It's 1:53 am

I try to be tired

I click the next episode

Of Orange is the New Black

Why am I still awake,

Reading poetry?

I miss you.

This morning

You put up your blog

I marveled again

At your insight for film

No matter how skeptical

I like talking to you

I miss you

A couple days ago

We talked online and

You gave me an internet hug

Because I liked it, saying that

I may find someone else someday

And that hurt me, because

I miss you

On my birthday in February

It was our first online hug

It went on for 20 minutes

I smiled the whole time

I knew you were smiling too

Neither of us had to say

I miss you

December 19th, 2013, 3:40pm

Moscow time, during snow fall

You gave me our last real hug

Why did we get closer when

I was going so far away?

Neither of us wanted to say

I miss you

But I have been

And I don't remember

if you ever said it