"Mom's don't do this!"

"OH, like you know all the other mothers everywhere?!"

"No, but I know a lot of better ones!"

Tears fall from her eyes,
she slams my door and
I hear her crying.

I was mad, mommy!
please come back, mommy!
i love you mommy

please don't hate me,
i was just mad!
you're the best mom, i promise!

Talk to me! Answer me,
please don't do this to me.
I need you mama.

i love you so much, please
youre the best, please mama

"Please, answer me!"

crying, louder and


Mama, please unlock the door
you mean the world to me
im so sorry

I'm losing you!
Come back to me!
Please, mommy!

Cutting, harder and


("Mariah, open the door!
Jesus, fuck! You're killing yourself!
Open the door Mariah!")

open the door mama
its me, Mariah
im sorry mommy

crying, harder and


im sorry mommy,
im sorry mommy
im so sorry mommy