Marcus cries.
"If anything, I haven't even kissed anyone before! Why would I like her?!" Alen's laughter quickly faded, oh, he hasn't kissed anyone before? Interesting. Alen smiled at him, almost like a smirk, with his eyes half-lidded. With no warning, he dives in, quicker than lightning, delivering a quick peck on Marcus' lips, leaving as quick as he got on. Marcus' face almost became as red as Alen's hair, Alen's face only baring only a little bit of pink.

"Nice talking to 'ya, Marcus" Alen says, with a wink. His wings spread and he flies off, snickering slightly. Marcus' mind took a while to process what just happened, it happened way too fast! His fingers soon came to his mouth.

"Did he just kiss me?" He asked himself.
"He just kissed me!" He looks to the direction where Alen flew off.
"You can't just kiss someone and leave!" Marcus roared. Cooling down, he touched his mouth again.
"Oh my Faust, he kissed me."