Dear Friend,

Tick tock sounds the clock as time slips away. Each second you waste, something is gone. A chance, a memory, a whole other reality that may have been opened by that ne second. But now it's gone. Obliterated. Destroyed. Even as you read this, opportunities may be passing you by. So what are you waiting for? Each second you read these words I have written, your perfect reality cold be slipping through your fingers. Hell, my perfect reality could be passing me by as I write this to you. But I'm willing to let mine go. So I beg of you; if you have a chance to grasp your perfect reality, take it before it' too late. Have imagined my perfect reality, but I cannot tell if my chance has passed me by or is yet to come. I can't tell you what your perfect reality is, but I can only hope you cling to that thought and grasp your chance to make it happen Please, after reading this letter, never let an opportunity pass you by. You know, this letter can apply to many things. A job. A friendship. Life. Even love. Have a job interview opportunity? Go. See that person you never talk to? Say hi. Have a family member wanting to hang out? Do it. Have someone you like? Be with them. Talk to them. Make them feel special. Do whatever you can your perfect reality a real reality. Your reality.


A Friend