Elisa was adopted and raised by cats when she was four years old. Her parents were brutally murdered by a mentally unstable psychopath who targets people with female children between the ages of 3-6 and rapes them while their parents watch. Eliza's parents tried to protect their dear child by hiding her away underneath the house were they believed the pervert would not look.

As the man held her parents at gun point, asking were the girl was, they did not budge, which made him angry. The man took out his knife and began torturing her parents until they cracked. Eliza heard her parents screams as the man began stabbing them in the eyes, stomach, and chest. but did not understand what was going on. The man soon became to caught up in the joy of hearing his victoms scream in pain and sorrow that they eventually died from blood loss. The man let out a bone chilling laugh and left the house, content with himself.

Elizabeth was left under the house for hours, crying, but no one could hear her little screams, untill, a fluffy little head popped up under the house, beside her. It let out a tiny meow and walked towards her, purring and rubbing it's head against her. The cat was rugged and dirty as if it's been outside for near all it's life. The cat seemed to have been drawn in by a sort of motherly instinct as it heard the childs cries for help from a distance.

For the first time sense the traumatic event took fold, Eliza began to smile and laugh as the cat continued to rub up against her and purr. The cat soon beckoned Eliza to follow as she began to shimmy in and out from under the house, in a hope she'd catch on. Eliza began clumsily crawling along, laughing, smiling, as she followed the funny little cat back to her den deep inside the forest.

Inside the den, Eliza was introduced to a number of cute little kittens who, as time went on, she accepted to be her brothers and sisters. Down to her new kitty home, she was forcefully taken away by a band of thugs to be sold to the market looking to use and exploit orphans for sexual pleasure. Eliza had escaped, but was miles away from her home back in the forest.

Alone and scared in the crowded cities of Tokyo, Eliza did the only thing she knew how, cry. Her cries flooded the streets of Tokyo, but people just walked past her with looks of disgust on their faces to the dirty little half nude girl. An old man who had came down to the markets took pity on the young girl and walked over asking if she had lost her parents. Eliza just looked at the old man, not understanding a word he had said, and let out a cute little "nya..." in a confused puzzled face.

The old man scratched his head and said "Oh dear, well this is quite the predicament now isn't it?"

"nya, nya!" Eliza muttered in hopes to communicate with the old man.

"Well my dear, by the looks of you, it seems you've been on your own for quite some time." "Well now, why don't you just come with me for a bite to eat?" You must be terribly hungry by now."

The old man said as he wrapped the towel he was carrying in his bag around her. Tired and hungry, Eliza put up no struggle as the old man picked her up in his arms. She felt the loving nature of the old man, and that put her at ease as she nuzzled down and went to sleep.